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    SYDNEY Shadow | Power

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    BDSM plays with the shadows, some aspects moreso than others.

    When we want to be able to walk the shadow path, into extreme sadism both physical and psychological, into deeper levels of control & complex scenarios, to dive into deep catharsis and to truly be in our joyful, authentic power, we need to KNOW our own shadows intimately. For knowledge is power and naming the thing gives us power over it.

    The deeper we go, the more we must know our darkest parts, in order to not be consumed by it, and in order not to consume others.

    But this shadow in us can also be a source of power; it can enable us to dive deep, and swim in those depths as if we belonged there all along. This is not a transmutation of darkness into light, but an acceptance of what lies within us and how we can honour it.

    This is not a path to tread lightly. What can be unlocked can often be terrifying; it can bring us face to face with truths about ourselves that we find ugly and confronting. If our shadows are born of trauma, it can be one of the deepest challenges we face. It is part of The Work.

    But if we can harness and honour this, and wield it with grace and compassion, it can be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.

    This workshop will be an exploration of these concepts and practices, as well as how to hold a safe space with others within it, and provide the support that they may need. If you want to hold this space you must be willing to accept all that comes with it, including the risks and the responsibility for others that you will hold.

    We will be exploring slowly and carefully, and the shape of the workshop may alter based on how participants are engaging and feeling about the work.

    You only need to go as deep as you feel comfortable going, and we will be exploring this with support people present.

    So join me, and fuck around and find out.


    • Visualisation / journeying / Meditation
    • Group discussion
    • Psychological play
    • Integration of various hard skills into play
    • Kink emergency methods, triage and support


    This workshop is potentially a psychological high risk activity, and as such it is recommended that you also have external supports ready to turn to if you believe you may be at risk of triggers or be in need of additional assistance.

    The discussions that may arise may also be challenging, and not something that I can predict any content warnings for - we will be applying a strong content warning awareness during this workshop so that participants will be able to opt out of any discussions which they may find challenging.

    This workshop by it’s very nature will contain explorations of mental divergence and traditionally disordered categorised personality types, however this will also be a space of no judgement, acceptance and compassion.

    As a caveat - I do not have formal trauma or psychological training, and if you attend this workshop please be aware that it is at your own risk. I will do my best to hold a safe container, and I always strive to operate at the highest ethical standards.


    WHEN? 6PM - 9PM Thursday 20th of June. Ticket sales close at 7pm on Wednesday evening.

    WHERE? NEW SOUTH WALES / Private Annandale venue close to PT, exact address provided to ticket holders the day before the event with details of parking and transport. 


    We have added a a pay-what-you-can/want ticket - to help support the community and those who may not be able to afford the full price ticket of $80, this is an option where you can pay what you can. There is no upper limit on this ticket, so if you feel like subsidising those who purchase 'lower priced tickets, or giving a little extra to the facilitator to support us, this is your option!

    We believe in both accessibility for the community, as well as making sure our facilitators are paid appropriately for their erotic / intellectual labours, so this is our solution to hold space for both with a minimum of fuss!

    Enjoy this social experiment, and we'd love your feedback. 

    5% of ticket sales are donated to charitable organisations. We are currently contributing to Medecins Sans Frontiers and Children’s Ground.


    The venue is up one flight of stairs. Once inside the venue, bathroom utilities are down three steps. We apologise for our accessibility limitations.

    Please enquire to if you have any more accessibility questions.


    Sai Jaiden Lillith is a Melbourne based gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, educator, creator of visual erotica, artist and Shibari addict. Known for their gorgeous and creative rope work and performances, love of exploring taboo and transgression, Sai has taught workshops at Sexpo, OzKinkFest, sex worker groups and trained numerous private students.

    Twitter - @jaidenlillith // Instagram - @saijaidenlillithart / @saijaidenlillith // Facebook - @Sai Jaiden Lillith // Official Website -

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