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Wild Roots Return to the Womb Day immersion

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Wild Roots: Return to the Womb, Journeying into Autumn Day Immersion 

Join us for a transformative gathering, landing in April , representing a time of transition after the expansive warmth of the beautiful summer we just had .

As autumn sets in, nature begins its gentle descent into a season of introspection and harvest. The leaves start to fall away , The days grow shorter, the air crisper, and the earth prepares for the coming winter.

Just as the natural world shifts, so do our inner landscapes. The pre-menstrual phase of autumn can often feel like a challenging transition, marked by introspection, nesting instincts, and a call to release what no longer serves us.

"For years, I struggled with my inner autumn, battling premenstrual phase (PMDD) ovarian cysts while navigating through pain, isolation, and bursts of anger. It was only through deep healing , devotion, and connection to my womb that I learned to honour, deeply feel  and remember her voice and embrace my inner and outer seasons with love. My body was desperately trying to communicate with me, urging me to let go and listen, but I did  not how , I could not here her whisper I was so disconnected. 

Until the world shook me so hard to listen !  . She is turning up the volume now , so many of us navigating pain , trauma ,  fertility issues ancestral, sexual  trauma, birth trauma, loss menstrual issues . Holding deep fear and anxiety , disconnect to pleasure  disconnect to our feminine, numbness! 
She is screaming at us to listen , Are you ready to listen to truly  feel ? 

🍂 **Wild Roots: Return to the Womb for Womban , Journeying into Autumn Day Immersion** invites you to come and receive, creating space for yourself to both receive and move and Surender to what no longer serves you in a real environment. Whether you're a busy mum, or caught in the whirlwind of work, or navigating some of the things listed , or simply yearning for time to reconnect deeper with yourself, this is the place for you. There are no expectations here, just an invitation to be and nourish you . Maybe  you feel deeply called  to step out of your comfort and try something new.

**Date:** Sunday, 7th match (day light saving ends )   

**Time:** 10.00AM - 5:00 PM  

**Location:** Savitri Temple @ Sacred Earth Retreat, Karekare, Auckland  

During our time together, we'll on a soul-nourishing journey guided by:

- Beautiful somatic practices incorporating also our sound and our breath ,  honouring and connecting to our womb space

- Deep exploration of the feminine essence and ancestral wounds

- A day of self-reflection and deep holding

- Vegan , gluten free lunch provided 

- Heart opening cacao ceremony 

- Embodied sensual primal movement

- Bush hike adventure to a stunning waterfall & cold water immersion (optional )  

Exchange: $150  (payment plans welcome please message me

Direct )

Whether you're seeking healing, connection, or simply a day for yourself, or curious to try something new , this gathering is for you. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now for this sacred journey into the heart of your autumn. 

About Chantal 

Chantal your devoted womb worker intuitive , mother, medicine women, grief doula Wild women  .

Chantal’s commitment and quest for lifelong learning ,growth, and the deep truth that runs in the fabric of life has organically led her through many of the deepest initiations. that life might offer a woman, a mother, a wife, and a medicine Woman.

Chantal‘s journey of losing her young daughter, aged two to a drowning event, catalysed a life trajectory change and a descent into the womb , into the body & through the pathway of grief, devastation and loss of a child.
Chantal, through her own healing journey recognised that the Temple of grief was not a place of brokenness and lifelessness,however, a choice point——in every moment of every day, to breathe and choose life. Chantal‘s journey into personal reclamation, deep shadow healing, integration of the many aspects of self, returning to the wisdom of the womb; cultivated within her a sanctuary of Love.

These are some of the pathways and deep medicine that Chantal is able to walk alongside with other women, whose personal experience of grief and loss call for a great level of holding And wholeNess .
Chantal through her own intuitive knowing is able to hold safety in the territory of trauma , dissociation and disconnect, and gently support women to return to who they truly are. Chantal is a living embodiment that holds the full spectrum that only a medicine woman that has walked the path of grief and gratitude can carry and hold for other women, ..
Chantal’s success and craft of working with women as they return to the wisdom and safety of their body and their womb, draws a woman closer to her true nature, the nature of the elemental self- she supports women to connect deeply to their emotional wisdom (The Water element), To descend below the chaos and confusion of the mental body and trust the breath ( the air element) To rekindle the connection with the inner fire, the heart and their womb ( the fire element) and anchor and ground this in safety and belonging within the body (the Earth element).

Chantal effortlessly combines ancient wisdom with current best practice for trauma resolution. She gently understands the spaces and places where a woman’s body contracts and recoil and is less available to her Lifeforce and those she loves in the world. In these spaces, Chantal offers invitation and somatic exploration to uncover the truth, and the keys held within a woman’s body. Chantal entrusts each woman to tap into her own knowing and her own Medicine within. Chantal is gifted in bringing forward, the latent potential locked within a woman’s shadow and cultivates integration that allows women to enter their lives with more courage, conviction, and clarity.

When you choose to work with Chantal, expect all in!! Her enthusiasm for her body of WORK and the support she offers women is a living testimony of how one woman overcoming adversity may create a meaningful legacy. Chantal ‘s exampling of this encourages women to write their own script and empower their Living meaning and return to sovereignty in their lives and in their body’s.
Chantal ‘s raw, real ,grounded and authentic way of being provides women with a breathtaking contrast that liberates the deep feminine current in all those who walk alongside her.

Oceans of love,

Chantal Kerlin 🌊🐉

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