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Alchemist - Retreat

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Event description

Welcome to the Alchemist Retreat!

Imagine a life unburdened by past, present, and future stress, trauma, anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm. What if you could release the weight of self-judgment and worry, stepping into a realm of profound health and wellbeing? Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation?

Join us for an immersive experience designed to liberate your mind, body, and spirit. The Alchemist Retreat is your gateway to rewriting limiting beliefs, deepening your spiritual connection, and embracing a life of expansiveness.

Led by seasoned facilitators with lived experience, this program offers breakthroughs, insights, and a sense of lightness that permeates your entire being. Through practical exercises and active participation, you'll realign your system to embody the life of your dreams.

This isn't a passive retreat where you simply observe – it's a dynamic, hands-on journey towards personal evolution. 

Expect to engage deeply as we delve into:

- Creating new beliefs aligned with your desires and goals
- Releasing stress and anxiety from foundational aspects of life
- Cultivating alignment in relationships with self, others, and the essence of existence
- Enhancing communication skills for greater balance and clarity
- Harmonising your energetic system for optimal vitality
- Nurturing a profound connection between your soul and humanity
- Enliven your whole being with dance, laughter, shares and heartfelt connection

Our retreat doesn't end when you leave the physical space. Following the event, you'll receive three online integration calls spaced monthly. These sessions provide accountability, support, and guidance as you continue your journey of transformation.

What to bring:

- Lunch (local cafes nearby; tea, coffee, and light snacks provided)
- Water bottle for hydration
- Yoga mat, blanket, and pillow for comfort during sessions
- Wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement and relaxation
- Bring along any objects or crystals that resonate with your intentions, serving as totems for your journey.

Are you ready to unlock the alchemy within and step into a life of possibility? Join us at the Alchemist Retreat and embrace the magic of transformation.

Intentional Creation Day

The Facilitators:

Bhavna Megh

With 20+ years international experience in human behaviour and development, and having trained and practiced a multitude of coaching and healing modalities - inner growth is Bhavna's calling. Bhavna grew up with energy healing and more recently learned that being in this type of service goes back at least 4 generations in her family.

Growing up in London with a more logical/scientific based education, Bhavna did her level best to 'science' the unexplainable. Over the years of experiencing healing in her own physical body, improving her body-mind health, and tapping into more of Source, Universe, God...she allowed herself to believe in the "magic", and more importantly TRUST it. Bhavna still loves research, and likes to set up experiments to show the magic in action as a great way to demonstrate it to others (it also still blows her mind!).

Key to Bhavna's growth and success is the use of her own tools and processes with herself and continuous learning - she is a 'walk my talk' kind of girl. It means that she gets to show up in her highest and greatest self, so that she can facilitate your journey into remembering your highest and greatest self. 

Some of Bhavna's training/modalities include: 
NLP Practitioner, PSYCK-K, , Dowsing, Radionics, Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Coaching, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Reike Tummo Level II, Access Bars, Kinesiology, Ho'oponopono, Tapping/EFT, Anger Management Therapy, Sound Healing, Light Therapy, Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage, Aromatherapy, Psychology, and Diploma in Nutrition.

Brigetta Gates

Brigetta Gates is a name that is gradually becoming synonymous with innovative approaches in the realm of personal development and energy healing. As a Psych-K facilitator and an expert in dowsing energy clearing, Brigetta has carved a niche for herself by blending ancient wisdom with modern psychological techniques. Her journey into the depths of the human psyche and energy fields is not just a profession but a calling that has led her to help numerous individuals transform their lives.

Brigetta's exploration into the world of subconscious mind alteration and energy healing began after a personal experience that profoundly changed her outlook on life and healing.  PSYCH-K, a modality allowing direct and effective communication with the subconscious mind became her tool of choice. This technique, coupled with her expertise in dowsing energy clearing—a method used to identify and correct energetic imbalances—allowed Brigetta to offer unique and powerful solutions to those seeking to overcome personal challenges and achieve greater well-being.

Through her 30+ years success in professional project management, customer service and business development, Brigetta Gates has gained a deep understanding of the human condition. Compassion is at the core of her work with a conscious focus in creating a space where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported. As she continues to explore and expand the boundaries of what is possible in personal development and energy healing, Brigetta remains committed to her mission of facilitating profound, life-changing experiences for those she works with.

Some of Brigetta's training/modalities include: 
Coaching, PSYCK-K, Dowsing, NLP, EFT/Tapping and Feng Shui.

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