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Succulence Level 1 - A sacred space to Reclaim the Power of your Pussy

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When I hit my early 40's, something happened. I started loving my yoni in a way I had never before. I let go of the need for it to look like a porn pussy, and I started treating Her like a temple, being VERY selective regarding who I let near or in Her. I guess you could say that I experienced my own sexual revolution, and the change was POWERFUL. For the first time in my life, I saw how unnecessarily cruel I had been to my yoni nearly all my life, and realised how damaging this had been on so many levels.

To be totally frank, it took my friend telling me I had a "magnificent" pussy to totally embrace Her magic. I was no longer ashamed, and instead was empowered. For the first time I loved what I saw when I again bravely got out the mirror,  and life started to change. I even went as far as volunteering to be a live yoni model for an all-male sex education workshop, having my yoni projected up on the wall, larger than life! I then even sat on a giant altar, legs spread, as men came and gazed into my Pussy, setting their intentions for the coming months. THIS WAS INSANELY POWERFUL! It was the last piece of the puzzle for me to fully embrace my yoni and reclaim the word "Pussy".

I have received many downloads from the Universe about how I am to work with women to empower them also, and this Succulence retreat was one of them. It's been years in the making and NOW is the time!

Your Pussy is your source of creativity, passion & life-force...of intuition & power! And yet so many of us have shame regarding how She looks, tastes, smells & feels. I invite you to come journey with other courageous women feeling the call to reclaim their power through reclaiming their Pussy. And if you can’t even SAY the word “Pussy”, this retreat is definitely for you!

We will use the stunning heart medicine, Cacao, to support us and nurture us as we embark on this magical journey of unfurling, expanding, healing. She will help us get out of our critical mind, and into our hearts, which will bring ease to the journey making it feel more natural, less frightening, and less judgemental. 

We will of course spend a good amount of time setting the scene and creating a safe and sturdy container in which to work. We will slowly get to know one another through paired and group shares, taking the time to create trust. Many of use have sisterhood-wounds from school days, but this space will be supportive, kind, gentle and non-judgemental: we will build each other up, not tear one another down!

We will use tools and modalities such as (yin) breathwork, ecstatic dance, authentic relating, healing rituals  and 'circle' to gently explore and remove the layers of our metaphorical onion, gradually working through whatever arises for healing. There will be no pressure to push yourself beyond what feels truly safe, but there will also be 'edgy' opportunities for those wanting to truly push themselves. I am calling it Level 1 for a reason - it starts gently for those who are true beginners, are sensitive or fearful, whilst giving others who want to go a little deeper the opportunity to do so safely.  Everything but the ground rules and staying to the end will be optional, but you may well surprise yourself regarding how much you want to jump in - the cacao and the safe container often creates a sense of safety, creating the desire to go deeper than you might have expected....but let's see!

I mean it when I say "if you can't utter the word "Pussy" then it's definitely for you" because that was me once! I want to support you to have the opportunity to relate to your Pussy in a whole new empowered, sexy, healthy way whilst also providing you with two days on the land, without having to cook or clean. All you need to do is show up, participate to whatever level you feel comfortable, and drink in the oxytocin that we make when women gather in supportive and loving ways!

We will serve simple, gluten free meals with vegan options. You are required to bring a simple lunch for day one. After that all meals including morning and afternoon tea will be supplied each day. If you have favourite foods you like to snack on, feel free to bring along, but we should keep you nice and full throughout the weekend. 

We will sleep either in the stunning shared temple space on proper single mattresses or in shared bedrooms. Snorers will be kindly asked to confess (he he) so that we can pop them in a room together for the benefit of the group - if you're like me, I'm a super light sleeper and I don't want anyone not getting a good night's sleep.

In the evenings, weather permitting, we can sit around the open fire enjoying the night sky, feet on earth. There is also a chlorine-free pool so a night dip might tickle your fancy! Lights (fire) out will be 11PM so we can all get a decent sleep. This is as much about learning and unfurling as it is unwinding with a nice long out breath! This will be a deep, potent, transformational weekend together connecting with the deepest part of who you are - with your femininity and your power! 

