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Yin Yoga & Soundbath Vibration Meditation @ Tri Shine Wellness Maroubra Saturday 10th August 3.00pm

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Event description

Experience the transformative journey of sound vibration meditation and Yin Yoga, guided by two experienced facilitators, Trace Nikitaras and Louise Gerondis, this session offers a unique opportunity to restore balance within your nervous system.
Immerse yourself in the resonant frequencies produced by instruments such as singing bowls, gongs and chimes this sets an environment for your mind and body to enter a state of deep relaxation and energetic balance. 

We begin this sound vibration meditation with gentle movement and breathing techniques to allow the body and mind to open to the sounds and vibrations. Let go of tension and stress, quieten the mind, and allow the sound and vibrations to shift your nervous system into relaxation, guiding you towards the theta state of NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest). A slow grounding reemergence with an optional Chat & Chai circle to integrate your experience. 

With your consent, Trace and Louise may offer the option of incorporating localised vibration therapy throughout the session. This therapeutic technique supports the well-being of your nervous system by activating the rest and digest branch of your nervous system.

Scientific research supports  benefits of sound therapy, movement and breath techniques and will benefit anyone who:

🎶 is looking to reach a deep state of relaxation

🎶 is suffering from stress or anxiety and nervous system dysregulation

🎶 has poor sleeping patterns, suffers from chronic fatigue or insomnia

🎶 would like to meditate, but finds it difficult to get into a meditative state on their own

🎶 need some time out from a busy life to relax, breath and connect deeply with a quiet peaceful stillness within.


While sound therapy, gentle movement and breathing techniques are generally safe, please consider if you are experiencing/have experienced any of the following conditions and check with your medical professional first:

  • Not recommended for Epilepsy
  • Uncontrolled high or low Blood Pressure, Stroke or Aneurysms.
  • Cardiovascular Disease: NB Advise facilitators of any implant devices.
  • Pregnancy: Breathwork not recommended please speak to us before session and we can talk about best breathing for you and baby. Please notify facilitators to not apply localised sound vibration therapy on body.
  • Not recommended for Psychiatric conditions:Bipolar/Schizophrenia, Complex PTSD and strong doses of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, or mind-altering medication please consult with your mental health professional before participating in sound therapy and breathing techniques including hospitalisation in last 2 years. 
  • Breathing conditions: Consult with your healthcare provider.
  • Hearing devices: Notify facilitators of any hearing devices.

By purchasing your ticket, you acknowledge and agree you are fit and safe to participate in Breathwork, Yoga and Sound Therapy

No prior experience is necessary. 

Photography at these events is used for promotional purposes and by participating in this event you are consenting to this.

Doors close 3.00pm sorry no late entry. Arrive 2.45pm.

Please bring a mat, blanket layers of clothing & socks & eye cover.

Sorry no refunds please gift your ticket to family and friends if unwell or unable to attend.

Please leave plenty of time for parking.

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