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The X Breath Transformational Breathwork Journey

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Event description

Experience deep physical relaxation, emotional regulation, and spiritual realisation in an intimate setting, limited to just 18 participants, ensuring personalised attention, support, and care.

Join us for a Transformational Breathwork Journey designed to deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your emotional resilience. These empowering sessions explore the transformative potential of conscious connected breathing, tapping into profound energies of awakening and personal development, guiding you along the right path in your spiritual unfolding.

"As you engage with each breath, you will discover layers of spiritual awareness, cultivating a strong sense of alignment with your higher purpose." 

Explore the strength that comes from this practice, which supports you in overcoming challenges and navigating life's twists and turns. Each session is crafted to reinforce your belief that every experience is a step toward greater spiritual growth. Dive deep into this transformative process and allow the intentional energies of awakening and resilience to infuse your practice, bringing a renewed sense of purpose and enlightenment to your life.

Through Breathwork, you enter progressive states of relaxation, allowing your body's inner intelligence and healing energy to support deep regeneration, as your mind finds peace.

  • Cultivate Resilience and Spiritual Insight: Embrace the challenges life throws your way as stepping stones to deeper wisdom and strength. Our breathwork sessions are designed to help you navigate life's complexities with grace and ease.
  • Enhance Connection and Vitality: Feel a profound sense of connectedness to the universe and a revitalised sense of being. Breathwork not only clears stagnant emotions but also heightens your energy levels, making you feel more alive and integrated.
  • Achieve Clarity and Transcendent Awareness: Move beyond overthinking and everyday stress to access states of tranquillity and heightened awareness. Breathwork guides you into deeper brainwave states, opening doors to transcendent experiences and spiritual revelations.

These workshops are best suited to those seeking a deep and profound spiritual experience—the gateway to the healing cosmic intelligence within, and elevated self-awareness. Each session will take you on a deep inner journey where you may experience mild emotional releases, altered states of awareness, and spontaneous physical movements. Remember, each journey is unique, and the process will intuitively provide what you need in that moment.


  • Please have an empty stomach for at least 4 hours, ideally more, and avoid too much coffee or other stimulants on the day of the event.
  • Be alcohol and substance-free as we are working with the energy body, which can produce emotional releases and altered states of consciousness.
  • Come with an open mind and allow the magic of Breathwork and the power of universal prana to work their wonders.


By purchasing a ticket to this event, you acknowledge you have read the following.

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality and although usually safe, deeply relaxing, and enjoyable, it can result in physiological changes that may produce a mild altered state of consciousness with physical and/or emotional release. It is each participant’s responsibility to listen to their body and look after their own well-being. Be mindful of your own capabilities and act accordingly.

Please be aware that sessions can produce tingling of the hands, face, or feet, and emotional experiences like crying, laughing, or screaming due to excessive energy moving through your body.

As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated for anyone thinking of practising this style of Breathwork: recent surgery, pregnancy, detached retina or glaucoma, uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, history of aneurysms, uncontrolled thyroid conditions, diabetes, respiratory issues, asthma, epilepsy, or seizures.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree that you are in good health and capable of participating in this type of breathing. If you are unsure, please reach out or consult with your doctor.

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