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    THEATRE OF GRIEF & PLAY: One-Day Improvisation Immersion GC

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    Free the reservoirs of your vivid expression

    A One-Day Creative Immersion on the Gold Coast 

    For those who are here to rouse the fierce creative force within.
    We work with the medium of theatre improvisation. This is an invitation to get intimate with the characters and stories that live inside you. For those who wish to open up powerful pathways of expression. To come to know themselves beyond the surface stories they are telling. To merge with a band of willing playmates who will look into your eyes and say ‘give me MORE’. To drink deep from the wellspring of life, dripping with juice and defying the ‘default setting’. 

    Improvisation invites you to try things on, to play in the fantastical imaginative realm adjacent to our own everyday. It opens up channels in your voice, body and psyche. All the way into your innate artistry and knowing.

    At the cliff’s edge of your comfort lies your creative soul. It wants to burst out and find voice in the world.

    Come bid it awaken.


    When we have multiple hours in space together, listening and expressing, magic comes online. We pierce through our separate skins and tap into a deeper rhythm, a group intelligence. A collective creating that feels effortless and borderline telepathic. Stories of aloneness fade as ecstatic group artistry abides. 

    Feeling that space inside yourself, with others, is a powerhouse tool for both the free creative soul, and the general artistry of living.


    ‘Choosing to join Maja’s improv ensemble was one giant step into the unknown. I didn’t know how close I was to uncovering a deep joy, a childlike play that I hadn’t embraced in so long. With Maja’s heartfelt guidance and the support of the group, I felt untethered and free to explore the entirety of my own character. The experience nurtured and encouraged my connection to Self which led to a deepening of connection with others. This was not just drama games (although there was lots of play!) this was an opportunity for me to see the game of life with brand new eyes. I am forever grateful for Maja’s dedication to her craft and expertise, and I am in awe of how she uses these gifts to highlight our humanness and draw us closer to a sense of greater understanding and love.’ 
    – Shae G.

    ‘The improv classes that Maja runs have had a domino effect on the rest of my life. The exercises she gives you presents this opportunity and demands that you be as sincere as you can be (to other people, but most of all to yourself). In this awesome, empowering way. You’re choosing because you know, on a deeper level, that you want to do these things. You feel it must be done, on that deeper level. Because you’re sincere with yourself. It’s had me reappraise values in my life and recalibrate and adjust and tweak and tune the relationships. And the expectancy - all the expectancy gets dropped. She holds you in it, in a loving, inviting space. There’s no wrong and no right - which is super powerful. She also helps you demand of yourself absolute sincerity which is extremely powerful. In life we wear all these masks and these deviations of ourselves, these dissolutions. I’ve found it extremely nourishing on a level that I don’t get from other things. It helps remind me that good art, good honest vulnerable art is extremely nourishing for the heart and soul.’
     – Liam B.

    'I just really wanted to take some time to thank you for all that you are and all that you offer. I've felt so much inspiration, gratitude, connection, joy, excitement, curiosity and a new felt sense of safety in my body and the unknown. I feel so held and yet pushed to my edges each time I step into your room. I'm not normally one for the written word but I needed to say a very deep thank you. I'm beyond excited to journey with you and all the beautiful souls you bring together once again.'

    - Kaitlyn C.


    Maja Hanna is a poet, facilitator and mentor who plays in the sandbox of the mythic and the fleeting. For over a decade she worked nationally and internationally as an actor, director and theatre-maker.

    These days she runs spaces with very much their own rhythm. Speaking, making and mentoring around the central question of - what is it to live a life off-script?

    Her advocacy is for both experiences of play and expressions of grief to hold honour within our collective psyche.

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