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SPRING 13 Moons - Original Clan Mothers Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles

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Jamie Sams, a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, brings us a powerful new method for honouring and incorporating native feminine wisdom into our daily lives. Combing a rich oral traditions- passed on to her by two Kiowa Grandmothers, Cisi Laughing Crow and Berta Broken Bow - with the personal healing and guidance she has experienced through her female Elders, Sams created 'The 12 Clan Mothers'. Each of the clan mothers reflects a particular teaching, relates to a cycle of the moon, and possesses special totems, talents, and gifts that can help each of us cultivate our own personal gifts and talents' 

-13 Original Clan Mothers

Much of this deeply meaningful feminine wisdom has been discarded as modern societal expectations have shifted women's perspectives in order to survive in a masculine world. As women rise and restore their innate wisdom through gathering in circle and sharing stories and experiences of all kinds we can begin to empower ourselves authentically. This monthly circle of wisdom will strengthen our bonds within and with each other so that we create nourishing connections and support systems for ourselves during these rapidly changing times.

'These Clan Mothers have taught me to see the beauty in my sisters and brothers of all races and creeds. They have comforted me when I was weary or in pain and have taught me how to heal myself. Grandmothers Cisi and Berta passed the gift of knowing the Original Thirteen to me, and now it is time for me to pass this gift to the Sisterhood of Humankind. This is not to say that the men of our Earth will not benefit from these Grandmothers, for the men are also the children who were born of woman and have a female side.
Now however, it is necessary for all women to know the legacy they have been given in order to heal themselves before they reclaim their roles of healing and nurturing others. In this manner, the wounded feminine aspect in women will no longer need to be hostile, angry, separatist-oriented, or manipulative in order to cover old pain. From this vantage point, women can then present the healed role models they represent, leading others through example, instead of through male conquest or competition, allowing our world to reclaim a new point of balance between male and female.'
- Jamie Sams, 13 Original Clan Mothers Author

Around the new moon of each month a sacred circle of women gather online to listen, share and embody this wisdom and move through our inner processes together. Each month will be a new lunar adventure that establishes strong foundation for our sisterhood. We create our own sacred spaces to cultivate our inner connection, the connection with our sister's and connection with all our ancestral relations. The learning in these circles can then be shared in our families and communities in magical ways.

This Medicine Wheel of the Thirteen Clan Mothers opens women to their gifts, talents and abilities of the innate Feminine Principle. 

As we move gently through these processes that will include sharing of stories, sound, song, movement, art and more, we discover the power of the innate Feminine Principle. We will also follow the seasonal influences and integrate Winter (Water Element), Spring (Air Element), Summer (Fire Element) and Autumn (Earth Element) elemental principles into the 3 sessions in each seasonal cycle. 

We briefly explore these elemental traits and constitutional tendencies to help us appreciate the beauty of the diversity in our wholeness in relationship to one another and the Earth. The wisdom in the elements translates through deeper practices and awareness into our feminine wisdom and earth connection... the medicine we hold within us and connect with around us. 

The 13 Original Clan Mothers wisdom compliments the seasonal and lunar insights (the book is easy to purchase online and the content is adapted for the Southern hemisphere). A private online group telegram channel allows us to share our personal and collective wisdom in a safe sacred space.

Ultimately, the quality of healing, self love and nourishment we give to ourselves is the quality of caring we can give to others. It's so essential for women to deeply honour themselves and connect to their innate wisdom as examples for others in their families and communities. Through this ripple effect, we reclaim our magic, wholeness and balanced feminine energies and embrace the natural flow of life's infinite joys and wonders!

The 13 moons journey brings us back to deeply trusting ourselves and our feminine intuition. 

Here is the schedule for the upcoming 13 moon dates with the name of each session based on the monthly guided feminine wisdom:

SPRING: 2023

1. Thursday October 19th: Fourth Moon cycle - Looks Far Woman 'The Mother of Visions, Dreams and Psychic Impressions'

2. Thursday November 16th: Fifth Moon cycle - Listening Woman 'The Interpreter of Messages from the Spirit World'

3. Thursday December 13th: Sixth Moon Cycle - Story Teller 'The Preserver of Speaking from Personal Experience and Truth'

Poem by Jamie Sams, March 26, 1992:


The night wind came crying,

Knocking at my door,


Through the cracks

In the ancient adobe,

Bringing the spirits

Risen from the bones

Of the Clan Mothers.

I listened.

I heard.

The talking drums and chants

Were riding on the wind.

It was time.

I donned my shawl,

Stole into the night

To dance,

To celebrate,

For the buffalo had returned.

Earth Medicina acknowledges the many Traditional Owners and Sovereign Custodians throughout all nations of Australia and their ongoing care for Country and culture. We honour their ancestors and Elders past and present, and pay respect to all
Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and First Nations people.

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