So come, allow the sisterhood to hold you whilst you unfurl together in whatever way feels safest for you. You don't have to push yourself to pass your edge, but you may find once you are here, that is just what you need to do! But there's no pressure! There will be something for everyone, from beginner to more "out there" women. 

The investment includes:

* 2 nights accomodation

* gluten free breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, and dinner (vegan options available) EXCEPT Friday lunch is BYO

* breathwork

* ecstatic dance

* cacao both days (2-3 serves)

* a copy of the book Pussy

* 1 hour post retreat support

There will be time to have a sleep in on one of the days, time to journal and connect with the land, time to sit around the open fire sharing our stories. Clothing will be optional at certain times when in the privacy of the temple space. Needless to say this is an all women event, limited to 10 participants.

I would love to touch base with all of you before the event, just to hear a little bit about what is prompting you to come, and to talk through any reservations you may have about attending. Often with edgy opportunities like this we get a "YES!" from our heart and soul, but then our ego and our mind try to sabotage us and convince us not to go! So we can talk that through!

I've run Shameless Fully Naked Dinner for women, working on body shame and empowerment, and I promise you that even the most fearful women there didn't want to get dressed at the end of the night! This work is POWERFUL and MAGICAL! I'm just the conduit for this magic sent by the Universe to heal us as individuals and as a collective. Women healing women is POWERFUL - let yourself be part of that!

NOTE: If you would like to speak to a woman who has done this retreat, please let me know and I'll make that happen.


Q: If the thought of coming and being in a room where other women (or me!) might be naked scares me, does that mean I shouldn't come?

A: Hell no! It means you have found your edge and if you jump in, you are going to find some gold..conquer some fears...and no doubt re-write your script!

Q: Do I have to be naked?

A: No you do not.  There will be times when nudity is allowed, but it is optional and also it won't be sudden! We'll ease in, in a gentle supported fashion.

Q: What if I get emotional?

A: Awesome! That means you are being in your authenticity which is what this whole night is about! (Gypsy cries often! So if you happen to get teary, you'll make her very happy!! )

Q: What if I am not sure about coming..but kind of really want to too?

A: Give us a call and let's chat. But best buy your ticket now, because once you chat with us, you are going to want in!! :)

Q: What if I am bleeding on the weekend?

A: No problem!

Q: Do I have to participate in every element of the weekend?

A: The ground rules and staying to the end are compulsory, as is staying in the temple to bear witness to what is unfolding, but you do not have to do anything you don't want to do. If you want to sit out breathwork or ecstatic dance, you can just chill, or journal in the temple whilst the rest of us do it. 

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes, we just ask that you pay an initial $200 deposit to secure your place.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress in a way that makes you feel empowered, like a sexy goddess! Wear your favourite lingerie and dress for you! Fully embrace your femininity - wear make up if you like, pretty jewellery, face paint, flowers in your hair : whatever makes you feel like your most magnificent!

Q: What if I have never done anything like this before?

A: Then you are probably like everyone else attending! There is something for everyone, no matter where you are at on the path to healing and fearlessness!

About the facilitator...

Gypsy Artemis......

This workshop literally came through me on a long drive to my beloved....after reflecting on my own journey with Pussy-shame. Over the last few years I have gone from "not doing naked" to being a live yoni (vagina) model to being a freely-naked woman in the world. It's been quite the transformation & I want that sense of freedom for other women - even if it's a different version of how I take my own freedom & power into the world.

I see and hear women saying they have never seen another woman's yoni (except in porn) and so never really know if how they look is "normal". We seem to hide away the parts of us we don't love...we hide our shame about not being good enough...beautiful enough..."too much" this..."not enough" that. It's not just our yoni's... It's our breasts... our hips... our asses....our emotions...our needs...our POWER!

When are we going to release the shame and own our stunningly beautiful, womanly selves?! The answer? By the end of SUCCULENCE, I can feel it in my bones! And I want to be a part of the SHAMELESS! revolution as we guide you back to your truest, most beautiful and powerful Self!


GYPSY - 0406 502 715



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