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Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis

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We are thrilled to announce that our tissue culture master class has been completely sold out!
We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our enthusiastic participants who have made this class such a success.

For those who missed out on this incredible opportunity, don't worry, we have great news for you! We are excited to share that we will be offering another upcoming tissue culture master class very soon. 
To secure your spot and gain access to this exclusive event, simply click on the following link https://www.plantcelltechnolog...

This upcoming class will provide you with the same high-quality education, expert instructors, and practical experience as the previous one, so don't miss out! Join us as we dive deeper into the world of tissue culture and explore new techniques, tips, and tricks. Thank you again for your support and we can't wait to see you in our upcoming tissue culture master class!

Join Cannabis Tissue Culture Expert Bill Graham and the Plant Cell Technology Team For This 3-Day Hands-On Master Class From December 16 - 18, 2022!

For Growers, Dispensary Owners, Enthusiasts, and Much More!

On your high demands, we are back again with our comprehensive Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis!
This hands-on master class will be a three-day event, and although we will be covering the topics, the dates have changed.
The Master Class will now take place from December 16 to 18, 2022, in Washington, DC, USA.

Bill was super fortunate to discover hydroponics and tissue culture when he visited The Land at EPCOT Center when it was only two weeks open.  Hydroponics immediately became a lifelong passion.  The gardening bug spread to a large variety of plants, including cannabis which was fun to grow but dangerously illegal at the time.   

Years later, at the University of Florida, he was invited to study plant tissue culture as part of the Plant Pathology program and was hired right out of class to manage new projects at the industry-disrupting Agri Starts tissue culture farm in 1991. 

Over the years, Bill has set up new labs, large and small, and been a member of the hobby TC community.  

Bill Graham is developing new propagation biotechnology and advancing cloning systems for medical and recreational cannabis facilities.

Now you get the opportunity to learn from THE Godfather of Cannabis Tissue Culture himself in this 3-day Master Class!

Registration for the Master Class has already started, and for the one-on-one experience, it’s only open for limited seats.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets NOW

What topics, you ask?

We say everything you can get! Have a looks at the deets below:

Tissue Culture Media Preparation

Accurate media preparation is necessary to promote the development of plants in tissue culture. And, in the lack of accessible information on suitable media for Cannabis tissue culture, we are going to give you access to this and more in this seminar, including:

  • Instructions, Ingredients, & List of Materials: Learn what macro and micronutrients, vitamins, and organic compounds are required and in what concentrations to prepare the media.
  • Get Started With pH Levels: Learn when and how to adjust the pH of the tissue culture media.
  • Intro to Pressure Cooker for Tissue Culture: Expand your knowledge of different types of pressure cookers and their uses in labs. And how to decide which one’s the best suited for your work.
  • Intro to Laminar Flood Hood: Have you heard about this machine but are not sure what it is and why it’s important for tissue culture? Get all the answers related to the equipment in this masterclass.
  • TC Hormones 101: Not know how plant hormones work and how they can be used in tissue culture? No worries, because here we will cover what they are, their types, natural and synthetic hormones, and how they are essential to tissue culture.
  • Intro to Vessel Filling: Learn the best practices of dispensing media in culture vessels and what amount will be perfectly based on their sizes.

Meristem Dissection

  • Introduction to Meristem Dissection: Meristems are a type of plant tissue consisting of undifferentiated cells. Learn how they can be used for virus elimination in infected plants and obtain clean clones.
  • Meristem Dissection Procedures: It needs some hands-on experience to cut meristem out of plants without damaging the tissues. Learn how exactly to do it from the experts in the industry in this masterclass.

Cannabis Micropropagation

  • Induction: Need help inducing Cannabis growth in tissue culture? No stress! Because here the experts will teach you how to achieve this and much more.
  • Intro to Sterilization: A suitable surface sterilization technique can help you attain success in your Cannabis micropropagation business. And that’s why we tell you how to do it exactly right.
    Plant Cuttings 101: DO NOT damage your explants while cutting. Learn this art from the experts of this masterclass. 
  • Explant Preparation (Clean & Contaminated Plants Techniques): Learn how to obtain clean tissues and prepare your explants to introduce them in tissue culture—in a way that there’s no contamination.
  • Bonus:
    • Introduction to Tissue Culture Equipments: Before beginning tissue culture, it is important to be familiar with the equipment and tools used. We are giving you this BONUS knowledge in this masterclass to help you start strong in your Cannabis tissue culture business.

Pathogen Remediation Using Meristem

  • Cannabis tissue culture is not easy. And, when it comes to adding plant hormones, you must what hormone, in what concentration, and how to add it to obtain the best results. Grab this secret from the industry experts in this only masterclass.

Gender Screening

  • Cutting-Edge Technology Gender-Screening at Young Age: Learn about all high-throughput technology available for gender screening and identify male and female plants in a fraction of the time at a young stage, rather than waiting for weeks to make the identification.

Long-Term Storage Solutions

  • Synthetic Seeds Techniques: Cannabis is a plant with tantrums. It doesn't like it when it’s too hot or too cold. But, there’s a way you can do the cold storage of the plant by using synthetic seeds. Learn how you can make them and use them to store Cannabis for a longer time.

This Master Class will allow you to get the knowledge and experience you need without all the costs that setting up the lab entails. Starting from getting access to all the info on Cannabis tissue culture, you will get the chance to connect with many Cannabis businesses and enthusiasts like you!

Further, do not forget to collect your Certificate to show the world your knowledge and expertise in the area.

Our last Master Class was a success and our attendees say:

 “We got more than what we expected and it has been a thrilling experience for us. No one get such a level of hand-on at this price. I feel more confident now about tissue culture and using the technique to grow my business”

This could also be you after joining our energizing “Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis”. 

Terms and Conditions: Plant Cell Technology, Inc reserves the right to cancel or change any class due to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. Students enrolled in canceled classes will receive a credit towards the next master class of the same or lesser value. In the event of dates or instructor changes, all students will be notified.

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