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    Speak to Loved Ones - Speak to Spirit Series Sound Journey

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    The Spiritual Sound Journeys are a series to identify deeper into our Higher Self and connect with Source and the spiritual realm.

    We will journey through sound with Crystal Singing Bowls. The bowls assist us in many ways to reach higher levels of conscious:

    △ They help to activate our pineal gland by resonating with the crystals in the gland.
    △ They alter our brain waves to theta state, to be more open and receptive.
    △ Our energy field is detoxed, leaving it lighter, and in some people's case 'lifted'
    △ They raise our frequency and help us bridge to the higher realms.

    Each session will be a two hour immersion of sound and spiritual hypnosis, as Becky guides you on a deeply fulfilling journey, filled with light and love.

    Speak to Spirit Series

    22 May - Speak to Loved Ones

    We often feel the presence of our loved ones around us and wish to speak them again, and we can.

    In this session we will use sound to raise our vibration and connect into the energy of those beyond the veil to tell them what we have longed to.

    You will be guided on a beautiful journey, bring along your messages you wish to share and have an open heart to receive.

    You may like to bring an item of the loved one with you to hold an further connect into their energy.

    We will raise our frequency with sound so that we can journey together to the Angelic Realm.

    Our Angels are always watching over us, protecting us. On this sound journey we will connect into their loving energy so that we can become attuned to it and notice it more in our everyday lives.

    Bring along your intentions and any questions you wish to ask your Angels support in. You may wish to bring your favourite crystal or talisman to draw the energy of your angels into.

    In preparation for the session spend time in advance writing down questions to ask during the journey.

    Other events in the Speak to Spirit Series:

    Meet Your Spirit Guides - 5 May

    Connect to Your Angels - 15 May

    Speak to Loved Ones - 22 May


    Becky is a Master Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Coach and master Life Coach. She is a trained Sound Practitioner and Tesla Metamorphosis Healer who adds this energy to the bowls to elevate the healing frequencies to be received. She creates experiences with the loving intention for you to connect deeper with your soul self and manifest your hearts desires. By intuitively reading the energy in the room she brings harmony into the field allowing sound bathers to physically feel the energy and elevate their consciousness.


    - Reduce Stress & Anxiety
    - Mental & Emotional Clarity
    - Promotes Deep Sleep

    - Lowers Blood Pressure
    - Stimulates the Immune System
    - Pain Relief
    - Brings Cells into Harmony

    - Emotional Clarity
    - Reduces Anger
    - Emotional Blockages Broken Down

    - Pineal Gland Activation
    - Remove Toxins & Blockages from the Energy Field
    - Chakra Cleansing & Balancing
    - DNA Activation
    - Alter Consciousness
    - Spiritual Connection

    "These events are the most spiritual I have ever felt" JC

    △ For optimum results ensure you are well hydrated throughout the day of the session as water helps the healing sound vibrations carry through your body, improving your experience. Bring water with you.
    △ Wear comfortable clothing that won’t dig in or restrict you when laying down.
    △ An empty stomach or a light bite is recommended.
    △ Arrive early as doors will be locked once the event starts.

    △ Mats, pillows & blankets available, or you're welcome to bring your own. You may wish to bring an eye mask, and definitely bring water!
    △ Bring an intention for yourself - sound amplifies and manifests our intentions.
    △ If you're a note-taker bring a pen and pad to record your insights

    Drink lots of water and gift yourself more self love that you so deserve. Expect healing to continue long after the session has ended, you may continue to feel sensation or have unexpected things come up in the mind. Journal anything came up for you during and after the session.

    COST: $35

    LOCATION: Soul Significance Sound Lounge, Carnation Street, Wynnum, QLD
    Entry via Garage

    TIME: 6.30pm
    Duration: 1.5 hours
    Doors close after 5 mins

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