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The Marcellin Cup

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Event description

The Marcellin Cup is a Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) and Australian Chess Federation (ACF) rated tournament supported by the Chess Association of Queensland (CAQ), hosted at Marist College Ashgrove.

  • Non-Australian Residents must have a FIDE ID prior to entry
  • The participant entry fees are $80 AUD for adults, and $60 AUD for students/children. Children/students will be classified as participants under the age of 18 - those who are born 2006 or later.
  • Entry will be free for players with the following chess titles: GM, IM , WGM, WIM. In other words, players who are Grandmasters, International Masters, Women’s Grandmasters, and Women’s International Masters.

Playing Schedule:

        DATE / ROUND


        6th July 2024, Saturday

        Round 19.30am

        Round 2

        1.00 pm

        Round 3

        4.30 pm

        7th July 2024, Saturday

        Round 49.30am

Tournament Regulations:

  • One half-point bye is available between Rounds 1-5, and must be requested prior to the commencement of the previous round.
  • Tournament Format and Regulations
  • Players must record all moves, pens and paper will be supplied.
  • The tournament will be FIDE, ACF and QJ rated. The tournament format is a 6 round Swiss. The time control of 60 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move The forfeit time is 30 minutes from the start of each round.
  • In the case of an appeal against an arbiter’s decision, the tournament director will form an appeals committee. Committee members will be chosen for their impartiality and their knowledge of the rules of chess. The player lodging the appeal shall lodge a $100 bond, which will be refunded if the appeal is successful, or if the appeal committee decides to refund the bond in the case of an unsuccessful appeal.

The rules regarding use of electronic devices are as follows:

  • The use of any electronic devices is prohibited in the playing hall when games are played.
  • All electronics Must be switched off and kept in bags, and the bags will be stowed beneath the table during each round.
  • Any observed light, sound or vibration emitted from such devices during the game shall be an immediate loss.
  • Only players are allowed within the playing hall. Once players have completed their games, they will be deemed as spectators and must leave the playing area.
  • Non-players (parents/accompanying persons/spectators, etc) are not allowed within the playing area.


  • The prize pool with fixed amounts stands as follows: 1st - $1000 AUD; 2nd - $500 AUD; 3rd - $250 AUD. Winners will also receive trophies. Additional prizes may be announced on the day itself.
  • · The prize money will be deposited into the winners’ bank accounts, which will be made known to the CO during the prize presentation.
  • · First-place trophy will be decided by tiebreak, all cash prizes will be shared. Players may only win one cash prize. If required, the order of tiebreak methods will be Tie-breaks to be used in a case of equal points are Direct Encounter, Buchholz Cut 1, Buchholz, Sonnenborn-Berger.
  • · The tournament will be held at Marist College Ashgrove, 142 Frasers Rd, Ashgrove QLD 4060.
  • · There will be NO parking on-site, drivers are advised to park along nearby streets.
  • · Food options will be available during the competition, including a barbecue organised by Iron Bark, District Venturer Scout group and the Marist College Ashgrove coffee truck stationed on-site.

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