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    Sound Immersion

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     Harmonious Sound Healing Journey with Jamie Belso 
    Embark on a transformative journey with Jamie Belso, a passionate sound healer and versatile multi-instrumentalist musician. Join us in exploring the ancient art of sound healing, gentle and relaxing breathwork, and meditation for a profound experience of ultimate serenity and bliss.
     Event Highlights:· Immerse yourself in the therapeutic practice of sound healing, harnessing the vibrational power of various instruments such as the Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Crystal Singing Bowls, Medicine Drum, Tanpura Swarmandal, Steel Tongue Drum, Native American Flute, Ocean Drum, Chimes, Rattles, and Jamie's resonant voice.

    · Unlock the potential for deep healing and restoration through intentional sound frequencies, vibrations, and music.

    · Experience the profound impact of sound on your well-being, promoting holistic balance, alleviating stress, and fostering a deep sense of inner peace.
     Guided Practices:

    · Engage in gentle and relaxing breathwork techniques to enhance relaxation and connection with your inner self.

    · Immerse in meditation to explore the transformative power of sound and cultivate emotional resilience.
     Benefits of Sound Healing:
    · Alleviate stress
    . Reduce anxiety
    . Improve sleep
    . Deep relaxation
    · Emotional regulation
    . Connection to yourself
    . Reduce depression
    . Calming the mind
    . Regulate blood pressure
    . Harmonization of the physical and psychic
    . Harmonious well-being
    . Balance of the immune system
    . Decision Support, clarity of mind
    . Improved concentration and creativity
    · Promote balance in mind, body, and spirit.

    · Sound healing is not merely an auditory experience; it penetrates cells, tissues, and energy systems, promoting balance and fostering a profound connection between mind and body. Beyond relaxation, it can enhance meditation, improve sleep, and contribute to overall emotional resilience.
     About Jamie Belso:
    Jamie is dedicated to creating a sacred and secure environment, guiding individuals and teams towards their innate healing abilities. His mission is to harmonize mind, body, and soul through the synergistic blend of Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Meditation.

    Join us on this harmonious voyage where your well-being is our resonance. Let's harmonize together and embrace the transformative power of sound!

    Secure your spot for an experience that transcends time and culture,

    This magical crystal infused sound immersion will take you on a journey that melts away all of the “things” that are filling your mind and lull you off to a calm, safe and restful place where you can visit your inner sanctuary, let go, surrender, maybe meet your guides, your ancestors, your surrender, your divinity, your purpose, your direction and your freedom.

    imagine yourself immersed in a crystal filled cocoon receiving love, guidance and inspiration through an intimate concert generated through spirit and the energetics of yourself and the other likeminded beautiful souls present in the room.

    . Bring a bottle of water
    . Wear comfortable clothing, (warm clothes if you get cold)
    . Eye mask (if you wish)
    . Journal (optional)
    . Bring an open heart & mind.

    Disclaimer for Jamie Belso's Sound Healing, Breathwork and Meditation Events.

    Jamie Belso welcomes you to our breathwork, sound healing, and meditation events. Please read the following disclaimer carefully before participating in any of our activities:

    1. Acknowledgment of Personal Responsibility:

    Participants acknowledge that engaging in breathwork, sound healing, and meditation involves a level of personal responsibility for their physical and mental well-being.

    It is the participant's responsibility to inform the facilitator of any physical or mental health concerns before participating in the event.

    2. Not a Replacement for Professional Medical Advice:

    The activities offered in our events are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

    Participants should consult with their healthcare provider before participating in breathwork, sound healing, or meditation, especially if they have any pre-existing health conditions.

    3. Respect for Personal Limits:

    Participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and minds during the sessions and to stop any activity that causes discomfort or distress.

    The facilitator may provide guidance, but each participant is ultimately responsible for determining their own limits.

    4. Confidentiality and Mutual Respect:

    Participants are expected to respect the privacy and confidentiality of others in the group. Sharing personal experiences discussed during the event outside of the group is prohibited.

    5. Not Suitable for Everyone:

    While breathwork, sound healing, and meditation can have numerous benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant individuals, those with certain medical conditions, or individuals with a history of mental health concerns should consult with a healthcare professional before participating.

    6. Release of Liability:

    By participating in this breathwork, sound healing, and meditation events, participants agree to release the organizers, facilitators, and any associated entities from any liability for injuries, damages, or losses arising from their participation.

    7. Informed Consent:

    By purchasing a ticket/s and attending the event, participants confirm that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

    8. Emergency Contact:

    If it is neccasary, Participants are encouraged to provide emergency contact information in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Note: Jamie Belso reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone who poses a risk to themselves or others during the event.

    By purchasing a ticket/s and participating in our events, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer.

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