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We, The Womben: She-Wolf

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She-Wolf Edition 

She is calling...

A force to be reckoned with
Feeeeeel her grace and ruthlessness
Her juice, potency and MAJESTY
Bubbling now
In the cauldron of your being
As you imagine circling…
Singing, dancing, drumming
Co-creating a cosmic portal
To birth the visions of our wildest desires
Of GOLDEN rainbow light blessing Mama Gaia

for all of humanity!

This is not a drill
This is the real deal

Your growl, stomp and unique frequency is called for!
For the revolution of the fabric of existence 

You know you are alive now
To change the course of herstory 

Will you stand with your womben?
Womb to womb, in the arena!
Despite naysayers, doubters, sceptics 
Of the “viability” of your vision…
You courageously step in, again and again
Yoni, heart, soul, womb front and centre
Stating your name, staking your claim
As the wayshower for all of humanity
Embodying the truth…

That anything is possible! 

Do you believe in a world free from all old stories? 
All wounds, pain and shame healed
Pulsating in the frequency of love and truth
Light reigning.. down on all life
And you know..
You hold the womb keys 
To OUR Heaven on Earth!

Calling YOU 

The leaders, 
Soulful sisters
earth angels, 
sacred souls, 
wild women, 

To come together now

This is a space where you get to lean in, 
Let loose, remember the power of your juicy loveeee
Your erotic innocence, majestic prowess 
Dress up or dress down.. 
Body paint, colourful, Earthly she-wolf wonderland
Out of the “constrictions” of the world
Throwing out the rulebook
Into a space of infinite magic

You know…

What I’m talking about … 

You may be feeling fired up, or flat in your vision
This is your wildcard
Direct from the Goddesses
To play your hand to the Universe



A celebration of each womban’s unique essence and magic.


Are we feeeeeeeeeeeeling this?! 


It is a movement of wild co-creation of the power of womben to birth Heaven On Earth for all life to thrive! It is a cosmic portal, the womb of infinite possibilities. And it begins the moment you say YES! The collective rhythm and song will ripple through the land for us all. When you arrive, feeeel the electricity through your body. Connecting with your sisters, with knowing eyes of who she is. Hugging, breathing, relaxing. Dropping into sacred space, guided deeeep into your body, dissolving limitations and opening to the magick. 

This is a safe space where you get to embody your truth, innocence, magnificence, FULLNESS… in the mystery of the unfolding. A deepening into trust and surrender. You will be bathed and/or guided through light language transmissions, connection experiences, activations, sound journeys… engaging your womb, heart, body, soul, voice! Opening into ecstatic dance, collective drumming (bring yours), contact improv, breath, vocal expression. 

The music will merge juicy, sensual beats with tribal, Earthly and slower sacred song to enliven and call home every inch of you. Moving through waves of expansion and contraction, outward and inward, high and lower energy, with sovereignty to rest and rejuvenate whenever called for. 

PART 1: Grounding & Connecting

PART 2: Exploring & Expanding 

PART 3: Returning & Relishing

Our voices and drums will become one. Around the central altar of manifestation. Continuing to cultivate your clearest visions, for yourself, each other, and our Earth. Placing old stories into the flames and making space for new magic to birth! 

We will devour our shared supper throughout the night, feeding each other to nourish our divine temples! 

More juicy details to drop on my socials/ event page leading in …… 



Will be our private DJ for the evening... She is a wild creatress of sound, merging sounds with existence. Liquid sounds for thirsty souls. You will be devouring every last drop of this medicine in and through your lady landscape. 


Regulate, resonate & elevate with Somatic Sound Therapist, Song Sorcerer and coach. Tashka has been creating and producing potent music medicine for over 20yrs and she will be joining us... to CAPTURE our co-created soundscape as a momento and continued activation for you of our evening! Yessss! 


Our glorious sister, Melissa, will be bringing in her skills as a multi-percussionist to build the HEAT in the room. If you're not juicy and enlivened by then... this experience will have you revelling in your magic! 


One attendee will receive a COMPLETE refund of their ticket on the night... decided by spirit, the Universe and frequencies!!!


- Water
- Yoga mat/ comfies to lie on 
- Extra pillow/ blanket for comfort
- Extra/ change of clothes (you just never know) 
- Journal
- Drum/s (if you have)
- Sacred item for the altar
- Nibbles/ drink to share 
- Anything else, song, prayer, poem, offering that feels to be with us


ARRIVE: 4PM or before... soak up as much as you can! 

