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    SYDNEY Somatic Attunement w/ Somatic Intimacy

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    Have you ever felt like you want your partner to understand your body language, and desires or maybe want them to be able to read your mind? 

    I would like to invite you to an afternoon of somatic attunement, where we will be exploring how to use non-verbal communication to attune, understand, and play to pleasure your partner. We will also notice where our comfort zones are when it comes to connections and our ways of self-protection and preservation that might get in the way of what we want - connection. There will be a lot of awareness exploration and sharing experiences, no one will force you to participate but the amount you get out from the workshop increases significantly, 

    As a dancer and dance teacher of partner dancing for 20+ years as well as a tantric teacher, there are few things I love more than teaching embodied understanding, boundaries, and connection and this will focus on all of that.  

    Practicing non-verbal communication and attunement doesn’t mean you will never need to use words again, but it will help you step out of anxiety and into connection. 

    We will use dance techniques (not dancing) as one of the teaching vessels and movement as the language we practice. There is no need for previous dance experience, and any bodily variety is welcomed.  


    This workshop has two parts, the first part is for everyone, and the second part is for people who have joined the first one and are there with a partner, preferably a lover of some sort as it will be practicing intimacy. 

    This is an inclusive space, we will all lead, follow, and switch and see what works for us. More info about partnering is below. 

    We will have an opening circle and consent-led initiation before we start moving and connecting.  

    The doors open at 10.45 am with a start at 11 am on Sunday the 26th of May. The first part finishes at 2 pm, and the second finishes at 6 pm. 


    In dancing, sex, play, and other nonverbal interactions with others there are a few skills that differentiate the good from the amazing like the ability to attune, connect, and lead/follow. 

    Sometimes I say that dancers are halfway into tantra without knowing as they often guide and attune to their partner through this great skill of leading and following by communicating through the movement or pressure of a hand, or movement of the body to guide their partner in a way where they can completely surrender rather than being anxious or nervous of what is going to happen next.  

    Somatic attunement is taking these amazing skills and teaching you them in a different format so you can use the skills in your next nonverbal interaction regardless if it’s the dance floor, kink scene, tantric exploration, sexual interaction, or playfight. 


    This is for everyone curious to explore connection, nonverbal interactions, sensuality, tantra, and sexuality, or to improve your dancing. 

    It is for all genders and all sexual orientations. 

    It's for singles, couples, or bigger constellations. 


    - Opening circle 

    - Consent initiation  

    - Part 1 Platonic basic practices of nonverbal communication 

    - Closing part 1 


    - Part 2 Spicier practices of nonverbal communication 

    - Closing circle 

    Can I stay with my partner in part 1?  

    You can stay with your partner the entire time or part of the time during part 1 but from previous participants who did one of the exercises together regretted it after and I will tell you why during the workshop, I highly recommend switching all of part 1. 

    Can I stay with my partner in part 2? 

    Unless you are in a poly relationship or have an agreement with another couple in the group, you will only be with your partner in part 2. 

    This an alcohol and drug-free event as we will be high on oxytocin by the end if everything goes as planned.  

    This space is open to any couples, gender and sexual orientation are irrelevant and warmly welcomed.  

    This is a clothes-on experience. 

    Part 1 is a platonic space where there will be touch, and the opportunity to practice both boundaries and explore preconceived ideas about yourself and others. 

    Part 2 is not platonic and touch will only be within the couple. 


    11am-6pm, Sunday 26th of May. Doors open at 10.45am. Part One will run from 11am-2pm. Lunch break from 2pm-3pm. Part two will run from 3pm-6pm.


    NEW SOUTH WALES / Private Annandale venue close to PT, exact address provided to ticket holders the day before the event with details of parking and transport. 


    The venue is up one flight of stairs. Once inside the venue, bathroom utilities are down three steps. We apologise for our accessibility limitations.

    Please enquire to if you have any more accessibility questions.


    Solo Ticket (Part One): $70

    Duo Ticket (Parts One & Two): $250 

    Ticket sales close Saturday 25th of May at 7pm. Address will be provided at 7.05pm with details of parking and transport. 


    We have added a sliding-scale ticket - to help support the community and those who may not be able to afford full price tickets. There is no upper limit on this ticket, so if you feel like subsidising those who purchase 'lower priced tickets, or giving a little extra to the facilitator to support us, this is your option!

    We believe in both accessibility for the community, as well as making sure our facilitators are paid appropriately for their erotic / intellectual labours, so this is our solution to hold space for both with a minimum of fuss! Enjoy this social experiment, and we'd love your feedback. 

    5% of ticket sales are donated to charitable organisations. We are currently contributing to Medecins Sans Frontiers and Children’s Ground.


    Bring: water bottle, snacks/lunch if you are doing both parts, and notebook if you want to take notes. 

    Clothes: We will sit on the floor, we will move around, so bring something comfortable and also something that makes you feel good.


    Ami is a somatic sex & relationship coach, massage therapist, dance teacher & tantric bodyworker. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching, coaching, and holding workshops in different settings and fields.  

    She is now focusing on connection, consent, non-verbal communication, pleasure, and understanding the human body and nervous system. 

    She is originally from Sweden where she got her massage therapist and chemical engineering degrees, before pivoting into the European sex-positive space 7 years ago, training and facilitating in Europe, Thailand, the US, and Australia. 

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