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Weekend Relaxing Sound Meditation

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Guided by Katrina Noela, a specialised Sound Healing Facilitator of Voice and Crystals, You are invited into a safe space to calm and align your vibration for the betterment of yourself and the community around you, for how you vibrate (or feel internally) in any given moment always resonates onto those around you - body, mind and spirit!

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Sound Meditation Healings or Sound Baths are an ancient healing modality that creates great rest and transformation through its use of vibrational realignment. In other words, it is an experience of re-tuning us OUT of a stress state and INTO our natural state, like re-tuning a guitar into harmony.

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By experiencing the vibration of a sound meditation healing your body responds by shaking up and releasing the blockages held within the body. The gentle, yet powerful sounds and vibrations of crystal singing bowls and voice almost immediately put us into an alpha-brainwave state creating a calm, relaxed and meditative state of mind and body. The combination of channeled Voice expands the vibrational impact even more-so, allowing the energy pathways to open and flow!

Giving ourselves this regular state of stillness establishes all-round better health and wellness with a mind-body-spirit in harmony that can then function at an optimal level. Sound meditation healings are a relaxing, non-invasive way to relax and re-tune the body into oneness.

BENEFITS may include:

  • Reduced stress, worry, anxiety, fear and uncertainty
  • and Improved sleep, calmness, peace, problem solving, clarity, body functions and more.


Entrance is via the BACK door.

Please arrive early to find your preferred placement to the bowls at the front, back or side of the room, sitting or lying down before we then start our Sound Bath at 2:30pm.

PLEASE NOTE:- DOORS WILL CLOSE @ 2:20 PM, so please arrange enough time to find parking and head upstairs.

Once the Sound Bath commences, you are guided into stillness by listening to Katrina sing and play the powerful and healing crystal bowls in a very slow, calm manner for 45 minutes, where the only thing you have to do is breathe and rest! This time is for you to have time-out and Reconnect, Release & Rest your body, mind and nervous system and let the waves of vibrations do the work to help you process subconscious thoughts and challenges. The end result should have you feeling deeply grounded, connected to yourself with a still mind and heart.

Every session is unique as Katrina intuitively responds to the group's emotional and energetic environmental needs at the time.



Our family-friendly Sound Meditations occur every 2nd Tuesday and every 4th Saturday of the month at Summer Hill Little Big House. Suggested age is from 7yrs. Please visit website for all other events and locations.

PLEASE KNOW:- that where you are at in your personal journey, and day, will vary this experience for you. These powerful vibrations may stir things up within you and move things through the body to be expressed, released and balanced, so if you feel an emotion, memory, movement or pressure coming on, it’s perfectly ok in this space - just be willing to allow it, hold yourself with loving awareness, expand your breath, move your body as needed, feel whatever is wanting to shift and breathe it out like bubbles rising in the water. Letting it pass and go.

And remember that Katrina is there if you need any assistance.


On the elbow corner of Flour Mill way, amongst the towering apartments you will find the beautiful Little B!G House (the smallest building on the block), where our Vocal Sound Bath will be held upstairs on level 1. Please enter from the BACK DOOR ENTRANCE (see pics below) and refer to the “What to bring” section to support yourself further to make yourself as comfortable as possible whilst you're there.


  • 1 min walk from Lewisham West Light Rail
  • 5 mins walk from Summer Hill Train Station
  • Street parking available (but tricky sometimes so please allow extra time)


  • Yoga mat & pillow (venue has chairs & high bolsters available to sit upright on)
  • Blanket & eye pillow
  • Water bottle & tea cup as desired


"Once my body attuned to its center I felt myself go super deep, really fast. Faster than meditation. It was incredible! Loved it! It sustained me for the whole week." - Jos

"Thank you Katrina, it was so beautiful. See you next time!" - Sarah

"I've never felt loved like that in my life before." - Carol

"I felt my heart expand and open up with the sound frequencies. It was very healing and empowering. Her singing was aligned with the bowls and combined perfectly for both a healing and relaxing experience. Loved it." - Senka

"Kat is an amazing singer and a beautiful intuitive soul. Her sound baths are not only calming but so expansive for the body. Her voice is so compatible with crystal bowls that when she sings with them my whole body vibrates. I always feel completely calm and centered afterwards. She gives me goosebumps every time. Love it!" - Petra

"You are so talented. I am amazed at your singing and sound bath talent. Yummy energy!" - Alex

"“Clearing out the old” has certainly been happening." - Chelsea

"It was absolutely incredible. Felt amazing." - Tee


SO PLEASE BOOK TO SECURE YOUR SPOT WITH US. Floor space, bolsters and chairs are available upon availability.


Hi, I'm Katrina, a Sound Healer, Quantum Vocalist & Expression Coach, passionate about helping people unlock and release unspoken vibrational blocks to give greater voice to their true feelings and gain back the power and freedom of their voice. I am told I have a naturally calming effect as I share my knowledge from over 25 years in professional vocal performance, teaching and facilitating educational and interactive workshops as well as my own transformational journey. I love guiding my clients towards balanced expression, empowered voice, emotional expansion, freedom and happiness.

Let me help you remember and re-tune to your real, aligned vibrational essence.



Enter via the BACK door.
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