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The Icebreaker Experience - Yamba - June 30th

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More than just your average Ice Bath workshop, this is a masterclass on nervous system regulation, evolutionary biology, including a powerful breathwork journey. 

We are inundated by stress and stimulation; beyond what we evolved to deal with.

We are in a collective grapple with our physical and mental health, which needs urgent curtailing. 

In parallel, most of us are holding back from taking real control of our lives & living how we truly dream. 

Meanwhile, we are losing connection to each other, ourselves and our purpose under the surface. We are suffering from isolation and loneliness at catastrophic proportions, while the gap between who we really are and the mask we show the world widens.

The Icebreaker Experience is an extraordinary opportunity to move mountains within, remember how much you're innately capable of, and experience life in full colour by learning about and using Breathwork and Cold Water Immersion.

Join us to step back into control, naturally boost your health, and live your life without the handbrake on. Experience why Breathwork & Cold Exposure are freeing millions from mental & physical dis-ease and bringing back old school authentic connection.

Become naturally empowered.

We've got Science for the Brain, Experience for the Body - learn the highly relevant science behind these life-enhancing practices, so after the high of the experience fades, you land on an elevated baseline of understanding for meaningful, sustainable change in your life.

    What Will You Gain?

    - Take control of your own stress and therefore your ability to response to life proactively.

    - Experience shifting your state from fear & inaction into ease, confidence and determination.

    - Understand your evolutionary biology and how your nervous system paints your reality.

    - Learn to combat anxiety, increase energy & get better sleep with protocols & tools for daily use.

    - Step into ultimate control of your direction and break through outdated, limiting beliefs.

    - Strengthen your immune system, improve physical recovery, decrease inflammation aka the underlying cause of many diseases, etc.

    How Will You Feel?

    - More clarity.

    - More productivity & creativity.

    - Empowered, excited, optimistic.

    - Free from physical tension.

    - Full of energy & drive.

    - Less anxiety, doubt or fear.

    - Able to connect with others more authentically.

    What's Involved?

    In this dynamic workshop, we de-code the ancient technology of Breathwork and call on Cold-Water Immersion to bring you renewal, empowerment, and arm you for the road ahead with broadened awareness, new beliefs and daily tools. 

    We cover essential lessons for an expansive life, dive into a deep Breathwork session, share ways to combat stress in daily life, step courageously into the cold, share delicious food and drinks, and much more. 

    With education we raise the floor you're living on; with experience we blow the roof off what's possible.

    Many people are discovering these powerful modalities. In this Workshop, we look under the hood at why they work and how to use them yourself in daily life, so you can become the master of your own future.

    Your Host:

    Hey, I'm Kade. It feels weird writing these things pretending it's not me, so hi :)

    This stuff completely changed my life 7 years ago, so I hope to have the opportunity to show you that it can change yours too. It's not the one answer, there never is. But it has helped every single person I've shared it with. 

    For context, I'm an Integrative Health Coach with extensive experience and qualification in the Breathwork and Exposure Therapy arenas. I'm also a Wilderness Adventure Guide taking people trekking and immersion in remote regions of Australia and Nepal to remember how to connect deeply with themselves, other people, Nature and the present moment. I also support training and leadership development in schools and organisations, such as the Australian Defence Force & NDIS with my organisation Inside Job.

    I've been engrossed by my own journey of physical & psychological Self-development and healing for many years, and from that I begin sharing what I found. Since then I have guided hundreds of people into the deep realms of the mind & body, with a heightened care for creating safety & Self-empowerment. I began assisting at these workshops back in 2017 and have been organising and running various forms of ice bathing and winter hiking experiences since. 

    My organisation Inside Job makes a stand for empowering Self-Mastery, for the good of all. 

    Gone are the days of gurus & quick fixes. Here we do the real work to change our world - from the inside out.

    Here's a ridiculous photo to round all of that up.

      What to Bring:

      • Yoga mat
      • Swimmers
      • Comfortable, warm clothing
      • Water bottle with good quality water
      • Journal/notebook
      • Optional: Cushion or bolster

      We'll look after the rest.

      Big love,


      Disclaimer - Please Read:

      By signing up to this event, you agree to take ownership of your own decisions & confirm you are of able body and mind to undergo stressful and activating breathwork and cold exposure exercises that may induce temporarily altered states of consciousness & uncomfortable physical sensations. You acknowledge that you do not have any heart disease or heart illness, & if you have recently come off mental health medication we accept no liability for any impacts and would request notification. If you are pregnant, please let us know & be aware you will have to practice a modified technique in the breathwork session and ice bath. 

      We acknowledge and pay full respects to the Gayamaygal people as the true and traditional custodians of the lands where this event is being organised from, and where we work, live and play. Without their undying connection, care and custodianship of these lands, we would not be fortunate to do what we do here. Sovereignty has never been ceeded.

      We acknowledge and pay full respects to the Worimi people as the true and traditional custodians of the lands where this event is being run on, and where participants of this workshop go about living their lives. 

      Another step forwards, together.

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