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THE BREATH BASKET: A Women's Breathwork Ceremony (Womb Weaving)

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A WOMEN ONLY transformational Breathwork ceremony - Special Womb Weaving Ceremony

In this special Breathwork ceremony participants will be invited to connect and deepen their relationship to their most precious medicine bowl, the womb. We will be weaving our webs of connection with the energetic womb which exists regardless of whether or not we have any of the corresponding organs. Through deep listening, self holding and the transpersonal connected breath, we will open a conversation with this often deeply wounded and disconnected aspect of our body-verse. We will weave ourselves into this deep space of wild wisdom, intuition, long remembering, creativity and lifeforce. The group will be encouraged to bring to awareness to any old stories and energy that no longer serve, to feel, express and release any stuck transpersonal material, clearing out the old to make space for the new (or reclaiming the old that was lost). We will use conscious connected Breathwork, movement, sound, music, specifically crafted ceremonial tea and the power of the group to open to the subconscious and shamanic landscapes. 


Our breath is the cornerstone of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It is a key to unlocking our potential and discovering our deepest fullest selves. It can be used to restore our vitality, release stuck feelings and beliefs, nourish our nervous systems and come home to our selves (body, heart and soul).

Consciously using the breath to connect to the deeper aspects of ourselves is one of the most effective ways of unlocking our psyche of unhelpful patterns or beliefs, releasing tension, trauma or stress, feeling what needs to be felt and working towards an embodied sense of wholeness, love, acceptance, self understanding and vitality.

This is a special women only group Breathwork ceremony. It is an opportunity to sit in ceremony with other like-hearted women and use the power of your breath and presence to journey deeply within, explore your inner world and unlock aspects of your potential and knowing within a safe container of support and guidance.

When women journey deeply together there is often a profoundly sacred and healing process that unfolds.

All those who identify as women are welcome. All bodies, all sexualities and all forms of femininity (18+). Beginners welcome.


What is Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork (or Transpersonal Breathwork) is a powerful modality that uses conscious and dynamic breathing coupled with curious awareness to access our subconscious world through inducing an altered state of consciousness. In this state we can journey beyond the mind and access images, memories, energy, feelings, sensations, thoughts and experiences that we can not ordinarily access in our everyday life. Accessing this material enables us to release or transmute it towards our experience of wholeness, vitality, truth and alignment of mind, body, heart and soul.

You can use Breathwork to:

- unlock parts of yourself previously unknown/denied/rejected or abandoned
- release and/or reframe trauma, tension, stress, held emotions or stuck energy
- move beyond what doesn't serve you (unhelpful beliefs, destructive patterns, old wounds, past trauma, current distress and overwhelm)
- access profound self understanding and self love
- connect deeply with your authentic self (body, heart and spirit)
- process and release transpersonal material (ancestral, family or cultural wounding/patterning)
- access your inner knowing and gain profound clarity
- connect with your innate vitality and power
- experience beyond our everyday mundane awareness and connect with the mystery of life
- unlock your life force, find peace, profound connection and unity within.



The exchange is $115.00 (plus Humanitix booking fee).

***It is recommended you book your place early to avoid missing out. This event often sells out. Participant numbers are strictly limited to ensure adequate support is provided to all participants***

Breathwork is NOT suitable for:- people with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency.


The Facilitator:

Amber Nomchong (creator of BODY BEING) is a certified and registered Breathwork facilitator and Holistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor, offering both personal sessions as well as group Breathwork journeys and transformational retreats. Amber is endorsed by the Australian Breathwork Association (national Breathwork governing body) and is a professional member of the International Breathwork Federation.

Amber’s passion is using Breathwork to support people to connect with their inner nature, to come home to themselves, release old unhelpful stories, feel safe to digest the pain from the past, reclaim their sense of belonging and find space to live a self-loving, vital, conscious and whole-hearted life.

Amber offers a heart centred practice bringing warmth, playfulness and gentleness with power and passion to support people to navigate their inner terrain. She has a background in working with the body and heart through breath, embodied movement practices, trance states, deep immersive women's retreats, conscious dance, meditative arts, energy work, holistic psychotherapy, nature connection mentoring and holistic health coaching.

Amber is committed to providing a safe, trauma sensitive, ethical and deeply compassionate container for humans to activate their own internal compass for healing and growth.


Sponsored ticket:

Each event has an Equity and Diversity ticket held for those experiencing financial difficulty. This ticket is reduced to $35 cover basic costs (select sponsored ticket option at ticket booking).


- The venue is wheelchair accessible and the practice can be modified for those with accessibility restrictions. Please let us know your needs BEFORE the event so we can make suitable arrangements.

- Please note that loud and dynamic music will be played during the ceremony at times. If you are not comfortable with loud noise it may be beneficial to try a one on one Breathwork session (email Amber to discuss).

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