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    SCI-MAA - Sacred Linguistic Ceremonial Dance Workshop - Level 01- Monthly Event (Mixed group)

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    Join us and discover this new mindfulness technique!

    What is SCI-MAA ?

    SCI-MAA guided ceremonial dance is an active guided meditation and a dynamic sacred dance energy practice. This technique guides participants to become aware and be more mindful of their thought patterns, to connect to their body to feel into the present moment, and to "let it go" - Releasing the tensions and ways we constrict our bodies to allow ourselves to be more open, to sense more of our authentic nature and the energy fields within and surrounding our bodies. Its primary purpose is to cultivate an awareness of our own sense of self and expand that awareness beyond the limitations of the mind and body, promoting a sense of freedom and a feeling of liberation. 

    The Sacred Linguistic dance movements accompanied by sound and the voice, support in focusing our attention back to our bodies and grounding our awareness so we can experience the world through our senses, instead of the perceptions and stories of the mind. 

    SCI-MAA guides you to go deeper into your awareness of yourself and experience more of yourself, through dance play and having fun while doing it.

    SCI-MAA has three practice levels.

    The SCI-MAA Guided Dance Ceremony and workshops are built on three levels of practice:

    • Level 1 : Introduction to SCI-MAA and its basics,

    • Level 2: Development of the basics and the use of the space ( dancers who attended level 1), and

    • Level 3: Complete Guided Dance Ceremony (special event and only regular level 2 dancers). 

    What is the level of practice of this workshop?

    In this workshop, you will practice SCI-MAA level 01 through a Ceremony arrangement and be introduced to the primary block and themes of dance movements.

    Sabine and SCI-MAA practitioners will be guiding you through:

    ☆☆ SCI-MAA Ceremonial Dance workshop Level 1,

    ☆☆ Energy medicine (human sound & voice, reiki) & general guided meditation,

    ☆☆ Shared Moment with a hot drink (Please advise on any drink allergy and physical accessibility requirements).

    >>> SCI-MAA Ceremonies and workshops focus on bringing together everyone as a community to heal and connect with each other.<<<

    About me.

    My name is Sabine Leila.  I am an Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Spiritual Guide. I am the founder of SCI-MAA. It took me months to develop the principles of SCI-MAA. I practiced on myself at first and then, on people individually.  The feedback was always the same: "incredible", "I love it", "wow!" :-).  Therefore, I took the courage to share it with more people.  In 2020, I decided to bring SCI-MAA to the public as I felt the call to do so. As my hobby, I have been holding workshops and teaching SCI-MAA practice to new practitioners over the last three years.

    I am French and Malian. Born in Senegal, I grew up in West Africa and Europe. From there, I traveled the world, lived in various countries to end up in Australia. Australia has been a land of aspiration in the development of SCI-MAA. I am very grateful for that.

    I work as an Engineer. I enjoy my job and the company where I work too. I also enjoy composing music and singing. I am fascinated by ancient sacred spiritual knowledge and mysteries. Finally, I love guiding people to find the best of themselves.

    SCI-MAA is my gift to you. A gift of transformation to an empowered self.

    >>>Come and be part of the silently growing tribe.<<<

    About our sponsor.

    This event is possible because of the Australian Healing Center and The Creators Of.  

    The Australian Healing Center was founded by Fabiola.

    In 2021, Fabiola  proposed a collaboration to Sabine to develop a project named The Creators Of in order to promote and expand thru Australia SCI-MAA's workshops.  She believed in the potential of SCI-MAA of bringing together people to connect and heal altogether.

    Born in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City to a family with Mexican indigenous heritage, Fabiola has always been familiar with the formidable powers of natural healing. She grew up learning about the therapeutic properties of plants and herbs, and has always had an intuitive awareness of unseen forces in the universe and how they influence our lives and health.

    Artist, healer, and creator of sacred ceremonies, and Of Mexican and  native Anahuac heritage, Fabiola brings her cultural and spiritual heritage, customs and traditions to create an authentic and sacred space of connection with our highest self, opening the heart for healing and transformation.

    What to bring?

    - Wear comfortable clothing suitable for dancing.

    - Minimal to no jewellery.

    - Come as you are.


     Main Room at the Authentic Living Center (CBD,Sydney)

    Let's celebrate our uniqueness and build a strong SCI-MAA’s Tribe who shines in many different and beautiful ways.

    May we guide, support, strengthen and inspire each other's radiance.

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    We are always at service.

    Sabine & Fabiola

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