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Soul Wisdom Sound Play

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Connect to your Soul Wisdom with breath, gentle somatic movement, easy vocal exercises, toning and sound healing.

Amanda and Michelle welcome you into the sacred space of Soul Wisdom Sound Healing. 

Specially created for you to feel held and supported as you explore and journey with your inner and outer voice with curiosity and playfulness.  Vibration, feeling and resonance lead the way for you to get to know and explore the deeper part of yourself.  Learn how to connect to and express your unique sound for self-awareness and healing.

This is NOT a singing class, it is an opportunity to use your voice to calm your nervous system and tune in mentally, emotionally and physically through simple, organic vocal exercises, toning and gentle somatic body movement.

Join us to give and receive in a safe space. Shift from overthinking to heartfelt expression, connecting with your truth and authenticity.

Balance your energy centres, move through blockages, get to know subtle feelings and allow for harmony, resonance and dissonance to all be accepted.

Learn to embrace and explore your natural voice, calming your nervous system and inspiring creativity.  Experience a sense of connection and security as you explore your true self and connect with like-minded individuals on this journey.

What to expect at a Soul Wisdom Sound Play Session


Connect as a group in safe sacred space.  Be honoured as an individual and share your personal intention, either verbally or silently.  This creates our group intention, where we respect and acknowledge each other, wherever we are on our journey in this moment.  The setting of intention creates the perfect collaborative frequencies, where everyone can give and receive and share their optimal vibration.


This is a chance to breathe.  To notice and acknowledge any physical tension, stress, worries and distractions.  To quiet the mind, breathe into the moment, ground and connect to your body, finding your natural rhythm and resonance with the breath.

As we feel through the natural rhythm of our breath, we are warming up and preparing ourselves for our sounds to flow more easily and effortlessly.


Adding to the breath, we start to gently move the body and begin to explore sounds.  These exercises are designed to help you notice how sound resonates in your body and start to feel the inner and outer experience of making sound.  This facilitates energetic balance, relaxation and a calmer nervous system.


Get to know the natural resonance and inflections of your voice, with the intentional use of extended vocal sounds.  A different kind of expression is allowed here, as we create sounds without language.  This takes back to our natural resonance, so we relax the mind, let go of the inner critic and tune into our flow state.

We take our time in this process to explore different pitches and sound shapes to clear and align the energy field and to continue the process of clearing mind chatter, repeatedly bringing ourselves to places of acceptance, softness and stillness.  Silence in between the sound becomes an important space to rest and integrate, further encouraging the self-reflection and awareness.


To integrate all the outward, expressive vocalisation, Amanda and Michelle will facilitate a gentle medicine drum healing.  The medicine drum is the most original ancient instrument, calling you back to your heart space as it resonates with the human heartbeat.  As with any sound healing, we will finish with total silence to allow full integration.

This part of evening is designed to help you alchemise all you have experienced in the session with grace and ease.


This is a time to gently come back, enjoy some refreshments, close the circle and share if desired.  We keep this space respectful, quiet and confidential, acknowledging that the potency of intentional vocal expression is different for everyone, and all perspectives are welcome. 

Sometimes you may receive insights, creative inspiration, emotional clearing and healing, alongside a sense of spaciousness and calm, rest and renewal or even feeling invigorated and energised.  All are perfect and it is good to trust your experience and know that you have given and received what you need most.

Regular sessions of Soul Wisdom Sound Play build upon your experience, enabling you to connect more easily to your inner and outer voice as an expression of your Soul Wisdom.

It is an honour and a joy to create and hold this space.  We would love you to join us. 

All are welcome, no experience necessary.  Please contact us with any questions or inquiries. 

In gratitude,

Amanda & Michelle

Want More?

If you would like to add to your practice and deeply connect to your inner wisdom and knowing, come join us for Soul Wisdom Meditation

Relax and receive, finding the stillness to tune in to your authentic self.  Learn to listen deeply and be able to hear what your soul is whispering to you without all the mental chatter and distraction. 

Give yourself the time and self-care to experience a sense of spaciousness from stress, anxiety and worry.  This is a sacred space where you are deeply held and supported as you journey to your inner sanctum.

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