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    The Alchemist Within - Gut and Soul Nourishment

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    The Alchemist Within - Gut and Soul Nourishment Retreat

    Friday 17th May 9am - Sunday 19th May 12pm

    Blackwattle Farm, Beerwah, Queensland

    The Gut is like a weaving, a labyrinth to the core… it shows us where we are connected and disconnected from our soul, from the earth, from our centre. 

    The gut is central to our existence and to our nourishment and nurturance. The health of the gut is imperative to being completely connected to ourselves, to spirit and to the earth. The gut teaches us to be fully present. 

    The Alchemist Within Retreat is a heartfelt calling home to reconnect with what fulfils you.  A 3 day retreat celebrating earthy delights while grounding your body, heart, mind, spirit, soul and belly.  A truly nourishing, luscious, fun and invigorating way of connecting with yourself and other women whilst being supported and nurtured by a pristine environment. Melinda and Sellina are experienced healing practitioners who are well attuned to the needs of women. Their years of experience in a variety of modalities provides an innately wholistic, grounded and connected approach to this wholesome retreat. 

    What you need for true fulfilment and nourishment:

    We believe that its important to deal with the emotional aspects of the gut in order to have good gut health. It’s pointless just pouring vitamins and good nutrition into the body if the gut is emotionally poor and bad belief systems are present.

    True connection with nourishment comes from the earth. True connection with nourishment involves trust – trusting you are supported by the earth; trusting in the juiciness of the earth; and it’s abundance and also trusting that the universe has got your back. 

    The message is that there is an innate need to be nourished. We need to acknowledge, appreciate, honour and respect what we need in order to nourish our soul – this is the innate need. 

    As we are nourished, so do we nourish and therefore express our soul. 

    How can we nourish others if we do not nourish ourselves? We need fulfilment and abundance.

    As a collective we are being called to re-assess our foundations and the fundamental nourishment that we receive. 

    During this retreat we will explore the following:
    1. What is true soul nourishment and what the gut is connected to?

    2. Digging on beliefs – What you tell yourself and Why don’t you nourish yourself?

    Beliefs such as poor body image, self-hate, lack of value, beauty and how you feel about yourself 

    3. Nourishment processes and Meditations that promote positive changes such as 

    • A unique nourishment and gut map 
    • Gut drum journey - Discovering your labyrinth
    • Exploring your essence through Spirit bathing and Essential oil Alchemy
    • How to earth and connect to your gut
    • Learn how to listen to your body
    • Belly massage
    • Find the perfect balance through Rest, Dance/movement, Meditation and Breathwork
    • Explore the nutritional aspects of the gut with a nutritional expert and receive nutritional tips
    • Explore the Glasshouse Mountains with a guided meditation walk

    4. Explore your true Wants, needs, dreams and desires through the Gut Flower Process
    The gut flower process - There are two cycles  - giving and receiving cycle and longing and belonging cycle.

     The belly button being the centre of the flower and holds the life seed. The life seed is about connection. The flower represents the essence of life and the different life forces. There are 12 petals that sit around the belly button. The 12 petals represent belonging, longing, wants, needs, desires, dreams, wisdom, compassion, abundance, nourishment, fulfillment and sustainment

    Cost of Retreat:

    Your investment for this workshop is $740 plus your choice of accomodation

    Please contact us to discuss which option would be best for you.

    Option 1: Main House Accomodation - $150 per night.

    Option 2: Tiny House Accomodation - $100 per night.

    Option 3: Camping (Bring your own tent/van) - $50 per night.

    Bookings and payment are essential and are to made by April 26th 2024.

    If you would like to pay and book in an alternative way please email Melinda

    Please share anything that will help us prepare for the retreat.

    If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Much love and Blessings

    Sellina and Melinda

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