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The Story Room August 6th 2024

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The ancient art of storytelling comes to life on the stage when six storytellers from different walks of life share a true and deeply personal story.  

Theme for the evening

"What Was I Thinking??????"

About the night

 This event connects the community through the sharing of real stories. Enjoy drama, laughter and sometimes tears and have a chance to be a part of something different here on the Northern Beaches.

 Please Note:  Venue will be open from 5.15pm allowing time for you to order a meal and have a drink before the entertainment commences at 7pm sharp. 

About the Venue - Bucketty's Brewing Co, Brookvale

The venue, Bucketty’s Brewing Co. Brookvale, is a warm and friendly environment, where you can mingle with friends, make new friends, relax with a beer, enjoy a meal and be entertained by the eclectic and talented storytellers.

There is so much to learn about Bucketty's and its humble beginnings.  It's a family owned business with much blood, sweat and tears making it what it is today. 

I can't think of a better place for "The Story Room" to call home, after-all beer and stories are like peas in a pod, they just fit perfectly.  

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Bucketty's Brewing Co (

Meet the Storytellers (in no particular order)

Anton Buchner

Anton is a Marketing strategist who runs his own marketing consultancy, Front Foot Marketing.

He’s also a podcaster, has been a segment presenter on northern beaches radio, is a father of 5, and has told a bedtime story or two.

Anton created a concept around telling imagination stories. He’ll share with you how he does it.

He launched the concept at Warringah Mall, then took it to primary schools on the northern beaches, facilitated creative sessions, and has self-published a book, “Imagine What Happens Next”.

In a world where technology is seemingly connecting us, we’re also feeling more and more disconnected.

Anton’s aim is to help re-connect people.

Especially parents and grandparents, with children at the impressionable age of 4 – 10.

Yana Groves

Yana Groves is a seasoned TV Executive Producer with three decades in the realm of unscripted content. 

Her love affair with storytelling began as a BBC Broadcast Journalist and Presenter, where she launched her career in news and current affairs.  Her passion drew her to television, producing talk shows, documentary, lifestyle and reality TV. 

From the culinary delights of MasterChef to the dramatic intrigue of Big Brother and Below Deck, she has been involved in a vast catalog of award-winning formats. Yana works alongside exceptionally talented teams with the most acclaimed production companies in the world. 

A unique upbringing has served as a rich tapestry of inspiration. Born in the UK, Yana grew up in a diverse family, spanning continents and faiths; embodying the very essence of ‘The United Colors of Benetton’. She proudly embraces her African-Caribbean identity and having lived in Sweden and the US, her work is infused with a rare cultural spectrum; inspired by her extended family's tales of survival, resilience, and love. 

As a speaker, lecturer and mentor, Yana created Bloomtime Media to nurture the next generation of content creators and endeavours to continue to craft impactful stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

Yana is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author for the book ‘Women of Wisdom - Queen Bees’. Her chapter ‘How To Run Away With The Circus’, is a tummy-tickling reflection on the weird and wonderful world of entertainment. She’s in the process of penning her second offering of the ‘WOW’ series, The Eagle’s Eye.

Her latest love is “The Biggest Little Show” the podcast with tales from the heady world of entertainment! Yana has a chat with the industry bosses, bawlers and brawlers. (link to be shared once published.)

Dr Gareth Andrews

Dr Gareth Andrews is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Polar Explorer based in Sydney, Australia. He has combined his medical career with his passion for exploration by pursuing expeditions across the globe as an adventurer and expedition doctor.

Over the last 10 years Gareth has travelled over 3000 kilometres on foot and unsupported through the Arctic and Antarctic. In 2019 Gareth completed the First Unsupported ski and raft crossing of Iceland which involved skiing across Iceland largest icecap and then rafting the length of one of its longest and most powerful rivers.

“After returning from these far-off places I often get asked why? Why go through the pain and suffering of months unsupported, at minus 40 degrees on an arctic icesheet or adrift on the arctic ocean dodging polar bears and battling violent polar storms – the answer is simple − we are fulfilling our basic human instinct to wonder what is over the horizon.”

Andra Putnis

Andra is an Australian writer who has published her debut book, Stories My Grandmothers Didn’t Tell Me with Allen and Unwin (release date of 2 July 2024). She is an Australian-Latvian granddaughter who set out to discover the remarkable lives of her Latvian grandmothers. Her book tells the heart-rending stories of how her grandmothers lived through the terror of the Second World War and survived to make new lives in Australia. At its heart, her book illustrates why we need the stories of older generations to understand what came before us. It is also just a good fast-paced read for people who enjoy stories of families surviving through momentous world events. Andra completed a Bachelor of Arts/Law majoring in History in 2001.  She is also currently completing a Masters of Culture, Health and Medicine at the Australian National University focusing on qualitative research and storytelling methods and the individual and community health and wellbeing benefits of life storytelling.

Nick Hopwood

Nick is Professor in Education at UTS and a founding member of the SUCCEED Child Feeding Alliance. Since 2017 he has been involved in a series of projects working with families whose children have complex feeding difficulties, and with the clinicians who support them. He was the chief architect of the website, with Dr Chris Elliot, a paediatrician from Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Nick and the SUCCEED team have published several articles based on their research, capturing brilliance in clinical practices, outlining an agenda for care improvement, and revealing the remarkable resourcefulness and resilience of families who go from just barely surviving, to coping, to thriving while caring for a child who tube feeds.

Nick has received an honorary Doctor of Medicine from Linköping [pronounced Linshurping] University in Sweden in recognition of his work with health professionals, and also won his faculty’s Research Excellence Award for “Key theoretical advances and positive social impacts through research in practice, learning, agency and transformative behaviour change”. The SUCCEED team won the best abstract award at the international Feeding Matters conference in 2024.

Patrick William Moore

Patrick is an anti-violence crusader and holistic self defence coach. His empowerment workshops titled You’re Stronger Than You Think for women and girls have been attended by more than 

10 000 people in India, Indonesia, South Africa and remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. 

He’s also run awareness and performance workshops at Commonwealth Bank, Lululemon, American Express and the US state department in New Delhi, India. His most recent program in December last year was a pilot program for teenage boys called Winning without Fighting, at the PCYC organisation.

In a former life he has been a self published author, boxing trainer and stunt actor for film and TV. He qualified as lawyer at University of Sydney, but went in a different direction, founding and running Boxout at North Sydney PCYC for 18 years.

For the first time, he will publicly share the most recent chapter of his life - a deeply personal story at the Story Room - heart wrenching and nearly fatal. Saved by a series of miracles, Patrick has been given another chance with a new perspective on life. While he still believes and shares his core message more than ever - we are stronger than we think - he now knows first hand, we are more fragile too.

He feels honoured, grateful and slightly terrified to share some of the lessons he’s recently learned from the toughest fight of his life. He hopes they can help others get through tough times, and perhaps even turn a breakdown into a breakthrough.

Because Everyone has a story! 

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The Food

Check out the menu. You certainly won't starve to death while you listen to some great stories. We are however trying to learn how many people might buy meals, as Nick the owner will open the food truck especially for us. Check out the menu.... to get to Bucketty'sThe B1 will drop you on Pittwater Road, not far from Warringah Mall.  It is a short walk down Orchard Road to number 26. If you drive there is loads of free parking in the surrounding streets of Brookvale. 


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