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    SOMA Awakening Breathwork

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    Event description

    Immerse yourself in the SOMA Awakening Journey— an uplifting breathwork experience for personal growth and transformation. 

    In this journey, you will be expertly guided through breathing techniques designed to transport you into deep states of relaxation and expansion. In these states, you tend to be less stuck and more open present, flexible, connected, creative, and resourced. More than peak experiences, these states can facilitate personal breakthroughs and open up new possibilities. 

    No matter what unfolds, you'll emerge from the journey feeling refreshed and invigorated!

    Original music created for breathwork

    Your journey will be accompanied by original music created by SOMA Breath for breathwork.

    Rhythmic breathing is the foundation of SOMA, and it's the synergy with the musical tracks that makes the experience so immersive,

    Different journeys use different tracks in a variety of styles, making each event a unique experience.

    Unlock your inner wisdom

    Shamans have long ago discovered that breaking out of our usual ways of being is a powerful way to achieve greater insight and personal breakthroughs.

    The SOMA Awakening Journey offers a contemporary, safe way to explore this wisdom. Your breath can be a tool for profoundly changing your state and connecting more fully with your experience, bringing you into deeper contact with your innate resourcefulness and wisdom.

    SOMA Breath instructor training in London

    What makes this journey different

    SOMA Breath combines yogic breathing techniques and original music to create breathwork journeys designed to be nurturing, uplifting, blissful, and transformational. Developed with a scientific orientation, the techniques can also benefit your physical and mental well-being when practised over time.

    Your experience

    18:30 - Opening circle

    18:50 - Instructions

    19:05 - Warmup

    19:15 - SOMA Awakening Journey

    20:30 - Integration and closing circle

    20:45 - Event finishes

    Please arrive on time!

    Everyone is welcome

    No experience or knowledge of breathwork is required.

    If you are pregnant or have any health conditions, please check the health information at the bottom of this page. Everyone can participate, but certain techniques have contraindications and must not be used in these situations. 

    The minimum age is 16.


    • Wear comfortable clothes.
    • Yoga mats and blankets are available from the venue.
    • The techniques are significantly more powerful on an empty stomach. I strongly recommend not eating for at least two hours before the workshop. Longer is better.  
    • If you are pregnant or have any health conditions, be aware that some of the techniques have contraindications. See the health information information section below. 

    Try it at home!

    Do you want to know what SOMA breathwork is like before joining the event? Are you keen to practice beforehand?

    Sign up for this free masterclass to learn the basic technique and experience a 20-minute guided session. You can also find many free sessions on the SOMA Breath YouTube channel. Below is a short guided session you can do as often as every day.

    Practising at home will help you to go even deeper in the journey.

    About SOMA Breath

    SOMA Breath is a complete system of breathwork and somatic practices combining ancient yogic breathing techniques with modern scientific knowledge and tools.

    SOMA aims to empower you with the knowledge and techniques to make positive and lasting changes to your health and well-being.

    Here are some testimonials.

    Meet your guide: Marcel

    I'm Marcel, a breathwork instructor and facilitator based in the Northern Beaches. I'm passionate about guiding others to uncover more innate resourcefulness, meaning, and well-being through different breathwork modalities.

    I'll be guiding this session as a certified SOMA Breath Master Instructor and Transformational Coach.

    I invite you to visit my website, Unfoldment, where you can learn more about my approach and offerings.

    Health and safety information

    Slow rhythmic breathing techniques of SOMA Breath are safe and can be beneficial for everyone.

    As a precaution, prolonged breath holds and intense fast breathwork, should NOT be practised in the case of any of the following:

    • Pregnancy. 
    • Severe/critical diseases or infections that impair your ability to breathe.
    • Severe uncontrolled hypertension (usually after a heart attack).
    • Organ failure or late-stage terminal illness.
    • Epilepsy, recent seizures, a pacemaker, or irregular heart beat (Exception: your doctor gives you specific permission).

    I advise you not to participate in case of a full stomach, flu, virus or fever.  If you already bought a ticket and got sick, please get in touch to arrange attending the next event. 

    Never practice breathwork techniques while driving, operating machinery, or in water.

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