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Recordings of the Webinar Series: Balance for the Second Brain

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This is a 3-part webinar series

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Webinar Series: Balance for the Second Brain

The link between the ‘gut’ and the central nervous system and how integrative bodywork can support and enhance that link.

The increasing human dependency on computers and screen-based work and communication tools is impacting the self-regulating ability of our autonomic nervous system (ANS) substantially. Many clients who seek bodywork are burdened by an imbalance in their ANS, with the sympathetic branch over-stimulated and the parasympathetic branch hampered in its ability to regulate too much excitation within the visceral realm. The role of the enteric plexus is often overlooked in this dynamic and yet is a key player in the health of the ANS and its self-regulating ability. Bodywork can provide the perfect treatment realm for enhancing the function of the enteric plexus thus contributing significantly to the restoration of health in our clients.

This webinar series will explore the anatomy and physiology of the enteric plexus at depth and its pertinent influence on the ability of the ANS to self-regulate – an essential foundation for maintaining homeostasis within the entire human metabolism. The emphasis of the webinar is the experiential engagement with specific integrative bodywork protocols that support the enteric plexus and its vital role within the human body.

Part 1:

Anatomy and physiology of the enteric plexus and the role it plays in contributing to the self-regulation ability of the autonomic nervous system.

Part 2:

How do we engage the enteric plexus in our bodywork protocols? Exploring the link between the enteric plexus and vagal system, interoception and autonomic self-regulation.

Part 3:

The actual bodywork protocols, Q & A.

Conny Pulvermacher

Conny Pulvermacher has been a clinical practitioner, yoga teacher and holistic health educator for nearly twenty years. She holds qualifications and has undergone training in bodywork, nutrition and yoga, specialising in craniosacral therapy (biodynamic and structural).

Conny has developed an integrative approach to therapeutic practice combining the non-invasive approach of craniosacral therapy with myofascial release, positional release, acupressure, kinesiology and remedial massage to facilitate the integration of experience at multiple levels.

She structures nutritional advice and movement therapy as additional tools to empower clients with self-help ability within the rhythm of everyday life. Conny has taught a range of integrative workshops focussing on holistic health, seeking balance through a better understanding of the interface of human anatomy and physiology with thoughts and emotions and the support that good nutrition, supportive movement and meditation can offer to that interface.

Conny is currently the organiser of and a teaching assistant in a three-year diploma training in Craniosacral therapy held in Sydney. Conny is a committed meditation practitioner. In her therapeutic practice and her lifestyle she holds a deep core belief: mind and body are inextricably interwoven with each other. When this unity is supported holistically, enabling a better balance within the autonomic nervous system, the inherent health held within every metabolism can express itself much more successfully. The commitment to that belief expresses itself in every level of Conny’s therapeutic practice and teaching work.

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