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Wheel of Consent® 2-day Workshop: Sydney, Warrane / Warrang

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9.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September

Three sliding scale ticket prices, plus some at $110 +bf, via discussion with me. See 'Payment Options' below.


The Wheel of Consent® is a model and a practice; it’s a powerful tool to improve the quality of your touch and create clear agreements so you can experience satisfying connection to yourself and others. It is based on, but does not require, exchanges of touch.

The Wheel explores consent, boundaries, body-freedom, communication, and touch. It explores and takes apart the dynamics of receiving and giving, so you can feel the difference, and know why that matters.

The Wheel of Consent® was developed by Dr Betty Martin, drawing on her 40+ years hands-on experience, first as a chiropractor, then as a surrogate partner, and a somatic sex educator. Workshops and professional trainings are run all over the world by Betty and others certified by Betty and the School of Consent.

The practices of the Wheel can influence how you approach and experience so many interactions and dynamics - in intimate relationships, friendships, family, workplaces, in activism and communities. It's seemingly simple yet radically transformative!


This workshop guides you through simple practices to explore the Wheel of Consent, with opportunities to feel it in your own skin; it’s learnt best by experiencing. The pace is slow, choice is at the centre of all activities, and a key focus is to notice yourself. The core practices of the Wheel are based on exchanges of touch - and can also be explored without touch. You choose.

Over the two days you will...

  • learn what ‘receiving’ and ‘giving’ really are; and why knowing the difference is crucial for connection and intimacy
  • find out where you are clear (or not) in receiving and giving
  • experience pleasure and sensation in your own skin so that you can access this any time you choose
  • learn about 'two ways of giving' and 'two ways of receiving' and how these expand the possibilities for pleasure
  • access parts of yourself that have been hidden and that are ready to be seen, appreciated and healed
  • become delightfully aware of your desires and limits, and practice how to communicate them
  • feel the power of choice and of making clear agreements
  • learn the framework of the Wheel of Consent® and experience each of the four quadrants

We will work with practices where 'touch' is defined as separate from 'sex'. As adults, many of us experience 'sex and touch' as bundled closely together, so it can be difficult to explore touch free from sexual connotations or expectations. While the Wheel can offer insights on sexual dynamics, it’s not the focus here. In this workshop, there's no genital or sexual touch and clothing stays on.

There are many ways to participate in this workshop, going at your pace, opting in to activities, working solo or with others, taking time to reflect or rest, changing your mind along the way. Noticing yourself and taking care of your own needs and preferences will be encouraged in this workshop.


Anyone who wants to learn about the Wheel of Consent® in a group setting is welcome! No knowledge or experience of the Wheel is needed. You are welcome if it's new to you, and if you have some experience with the Wheel, there is always more to explore!

Whether you are shy or outgoing, comfortable in groups or less so, you are welcome. You can come along solo, or with partner/s, friend/s, others. You can go at your own pace, and opt in or out of activities offered.


I will lead in a way that promotes an inclusive, respectful and enjoyable learning space, and I invite your contribution to this. This is a workshop welcoming of diverse bodies, sexualities, genders, ages, and relationship status; respectful of First Nation's people, and of cultural diversity; of neurodiversity, disabilities, and a range of self-expressions and lived experiences.

I will help create a welcoming learning space across these two days, and I will speak up for inclusion, safety and respect. If there's anything you'd like to raise with me before booking, please do get in touch.


There are three prices for tickets, for different financial circumstances; $250, $375 and $500*. You choose the rate that reflects your income and capacity to pay, and a mix across these levels makes it possible for me to run these workshops.

There are also some tickets for $110* if you are not able to afford the others, and you’re willing to help with some tasks such as: setting out cushions & chairs, putting out light refreshments and doing a brief tidy at the end of the day. You won’t miss any workshop time. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me, as these tickets are not listed on the ticket page.

*plus booking fee

Please contact me if you'd like to pay in instalments, or have any other questions about ticketing.

Other workshops are scheduled for Adelaide and Melbourne.

Stella Topaz

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