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Event: Wheels at Wanaka 2025 - Exhibiting Enthusiasts

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Set Up Refer to instructions TBC. Exhibitors may use the Visitors Town shuttle once set up. A courtesy bus will also be provided for the Shakedown in the Shed Awards, Saturday evening. 8.30pm - midnight. FREE BUS by Yelllo! Wanaka township Three Parks return. Pembroke Park Bus Stop (Dungarvan St): from 8am to 4.30pm. On the hour and every half hour Dinosaur Park Bus Stop (Public Loos): from 8.10am - 4.40pm. Ten minutes past the hour + 20 minutes to the hour Wheels at Wanaka (Visitors Ticket Gate): 8.20am & 4.50pm. Twenty past the hour + ten minutes to the hour

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