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    Transformational Breathwork ~ Expansion, Abundance & Purpose

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    YOU'RE INVITED TO JOIN US FOR A TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHWORK IMMERSION as we welcome in the full moon in Sagittarius which embodies the qualities of truth, expansion, optimism and abundance. 

    This energy gives us permission to ask; is this enough? Am I living the life I truly desire? Am I playing big enough? Am I secretly yearning for more?

    You'll have the opportunity to release anything that's not aligned with the life you want to live; stress, emotions and trauma, and reclaim who you are through the power of breathwork. 

    You’ll be supported to go deep and let go of anything that is holding you back from embodying your most expansive and abundance self; to create space for your vision, your purpose, and all that you are and came here to be! 

    This is a remembering. A coming home to your truth, to your heart. In this space, all that is not truth (limiting beliefs and stories) can naturally fall away.

    This your chance to release whatever has been weighing you down and call in what you wish to manifest. This is no longer the time for playing small. The world needs you to show up in your authenticity, power and joy!

    Are you ready to go deep?

    LIMITED SPACES – SECURE YOUR SPACE NOW! This event will be kept intimate to ensure individualised care and support throughout the session and to allow you to go deep with the practice.


    During this 2 hour workshop, you'll be guided through the Transformational Breath Method using Conscious Connected Breathing (no pauses on the inhale and exhale), and supported with somatic body work. 

    This breath method helps you to bypass the analytical mind and connect deeper with your body and heart. Mental and emotional blocks can then come to the surface to be released.

    You’ll get the chance to feel what needs to be felt and let go what has been unconsciously trapped within the body. This is a safe container for all parts of you to arise. Remembering that we need to feel it to heal it.

    Breathwork is an incredibly powerful practice which can lead to profound insight, clarity and healing. Each breathwork journey is unique, and whatever comes up for you is exactly what is meant to be experienced in that moment. 


    • PROCESS and RELEASE supressed stress, emotions or trauma from the past
    • INTERRUPT old patterns and learnt behaviours and make space for new patterns
    • RESET the nervous system
    • FEEL a deeper sense of self-love and connection with your heart
    • ACCESS your intuition
    • CREATE FREEDOM in the body
    • CONNECT with your purpose, power and innate abundance
    • EXPERIENCE a greater sense of gratitude


    • Explore the power of breathwork 
    • Let go of the past
    • Release emotions
    • Connect with other like-minded women 
    • Move stagnant energy 
    • Remember your truth and who you truly are
    • Connect with your purpose and vision
    • Access new parts of yourself


    1. Short connection activity 
    2. Transformational Breathwork journey using different breath techniques as well as somatic bodywork and energy healing;
    3. Wind down with crystal bowl sound healing to support you into new states of consciousness, deep cellular healing and relaxation, and;
    4. Visioning exercise to anchor your insights & actions to bring your visions to life
    5. Wrap up with sharing (optional)

    Yoga mat, water, notepad, pen, blanket (optional) and an open mind.


    Just remember the contraindications for Breathwork:

    Pregnancy, epilepsy, recent surgery, cardiovascular problems, or anyone on heavy medication.

    Please don’t take alcohol or other substances on the day of the event.


    Vanessa Indovino - Vanessa is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach and is passionate about supporting individuals to release stress and self-doubt, and reconnect to their hearts and their own innate wisdom. Vanessa is trained in somatic breathwork, nervous system breathwork, pranayama and the transformational breath method, as well as mindfulness meditation, inner child and shadow work, and intuition and creative development technologies. Vanessa is committed to walking this path with you so that can start to truly see and own your gifts and remember who you are.

    Tom Bowdidge -
     Tom is a health and wellness professional with three years of experience as a personal trainer. This expertise led him to become a skilled breathwork facilitator, focusing on the mind-body connection. Tom’s breathwork sessions involve guided breathing techniques that help reduce stress, release emotional blockages, and promote deep relaxation. Tom creates a supportive environment for participants to explore their inner selves and achieve transformative shifts in their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

    Join our community to experience the power of Transformational Breathwork and enhance your overall quality of life

    We look forward to journeying with you.


    Vanessa & Tom


    "I didn't realise how blocked I was until I did Vanessa's powerful breathwork session yesterday. I went in feeling hesitant and then embraced a spectrum of emotions, let myself go - I screamed, cried, laughed. Gained profound insights, visions, and messages guiding my path forward. It was probably the most transformative experience I've had in a long time! Vanessa's ability to push boundaries safely and create a sacred space for healing was remarkable. Excited for more of this transformative work!" - Natalie

    “My recent Breathwork session was truly life changing for me. The space was held powerfully, allowing us to drop deep into healing and rejuvenation, while at the same time allowing us to feel gently held. It was my transition from a very hard time in my life to feeling reborn, re-energised and focused again. I’m so grateful and wholeheartedly recommend this work. We are very lucky to have such powerful facilitators on this Earth.” - Paras

    "The Breathwork journey was absolutely profound. My body was contracted and tense in the beginning, with a lot that needed to be released. The space that was held really allowed me to journey deep within, to move through all the parts of my body and let go of what I no longer needed to carry. After the session I felt like my whole body and had been realigned and recalibrated. I also received profound messages and guidance from my uncle who had recently passed away; it was an incredibly healing and nourishing experience. I can't wait to experience it again!" - Mel

    “I recently had the privilege of seeing Vanessa for a private breathwork session which was INCREDIBLE! Vanessa is such an intuitive facilitator and healer, has a calm and nurturing presence, and made the breathwork journey such a beautiful and empowering experience. I’m really looking forward to attending her group sessions too!” - Ashlee 

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