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Sacred Union - Men & Women - Cacao Ceremony and Real Connections

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*Open to all

***Silent beads available (beads to wear around the neck for those wishing to immerse themselves in sacred energy yet are not ready to express vocally in ceremony***

This profound and transformative sacred cacao ceremony is designed to guide you on a journey of surrender, connection, healing, and balance. Its purpose is to invite the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies within you, leading to a profound transformation. 

In a spiritual or metaphysical sense, a sacred union refers to a deep, intimate connection between two individuals that transcends the physical and encompasses a spiritual bond. It is often associated with a harmonious and divine connection between two souls or spiritual beings.

Throughout this ceremony, we will forge new neural pathways to help you embody your true essence, creating a sense of safety and security within. This inner balance will facilitate greater harmony and connection in your relationships. When we speak of essence, we refer to the very core of your being—the divine essence that exists within you prior to life's influences shaping you into the person you are today.

Prepare to embark on a voyage back to your own heart and sacredness, where you will discover a profound sense of wholeness and completeness as an individual. This inner alignment will enable you to truly see and be seen by your partner, whether they are physically present, at home, or still manifesting in your current reality.

During the ceremony, we will embrace and accept our sacred energy, regardless of whether it manifests as masculine or feminine. For men, reclaiming your sacred masculinity necessitates surrendering to and embracing your divine feminine aspect. Likewise, women must first surrender to the healthy masculine energy within themselves before fully embodying their complete surrender.

Why bring in Ceremonial Grade Cacao? 

Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a potent catalyst for opening the heart, carefully sourced under the guidance of the cacao spirit itself. The cacao beans are meticulously hand-peeled and milled, ensuring the preservation of their energetic and spiritual properties. The Spirit of Cacao, also known as Mamma Cacao, is an ancient and wise teacher whose nurturing mentorship can rekindle connections to your higher self, the Earth, higher consciousness, and spirit. Moreover, it elevates the frequency and vibration of both your soul and physical body.

By partaking in cacao, you invite the unfolding of your heart center, gently dissolving the layers we have built over the years to protect our hearts. This sacred plant medicine aids us in grounding ourselves in our physical bodies, allowing us to embrace and feel secure in our divine energy.

What to expect; 

 - Experience profound practices of surrender and release that will enable you to embrace and embody your authentic essence.

 - Engage in a heart-opening Cacao ceremony that nurtures deep connections and healing.

- Connect deeply with your fellow brothers and sisters held in the truth of feeling worthy to be seen, heard, and felt. 

 - Reprogram old patterns and beliefs to align with your true self and highest potential.

 - Heal the wounds from past relationships and heartbreaks, allowing for growth and transformation.

 - Elevate your vibration to higher states of consciousness, expanding your awareness and spiritual growth.

 - Forge connections with like-minded souls who resonate with your journey and aspirations.

 - Embrace your true self, cultivating a sense of safety and empowerment to express your truth.

 - Activate and embody the divine masculine energy within, tapping into its power and wisdom.

 - Activate and embody the divine feminine energy within, embracing its nurturing and intuitive qualities.

- Honour your body as the sacred vessel that houses your soul, treating it with reverence and care as a temple.

Sophie embodies a profound dedication to creating a safe and grounded space where participants can fully immerse themselves in transformative experiences. Her passion lies in sharing the profound wonder and magic of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, which ignited within her during a life-altering vision experienced in a Cacao Ceremony. Since then, Sophie's journey with Keith's Cacao has been deeply transformative, continuously activating her in the most extraordinary ways.

As a Keith's Cacao Practitioner, Advanced DNA ThetaHealer, Access Bars Practitioner, and Sacred women's empowerment, life, and business coach, Sophie is committed to supporting her community in accessing deeper levels of love within. Through her expertise, she helps individuals clear subconscious illusions, unveil inner truth, and manifest a life of prosperity and freedom.

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