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The Future of Everything - A Digital State of Play Business Forum

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This is the event every senior leader needs to attend to empower the future of their organisations and communities. Join us as we chart a course through the uncharted territories of technology, led by the brightest minds in the world who are reshaping society, industries and education to be future ready now.

The Future of Everything – A Digital State of Play

Where Tomorrow's Technologies Transform Today's Challenges

: May 17th, 2024
: Engineers Australia Auditorium, Perth, WA

Embark on a Transformative Journey

Do you find yourself at the crossroads of innovation, seeking pathways to meaningful impact? Are the complexities of digital transformation leaving you searching for clarity? Join us as we chart a course through the uncharted territories of technology, led by the brightest minds in the world. This is your opportunity to unlock the potential within and around you, transforming challenges into opportunities and creating worlds for others to play in.

Dive into the heart of technological transformation with "The Future of Everything - A Digital State of Play." This exclusive forum is set to unveil the vast possibilities Unity Technologies bring to the forefront of digital twins, smart cities, education, and the development of Indigenous communities. Prepare to engage with industry luminaries, delve into immersive discussions, envision the technological landscape of tomorrow, learn how to execute.


We have created this event as a forum for change-makers and visionary people to ask the WHAT IF questions and discuss how to collectively solve for the challenges facing each of the two discussion topics presented. What makes this different from other more thought-leading experiences is that we to translating challenges to opportunities with a very strong focus on practical application and execution.

Forum Agenda

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM: VIP Networking Breakfast – with Special Guest Keynote "Creative Placemaking - The Art of the Possible" by Amahl Hazelton from Moment Factory
8:30 AM: General Welcome and Acknowledgment of Country by Susan Kreemer Pickford, GM, Engineers Australia
9:00 AM: Introduction to Topic by Paula Rogers, CEO, Committee for Perth
9:15 AM: Digital Twins & Smart City Building by Jeff Melanson
10:00 AM: Morning Tea
10:30 AM: Panel Discussion / Q&A with Jeff Melanson, Paula Rogers, Matt Wood, Andrew Broad, Kevin Brown and Carolyn Turnbull
11:30 AM: Workshop: Engaging Humans in the New Frontiers of Tech by Dave Clare, CEO, Circle Leadership
1:00 PM: Lunch
1:45 PM : Introduction to Afternoon Topic by Chris Rodwell, CEO, CCIWA
2:00 PM: Transforming Education & Supporting Indigenous Business & Communities by Jeff Melanson
2:45 PM: Afternoon Tea
3:15 PM: Panel Discussion / Q&A with Jeff Melanson, Chris Rodwell, Fiona Johnston, Pia Turcinov, Aden Parker and Drew Mayhills.
4:00 PM: Wrap Up and Close

Event Moderated by Vanessa Vershaw.

Meet the speakers

Dave Clare, CEO, Circle Leadership

Vanessa Vershaw, CEO, Vanessa Vershaw Group

Amahl Hazelton, Producer of Strategy & Development, Moment Factory

Susan Kreemer-Pickford, General Manager WA, Engineers Australia

Paula Rogers, CEO, Committee for Perth

Jeff Melanson, Strategic Partner, Unity Technologies

Matt Wood, Chief Technology Officer, SSG

Andrew Broad, CEO, Piacentini & Sons

Kevin DF Brown, Group Chief Executive Officer , St John's

Carolyn Turnbull, Managing Director, Tourism WA

Chris Rodwell, Chief Executive Officer, CCIWA

Fiona Johnston, Principal of St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

Pia Turcinov, VC & Tech Investor, AM LLB BA (UNSW) GAICD

Aden Parker, Systems & Projects, Yurra Mining

Drew Mayhills, Chief Learning & Development Officer, AIM WA

Experience the Power of Unity's Innovations
  • Morning - Digital Twins & Smart Cities: Start your day with insights from Jeff Melanson, as he unveils how digital twins and smart cities are not mere concepts but transformative realities. Imagine optimising city infrastructures, enhancing environmental performance, and revitalising public engagement through creative placemaking and destination activation. This session isn't just about listening; it's about visualising the future you can help build.
  • Mid-day - Engaging Humans in New Tech Frontiers Workshop: Dive into a transformative workshop that cuts through the noise of technological buzz to focus on what truly matters: practical human engagement in a tech-evolving world. This session is your roadmap to bridging the people management gap, shifting from tech obsession to actionable strategies. Discover how to prepare for tech advancements, adapt your role and skills, and recognize what's needed for a future-ready team. It’s about leading with a human-first approach in a tech-driven landscape. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate and thrive at the intersection of innovation and authentic human connection.
  • Afternoon - Transforming Education & Supporting Indigenous Business & Communities: Jeff Melanson returns to explore the educational frontiers unlocked by digital transformation. This isn't just about technology; it's about empowering communities, reshaping education, and forging paths for Indigenous prosperity. See how immersive training and the Eduverse are crafting new paradigms for creative digital learning and development.

Your Path to Impact

Digital Transformation: Beyond the buzzwords lies a realm of real impact. Dive deep into how Unity's technologies are redefining the spaces we inhabit and the ways we learn. It's not just about the tools we use; it's about the lives we uplift and the communities we empower.

A Community of Visionaries: You're not just attending an event; you're joining a movement. Connect with like-minded pioneers, from industry leaders to visionary educators and change-makers, all united by the desire to make a difference. This is where bonds are formed, ideas are sparked, wicked problems are solved, and collaborations begin.

Real Stories, Real Impact: Hear from those who've walked the path before you. Our panel discussions and Q&A sessions are filled with tales of transformation, offering not just insights but also inspiration. These stories aren't just testimonials; they're invitations to envision what you can achieve and leave with actionable strategies to stop dreaming and get moving.

Why "The Future of Everything"?

This event stands as a unique convergence of innovation, inspiration, and community. It's where technology meets humanity, where today's challenges are met with tomorrow's solutions. Whether you're seeking to elevate your career, transform your industry, or contribute to societal advancement, "The Future of Everything" is where your journey begins.

Exclusive Insights: From revitalising cities with digital twins to revolutionising education andIndigenous business and community development, the insights you'll gain are unparalleled.

Visionary Networking: Connect with leaders and peers who share your passion for change. The VIP Networking Breakfast and dedicated discussion sessions are your opportunities to build relationships that last.

Hands-on Learning: Engage with Unity's technology first-hand in workshops led by experts. This is learning transformed, where theory meets practice, and innovation meets application.

Secure Your Spot in the Future

"The Future of Everything – A Digital State of Play" is more than an event; it's a launching pad for the next wave of visionaries and digital pioneers. Are you ready to be part of transforming the future? Register now and join us on a journey that will change everything.

Here’s what some of our attendees said about our warm-up event on March 8:

“This was an extremely stimulating event with good quality guests and presentations. Looking forward to continuing the dialogue”
– John Cluer, CEO - Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce

“What a great event and to get to meet the Unity team”.
– Joe Ariyaratnam VP Mitsui

“This was a fantastic session and an opportunity to network with the best. The vibe was great and a genuine enthusiasm to embrace digital twinning”
- Marissa Pidgeon, National Program Delivery Manager WAPHA

“I’m getting more inspired by the day”
– Rodney Silberstein, Fortescue Energy

Secure your spot now. General seats are limited. VIPs are even more limited!

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