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🌸 UQ Japan Exchange: Embracing the Spirit of Omotenashi! 🌸


🎌 Australia's biggest Japanese club and society at a university, UQ Japan Exchange (UQJX) takes pride in our 1,000+ members, 90+ discounts, and an array of extraordinary events! 🎉 We are renowned on campus for our family-oriented atmosphere and our reputation as one of the friendliest groups of people you will ever meet. With a diverse mixture of individuals from all backgrounds, finding a friend here is a breeze! 👥

✨ In Japanese culture, we embrace the concept of 'Omotenashi' (オモテナシ), wholeheartedly looking after our guests. Even if you are not a member of our society, we invite you to join our events and experience the best we have to offer! ✨

🌟 Our exciting lineup of events includes: 🌟

  • 🍖 Annual Welcome Japanese BBQ (Semester 1)
  • 💃 Annual Ball (2022 Hosted Atlas, awarded 'Ball of the Year' (Seated))
  • 🍽️ Dinner Outings to Partnered Restaurants
  • 🌸 Weekly Free Culture & Conversational Classes
  • 🎎 Exclusive Partnerships with Companies like CHOYA and Ito En
  • 💰 Access to over 90+ Different Discounts!
  • 🌍 Networking and Employment Opportunities with Internationally Recognized Japanese Companies
  • 🎥 Japanese Movie Nights
  • 🎊 Matsuri Day (Japanese Festival)
  • 🎉 Our Otsukarekai and Bounenkai (End of Semester/Year Party!)
  • ...And so much more!

💞 By attending our paid events, you contribute to our mission of supporting education for children in low-income communities. A percentage of our ticketing fees goes towards this important cause. We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joins our events and helps make a difference. 💞

💌 For further inquiries, feel free to contact us through our social media accounts or email us at! 💌

🎓 UQJX membership is open to everyone, including non-students and students from other schools/universities. You don't need to be Japanese or have any Japanese language ability to join as a member and enjoy our events. Sign up anytime via Humanitix, our website, or email. 🎟️ By becoming a member, you gain access to our unique UQJX Membership cards, which also offer exclusive discounts! 🎟️

📌 If you missed our market day, don't worry! Message our socials for on-campus collection or arrange mail delivery of your membership card. 📌

Join UQ Japan Exchange and embark on an incredible journey into Japanese culture, friendship, and unforgettable experiences! 🌸🇯🇵🎌


🌸 UQジャパンエクスチェンジ おもてなしの心を大切に!🌸

UQ Japan Exchange (UQJX)は、1,000名以上のメンバー、90以上の割引、そして様々な特別イベントを誇りとしています!UQJXは家族的な雰囲気で、最もフレンドリーなグループとして学内でも有名です。様々なバックグラウンドを持つ人が集まっているので、友達を見つけるのも簡単です!👥


🌟 エキサイティングなイベントのラインナップは以下の通りです: 🌟

🍖 年に一度のウェルカムBBQ (セメスター1)
💃 年次舞踏会(2022年アトラス主催、「舞踏会・オブ・ザ・イヤー」受賞(着席))
🍽️ スポンサーレストランへの夕食会
🌸 週1回の無料カルチャー&会話クラス
🎎 CHOYAや伊藤園などの企業との独占パートナーシップ
💰 90以上の様々な割引へのアクセス!
🌍 国際的に有名な日本企業とのネットワーキングと雇用の機会
🎥 日本映画鑑賞会
おつかれ会・忘年会 🎉 おつかれ会・忘年会

💌 その他のお問い合わせは、ソーシャルメディアのアカウント、または までお気軽にご連絡ください!💌

UQJXの会員は、学生でなくても、他校・他大学の学生でも、どなたでもご入会いただけます。日本人でなくても、日本語ができなくても、UQJXのイベントに参加することができます。Humanitix、ウェブサイト、Eメールからいつでもお申し込みください。🎟️ 会員になると、UQJX独自の会員証が発行され、特別割引を受けることができます!🎟️



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