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Group Breathwork Journey

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Embark on an extraordinary spiritual journey and delve into the profound depths of your being through the transformative power of NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ (NDB)!

🌈 ✨ Step into a sacred space where deep healing and personal transformation unfold. NDB invites you to explore the realms of your subconscious mind, igniting lasting change and illuminating precious insights along the way. By accessing the mystical default mode network—a force that governs 95% of our daily behaviors, patterns, and thoughts—NDB offers a holistic pathway to profound inner growth.

🚀 Unlike conventional therapy, NDB offers an experience beyond the confines of logic and reasoning. In our uplifting 2.5-hour group sessions, you'll immerse yourself in relaxation exercises, a soul-soothing music & breathwork journey, and receive gentle guidance from our supportive facilitators. Following the session, you'll have the opportunity to gather in an integration circle for reflection and processing.

🌌 🌀 Bask in the joy, gratitude, and compassion that resonate deep within your being. Discover a tranquil oasis of calmness and relaxation that rejuvenates your spirit. Release the physical tension that lingers within, allowing your body and soul to find harmony. Awaken a profound sense of connection and awareness. Uncover vivid visions and ethereal dream-like experiences that guide you on your unique path. Empower yourself with newfound self-trust and inner strength. And remember who you are! Discover the extraordinary beauty and sacredness woven into each breathwork session, and allow yourself to experience the profound benefits of this ancient practice within the safety and warmth of our sacred group container.

🌬️ ✨ Join us as we create a divine space for exploration and healing. Let the spiritual essence of NDB guide you on a wondrous journey of self-discovery. Embrace the profound healing and transformation that await you.

🌟 🌿 May all beings be happy and free.

💙 All further details will be sent directly via email for session preparation and logistics. Advanced registration & payment are required as there is limited space. The last day for registering is Friday, 6/21/24 at 12 pm. Please reach out directly for any questions or more information regarding this or other workshops.

**Important Note**: While breathwork holds the potential for deep transformation, it's essential to recognize that sessions cannot guarantee specific outcomes, and breathwork is not intended as a substitute for traditional therapy. We care deeply about your safety and well-being, and it's important to note that participation in NDB sessions has certain considerations due to the nature of the practice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the following conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

**Medical Considerations**: We kindly ask that individuals with the following medical conditions or circumstances refrain from participating in NDB sessions to ensure their safety and well-being: epilepsy or seizures, history of aneurysms, stroke, detached retina, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medicine, severe osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, or pregnancy.

**Cautions**: Additionally, we recommend reaching out to the facilitator if you have any of the following conditions: active PTSD, history of severe emotional crisis in the last ~10 years, current physical injuries that could affect your ability to participate in intense physical release, taking blood-thinning medications, diagnosed bipolar or schizophrenia.

We believe in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants, and your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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