PARK: Anywhere close to the venue and come on in... you won't miss us. 


This is your opportunity to BE WEIRD AND WILD, dressing up in however the theme of SHE-WOLF inspires you. Many interpretations. All perfect! Funky, quirky, wild, juicy outfit and body paint… something that you may not usually feel comfortable wearing, but you’re fucking owning it tonight as the sovereign Queen you are! #fullpermission 

We MAY have a body paint artist again prior to the event… stay tuned…


* Photography and videography will be used in some of this space. If you’re not comfortable with this, there will be space to let me know.

* Womben may be/get topless … 

* No drugs or alcohol 

* No experience required


Odelle Wolfenden

Odelle is a she-wolf steward for souls to come home into their full authentic expression in this lifetime. She is here to demonstrate and celebrate the balance of the light and dark within humanity and Earth. She is a doula for death of the ego, and rebirth into pure soul embodiment. She is a guide for humanity to shed all fear, suffering and limitations and remember who they are, their wild power and grace. To embody their highest self, and express the fullness of their medicine, gifts and magic for humanity, Mother Earth and all life. 

Odelle is a wild soul on Earth as a cosmic channel for love, through prose, poetry, song, sound, light language, dance, transmissions, co-creations in ceremony. She surrenders to the creations flowing through her and births journeys to facilitate humanities homecoming, of joy, love, harmony and sacred unity. Her name translates to "harmony".  

Odelle's services are fluid and forever changing. She runs feminine yoga and sound immersion spaces, sacred breath and ecstatic dance journeys, womb healing, her signature deep-dive rebirthing program “Wild Soul Reborn”, online mentoring - group and 1:1, is a best-selling author of "Unapologetic", and is currently creating a medicine music album and channelling a book. She is based in Samford Valley, QLD, land of the Jagerra and Turrbal people, nestled in a treehouse at the foothills of Mount Glorious, with her community family. 





No refunds. You are welcome to on-sell or gift your ticket if you can no longer make it and advise Odelle of this change. 

Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled or postponed and you're unable to make the new date.


Do I need to have a womb to come?

NO! When I say womb, I am speaking to the potent energetic space of the womb. Femme-identifying and trans women welcome. 

Do I need to be super experienced to come?

NO! If you feeeeeel the resonance, it’s enough! It’s perfect! You are the medicine! 

Do I need to be in a “good/ high vibe space” to come?

Fuck no! If you’ve been riding in the heavy, this space can hold you back to your light! In fact, it’s likely the exact medicine your soul has been calling for. We got you.

Do I need to be able to … dance, sing, play a drum, etc?

Trick question… because we all can. If you think you can’t it’s an illusion, and that, can be alchemised back into the LIGHT. 

Any further questions, you’re welcome to DM or email me.


SHE-WOLVES unite, as we take flight, into the realms of infinite possibilities and ultimate liberation. 

We are love, and we were born to be free.

This is going to be one wild, cosmic, Earthly ride into the night. 

Let's co-create magick...



"A powerful experience that was beyond words. I laughed, wept, danced, stamped my feet, howled and cuddled my fellow Womben. Highlight was when Odelle was guiding us with her words and slowly one by one, each woman began to sing hauntingly beautiful hums and chorus that lifted from the ground like fireflies taking flight at dusk. Couldn't help but cry with joy at the beauty of it. Thank you Odelle for holding space for us all. Another stepping stone in my ever evolving journey to reclaiming myself."

"I adored the night we all journeyed together in song, dance, deep movement, joy, our wicked DJ Chiqa. I loved having the opportunity to be raw, loud, the things that we may not be able to do in the every day. All I can say is it was work the 1 hour drive. Thank you for the whole magical, transformative, truthful experience Odelle."

"We, The Womben was an experience that allowed me to be in my wild, free, loud, expressive energy."

"Yesterday I received a download of inspiration relating to women’s work that I would love to birth into this earth plane🧚🏻‍♀️✨"

"Love your work. Love your offerings. Love you! Love, gratitude & appreciation sister x 🌞🌻🐝✨"

"-Loved the freedom & invitation to take up space & co-create
-Loved the honouring
-Loved the invitation to dress up & express ourselves a little ‘louder’!"

"Realising, meeting and embracing my fear of
intimacy, and my own voice. Which I am still
reflecting and processing. Planting the seeds for
further inner work."

"safe sacred sensual space held in a container of fluid flowing freedom to be me"

"Creative exploration of the divine feminine rising!"

"Connection, empowerment, reclaimation, inspiration"

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