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Unlock Your Future - Create Success and Live Consciously Sanctuary Cove (Early Bird till 10th June 2024 - or if allocation is sold prior)

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Event description

A disruptive one-day workshop.

Are you looking to level up and wanting more from life and your career?

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions but nothing is changing or lighting you up? 

Are you successful but yearn to be doing something that leaves a legacy or makes a difference in the world?

Are you feeling stuck or in a financial rut and not attracting the right clients?

Come and spend the day with three dynamic visionaries and let us guide you through some transformative thoughts and processes that will enable you to unlock your potential by:

  • Providing a guided Brainwave Mediation, a dynamic practice tapping into the immense potential of brainwave frequencies 
  • Practical learnings that will break patterns and beliefs to transform your relationship with yourself, success and money
  • Developing a new practice that will allow you to focus on how to live and lead with conscious intent, so that you are leaning in to what life is asking of you

With a powerful combination of disruptive approaches, creative thinking and cutting-edge processes, this workshop will help you move significantly closer to creating security, enjoyment and freedom for your present and future. This is not your typical marketing or sales workshop, it is about real change and impact for those who know they are here to make a difference in the world and want to lead with consciousness. 

Tea/Coffee Provided and  Lunch Provided 

                                                                                        YOUR HOST

Cathy Dimarchos - Strategist and Philanthropist with a commitment for Social Justice Globally 

Driven by an unwavering vision to create global impact, Cathy is the Founder and CEO of Solutions2you. She has supported thousands of people and communities across the world, including the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Tanzania, Dubai, Philippines, and Vietnam. Her unique blend of big-picture thinking, intuition and strategy supports visionaries and leaders with an ethical and conscious lens to drive changes in communities, governments and business to create sustainable and scalable impact across the world.

Her commitment is to equip people to become self reliant so that they have economic security and freedom of choice. 


Artemis Evangelidi
Artemis Evangelidi, Conscious Leadership Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Author.

Founder, Aipeia Consulting; Head of Learning Transformation, Law Institute of Victoria; CEO and Founder, Centre for Conscious Leadership.

Artemis holds degrees in Science, Law and Psychology, from Monash University in Melbourne Australia. Commencing her career as a Corporate/Commercial Lawyer, Artemis spent over 20 years working in private practice and later as in house counsel for multinational corporations around the world. She sits on the Boards of various NGOs advising them on their Conscious Leadership practices, is an invited contributor for Thrive Global, the Law Institute Journal, Australian Lawyers Weekly and Holistic Bliss Magazine and is a mentor for emerging leaders. Artemis has dedicated her career to empowering others through Conscious Leadership practices, Learning Transformation and Professional Development. 

Her ‘why’ is to raise human consciousness so that everyone can be free to live a life of joy.



Sujanya Iyengar
Sujanya Iyengar - Director & Physiotherapist of Recovery Rehab Physiotherapy

Sujanya Iyengar, the luminary Principal Physiotherapist at Recovery Rehab Physiotherapy with A Holistic Neuro Integrative Approach Physiotherapist stands tall with a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy and over 15 years of unparalleled expertise. A stalwart of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Sujanya is a beacon of hope for those battling chronic pain and inflammatory woes, championing as an AI Physiotherapist (Anti-inflammatory physiotherapist).Specializing in Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapy, she orchestrates symphonies of relief for countless sufferers, mastering techniques like Dry Needling and the Ridgway Method to redefine the very essence of the mind-body connection for optimal performance. From the cradle to the golden years, Sujanya's clientele spans generations, drawn to her adeptness in tackling musculoskeletal challenges and nerve afflictions with finesse. Her bespoke approach doesn't just alleviate pain; it empowers individuals with tools to reclaim their lives, ensuring not just functionality, but vitality. Sujanya doesn't just treat symptoms; she delves into the intricate pathways of the nervous system, unravelling the secrets to restore the body's innate functions. Through innovative methods like Vagus nerve reset therapy, she revitalizes the physical essence of her clients, enhancing the brain-body connection for enduring wellness. As a harbinger of holistic healing, Sujanya's impact reverberates far beyond the confines of her clinic, touching lives and transforming perspectives. Her name is synonymous with excellence in physiotherapy, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art and science of healing. In a world inundated with ailments, Sujanya Iyengar stands as a powerful force of healing and transformation, illuminating the path towards a rejuvenated existence.

If you're ready to accelerate your success as a business owner, join us at Sanctuary Cove - Hope Island.

Tea/Coffee and Lunch provided.

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