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Thriving Teams; Mental Health Resilience in the Workplace

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Introducing our Thriving Teams Workshop

At Sharné Consulting, we want to see our clients’ businesses move from surviving, to thriving!

We also know that no business can come to life and thrive, without its employees and teams (who make up the heartbeat of the business).

Thriving businesses therefore require thriving employees and teams, and the first step to thriving teams – the Sharné Consulting Way - is fostering mental health resilience in the workplace.

Not only does fostering mental health resilience in the workplace have major commercial benefits to businesses (see more below!), with the newly enacted Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work Code of Practice 2022 (The Mental Health Code), this has become a crystalized pro-active legal obligation for employers and business owners.

Legal obligations aside for now, it is well known that mental health conditions are costing businesses in the vicinity of $11 billion dollars each year through absenteeism, reduced work performance by the person experiencing the mental health condition, by increased turnover rates, increase compensation claims and reduced work performance of the collective team who ultimately get fatigued, resentful of carrying the extra workload and unable to effectively cope with the emotional stress.

In good news, effective action to create a mentally resilient workplace, on average, will see businesses have a return of investment of $2.30 to each $1.00 spent. More importantly, it will see employees become part of the broader purpose and vision of the business, having them show up and perform from a place of belonging and connection (and not just for the pay-cheque and from the ‘working to live’ mentality).

Sounds like a win-win, to us!

So if you, like Sharné Consulting, believe in the power of thriving businesses - or perhaps your first step is ensuring you are meeting your minimum legal obligations - then we warmly invite you to join us for our exclusive Thriving Teams Workshop.

Our Thriving Teams Workshop promises to have you leaving:

  • with a clear understanding of your proactive legal obligations with respect to the mental health of your employees;
  • with insights on how your business might currently be exposed under the Mental Health Code;
  • with clarity and clear direction on the benefits of a workplace that fosters and nurtures mental health resilience in the workplace;
  • armed with a number of insights, strategies and tools on how to go about fostering and nurturing mental health resilience in the workplace; and
  • empowered to do more – because thriving employees and teams make for powerful Businesses!

Introducing our speakers: First, we have Sharné, the visionary Founder of Sharné Consulting, a seasoned lawyer with over a decade of legal experience, now passionately dedicated to advocating for and foster of personal development. Next is Adele Coetzer, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience from more than 10 years in both law and small business realms. Notably, she has undertaken comprehensive training in Mental Health First Aid and the recently enacted Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work Code of Practice for 2022, showcasing her commitment to holistic workplace well-being. Lastly, we are privileged to have Kara Hockey, a seasoned clinical psychologist with a decade of clinical practice under her belt. Kara's expertise shines through her extensive work in assisting clients with intricate mental health requirements across diverse environments such as education, universities, hospitals, defense, and private practice. Our combined insights promise an enriching and enlightening experience for all attendees.

Make sure to secure your spot at our next Thriving Teams Workshop today, to start your business on the journey from surviving to thriving - in mental health resilience!

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