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Trialogue - Like a dialogue but there are three voices...

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'Trialogue' is like a musical dialogue among three voices: Isaac, Harry, and Charlie. Imagine them sitting together, sharing ideas, jokes, stories, debate, but  through their instruments. They perform chamber jazz, which blends the intimacy of small ensembles with influences from both Western and non-Western music.

Using minimal guidelines, the trio will engage on a single, 3 movement, improvised performance, guided by keywords, and tonal centres, similar to the music of ‘The Necks’, ‘John Zorn’ and ‘Fire! Orchestra’. The players will also be using some extended techniques and other effects to augment the soundscapes. (Extended technique violin masterclass after the concert)

It is not free jazz, it has more melodic content and a clearer direction, but it is very much a live experience, which as an audience member, you are part of! Your reactions, suggestions, interactions and very presence sets the direction for the musicians.

Trialogue chamber jazz combines sensitivity and good taste with the good-humoured abandon and passion which are such essential ingredients for an intimate and vivacious performance.


Extended Techniques Masterclass: Unleashing the Violin’s Hidden Voices

After the enchanting “Trialogue” concert, where the instruments became portals to otherworldly realms, we invite you to delve deeper. Join acclaimed violinist Charlie McCarthy in a fun and interactive masterclass that transcends tradition and ventures into uncharted sonic territories of bowed string instruments. (BYO instrument).

What to Expect - Charlie will demonstrate and instruct how to perform all of these new effects:

1. Col Legno Triads: Explore the percussive potential of your bow. From ricochet variations to rhythmic pulses, discover the pulse of wood against strings.
2. Ponticello Distortion: Step into the twilight zone where the bridge meets the soul. Minor pentatonic wails, super-vibrato shivers, and distorted glissandos await.
3. Harmonics: Natural, Pizz, Artificial, Forced and Couplets: From the ethereal to the eerie, unravel the secrets of harmonics. Natural doubles, artificial harmonics with double stops, and the mysterious novel “forced” technique.
4. Sub Harmonics: Descend into the abyss. Semitone undertones and sub-octave growls—where the violin whispers secrets.
5. Bow Noise Circles: Spin circles with your bow. Hair and stick, slow and fast—paint soundscapes in the air.
6. Sad Cat: Channel feline melancholy. 
7. Slide Guitar Ferrule: Slide like a blues guitarist. 
8. Unison Chorusing Effect: Un-harmonize with yourself.
9. Turbobow: Light as a feather, fierce as a tempest.
10. Cascade Echoes: Mute, crescendo, no sustain. The strings breathe.
11. Glissando Harmonics: Like whales singing through your violin.
12. Flautando Double Trills (Sul Tasto): Hover above the fingerboard, airy and delicate.
13. Bariolage: The heartbeat of gypsy jazz. Alternating strings, pulsing rhythm.

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