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    Synergy Ceremonies - Breath, Sound and Cacao (SUNSHINE COAST)

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    Event description

    This Synergy Ceremonies Breathwork and Sound healing event is a collaboration by Mitch Brownlee and Leilana Grace from Moments in Touch. Our intention for this event is to create a ceremony for deeper connection to ourselves and the community strengthening our practices throughout the journey. This event will flow through multiple modalities, first dropping into plant medicine through the ceremonial use of cacao, then diving deep into a breathwork session and grounding back in with a sound healing at the end to integrate the shifts that have taken place.

    Cacao ceremony 

    Ceremony is an honouring of spirit and receiving sacred cacao to drink is facilitated through in a safe, comfortable container which guides the individual to drop into their heart connection with intention, song, meditation, blessings and prayer. 
    Cacao is activated once it is prepared ceremonially, this process gives reverence and presence to the sacredness of all that is spirit and is a profound experience of connection and transformation.  


    Breathwork is a powerful tool to release emotions that no longer serve you such as stress, trauma, grief, anxiety or sadness. Through this style of breath work you consciously flood your body with oxygen (prana), raising your vibration and squeezing out the negative emotions stored in the physical body. When it comes to emotions “the body remembers”. Negative emotions if not fully processed can get stored in the body and if left undealt with can fester in Dis- ease in the form of physical, emotional or mental issues. “The world a man see’s is the world he holds in his heart”. These emotions can then cloud your judgement, causing you to act out of fear instead of love and by releasing these disqualified energies you make more room for love, connection and well- being.

    Sound Therapy

    Sound healing has been used in ancient cultures around the world for its therapeutic and restorative effects on the body, mind and spirit. Science now validates for modern peoples to understand from the analytical mind what the ancients knew about the significance and importance of sound as a therapeutic vibrational medicine and for spiritual development.
    Sound healing and therapy can assist in reducing stress, Improving sleep, Stabilising the emotional body, relieving headaches, Improving focus, relieve depression and anxiety, Increase attention, relaxation, Increase motivation, Encourage the release of energetic blockages in the body and harmonise over all well-being.

    Throughout this event Mitch and Leilana will use different instruments and the voice to guide the journey, to assist in releasing blockages allowing the body to relax and encourage the therapeutic benefits.

    About the facilitators:

    Mitch Brownlee is a certified breathwork facilitator who has been hosting group events for over 18 months regularly in the Sunshine Coast, Victoria and at festivals all over the East Coast. He learned his craft through Dan Pauro from Spirit Breathwork, recently completing his Level 2 Certification. He intuitively weaves sound healings into his breath work sessions through the use of traditional instruments such as the Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Medicine drum, Flutes, Rattles and more. Mitch brings a high energy into his sessions with the intention of empowering and uplifting the collective consciousness through the medicine of breath and sound

    Leilana Grace is a registered massage therapist, sound healer and ceremonialist who has facilitated Cacao Ceremonies for 4 years. Her path of healing through Shipibo Plant Shamanism was initiated in 2016 in Central Peru and after many months studying plant medicines her voice was awakened singing in the ancient language and creating a deep awareness around using sound and instruments for healing. This unique way of life guided her to Guatemala in ceremony with the man who has integrated cacao ceremony with the world-internationally renowned ‘Keith the Cacao Shaman’ further initiating visions to facilitate back in her home lands providing a space for community to connect with cacao as an ally and to our natural world through ceremony.  

    Please Bring Along:
    Yoga mat/blanket and cushion
    Small cup


    ***IMPORTANT information to know about Cacao; 


    This ceremonial dose of Cacao is strong. Please be aware there are contra-indications! 
    -Anti depressants/(MAOI's) and SSRI’S 
    -Serious heart conditions 
    -Pregnant and breastfeeding  

    If unsure, please consult with your physician about the type of medication you are on or other health conditions. 

    However, you can still receive the cacao drink in a much smaller dose that it will then not be contra-indicated. Please be sure to let the facilitator know when asked in the ceremony. Breast feeding mothers usually express milk for the following day. 

    Cacao can stimulate detoxification in the body and is advised to drink a lot of water. In preparation it is best that you abstain from eating any chocolate or cacao for at least 48 hours, consuming no caffeine for 24 hours, eating very lightly and/or fasting for at least 3hours prior on the day in which the ceremony takes place to increase the benefits/effects and connection with this sacred plant as an ally.

    *you must be 18+ to attend this event*

    This style of breathwork is not advised for people who are pregnant or have been diagnosed with conditions such as bi-polar, schizophrenia or people with serious heart conditions, pacemakers etc. 

    ALTERATIONS CAN BE MADE!!!! If you have been diagnosed with any of the above, or similar conditions please reach out to Mitch Brownlee for a consultation at as we can give you a specific breathing pattern which better suits your circumstances

    We are excited share this heart space with you

    With love in ceremony, breath and sound
     Mitch and Leilana

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