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Shoshin (Beginner's Mind) and Flowstate Workshop

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Scattered attention? Fatigued and burnt out? stress addicted or stagnated?


I've been there myself - I had:
❌ Inefficient, exhausting work methods that had me always looking forward to the weekend.
❌ Poor life balance evident in my constant fatigue and regular burnout - reaching for something to get me by.
❌ The same painful, frustrating patterns repeating in my life because I lacked the awareness to see what I needed to change.
❌ excuses for everything and wasn't aware of the issues I wasn't owning so I could change them.

The biggest mistakes I made were:

👎Swimming upstream - not aligning ALL parts of my life to my vision and values.
👎Non-holistic approach - ignoring how consumption impacted my mind, emotions and energy.
👎Attachment to knowledge - knowledge itself (even spiritual knowledge) was ironically blocking my own awareness and blocking what I needed to see.
Playing the victim - making excuses, not enough time, energy, space, people pleasing, always saying yes, not taking risks, poor boundaries...I was giving my power away on a daily basis.
👎Addiction to convenience - It just seemed normal - but normal is not healthy, normal is not vibrant, normal is full of natural energy, joy and peace of mind.

But in 2019 I found the daily methods, mindset and paradigm shifts in Eastern practices like Zen Buddhism, Ayurvedic principles , Taoism, and western evidence backed methods of habit change and performance optimisation that would prove their worth while on operations in Iraq, in the Army and as an Intelligence Specialist. Since then I have devoted myself to these practices and experience the transformative, fulfilling way of life I knew was possible.

After years of practice, training soldiers and corporate leadership teams in these methods I have decided to develop a unique introduction workshop to share the most potent tools through experiential, direct learning. I live this work every day and absolutely love sharing it!

So, if you're ready to prime your life holistically to enjoy the best 2024, as the best version of you - you can't afford to miss this high value, high impact workshop.


Over a one day workshop you will:

☯️Learn how to access flow-state to 5x productivity and 3x creativity.

☯️Increase natural energy and reduce dependency on caffeine, media, processed foods and snacks, external validation, sleep aides, pain medication, vaping/smoking and alcohol.

☯️Find the sources of your limiting patterns to break through your blockages and evolve faster

☯️Start the new year with a new posture, musculoskeletal optimisation and new confidence in your ability to change any habit

☯️Cultivate laser focus and enjoyable presence in daily activities that used to be meaningless and mundane - through activities like Japanese calligraphy, masterful movement and Zen.

☯️Master the art of balance for resilience, self-transformation and connection with life.

🔥 The opportunity to spin FIRE to ignite the new path!

This introduction training is one of a kind, with a combination of western peak performance and eastern wisdom delivered in a simple, enjoyable and experiential method that is unlike anything you've done. Or your money back. Completing a 1 day workshop such as this or 3 week introduction course is a pre-requisite to in depth transformational 'Vibrancy Lifestyle Architecture' courses in 2024.


  • "Stefan has a personal style and passion which is unmatched. Stefan has really mastered the ability to present a range of profound and life changing concepts, and distil them down to implementable segments for everyday life. I have no hesitation in recommending these courses to anyone from a complete novice, to someone who has a deep vested interested in personal development and performance." Jordan M - Australian Army
  • "I have actually shifted gears and I feel it. Not just talking about wanting to shift gears or operate at a higher vibration, I’m actually getting after life in a more powerful and intentional way. Not accepting less from myself which is really awesome for me because I previously used to feel like I let myself down a lot." Demi-Rose A - Model, content creator
  • "Learning to tap into my own flow and finding this space within myself I didn't know I was able to tap into. Learning 'masterful movement' with every step, every movement just taking so much presence that it takes me out of my head." Marcus R
  • "I feel a lot more confident and valuable. I got a kickstart into another spiritual awakening. I feel very aware and excited to implement these techniques in daily life. I would recommend this to anyone who is open to understanding themselves better, to better their life, anyone who is open to seeing their shadows, acknowledging accepting and loving themselves." Kinsco J

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