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Water Wellness - pH Clinic

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Everybody knows water is vital... but thats where most people's understanding ends. 

Join us to expand and deepen your understanding of this magical force and how to leverage it to maximise your health and energy. A sound water practice can be instrumental in thriving... or not (as so many of our peers experience daily)

Not all drinking water is created equally. Do you know enough to emerge past the usual sticking points of: "water is good for me but i don't drink enough (blaming poor discipline)" and, "I do or don't like the sound of fluoride". Ever wanted an open and insightful forum to discuss the finer (and more impactful) aspects of water? Come to this event and hag out with others seeking answers without the judgment and righteousness thats usually attached to a conversation about water. 

We invite you to come and learn the intricacies of water wellness with us (Nick and Nicola from pH Clinic). We will be deep diving into the science of water as well as doing some practical tests and experiments of common water sources people consume daily. We'll discuss pH as well as properties of "living water" and how they affect the body when consumed. 

Some considerations before joining:

We will be expecting an understanding of water in general and we will be discussing the benefits of the Enagic Water System for your home 

Ideally we want to be consuming “mature” water that has undergone its life cycle and has bubbled out of the earth in the form of a spring. Unfortunately most of the water we are exposed to in cities is not refined by these forces but is instead captured, treated and distributed to us in an entirely different manner and drastically affects the properties of the water.  The properties are what allow the water to work with and for us instead of against us – as water should be viewed as a living organism requiring equilibrium just like us. Luckily we have ways of restoring some of the ideal properties of water for our maximum enjoyment and benefit. 

 We spend so much time focusing on the right foods to eat, and supplements to take...yet forget or neglect nourishing our internal waters!! Kangen Water devices are more than just your average water filter! They are a revolutionary product, that transforms your regular tap water into ionised & alkalised water creating a powerful anti-oxidant effect.

  • Through the process of electrolysis, Kangen water becomes an antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress.
  • The water is charged with ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) and becomes a pure antioxidant with blood oxygenating effects.
  • Absorbs and hydrates the body 6 times faster than tap, rain, filtered or bottled
  • It is alkalised which creates a positive environment for healthy cells to form
  • Neutralises acidity and reduces inflammation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Aids in detoxifying the body by removing acidic waste
  • May improve digestion and sleep
  •  May increase energy and creates mental clarity
  • Anti-aging due to supplying the body with lots of anti oxidants daily
  • Disinfects & sterilises ~ Kills 99.9% of bacteria completely chemical free, so you can use for cleaning all around the house...and for first aid
  • Removes pesticides from food.And so much more.....over 60 different uses!

All proceeds from this event go to Water Aid Charity providing clean drinking water to communities in Africa.

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