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Women's Inner Child Workshop (Thursday)

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Are you a woman ready to be your true self, be comfortable in your own emotions and be able to know and express your needs so that you can transform your life and enhance self-discovery?

**Online bookings only. No walk-ins**


Our inner child plays such a vital part in our experience. When we are triggered, a great question to ask is, "who is showing up right now?" Which part of me is activated or resurfacing? This workshop is about connecting you to the different parts of you that exist, what is conscious, unconscious what can we see and not see. You will the differences between the parts of you that show up, try and protect, are wounded and need more love than they ever received in the past. You will be able to uncover your past and see what gets set up when you are triggered and start getting to the root of your shame, anger, fear, pain or loneliness and why there is stuckness holding you back. The goal is to start to tend to the wounds that these parts have, the wounded child that needed to hear a very different message to the one they may have heard. Through love, connection and compassion we can start to show up for each part of ourselves and live a more balanced and true life. 

Combining practices of Somatic therapy, Emotion Focussed therapy, Trauma therapy, Art therapy and Group Therapy, at this workshop what you can hope to find is a reconnection to your inner child and the ability to see, hear and understand yourself more fully and embrace all parts of yourself with compassion and grace. 

What you can hope to find?

  • Inner Child guiding work to reconnect you back to the parts of you
  • Discover the wounds and defences that are unconsciously held in the body and mind 
  • Understand core beliefs about ourselves and how we interpret the world
  • How to have a better relationship with your inner child
  • Learn how the defences and coping mechanisms served you as a child  
  • Find compassion and love for all parts of yourself 
  • Honour and acknowledge the hard work and important work your inner child plays 
  • Be seen heard and witnessed within a safe space of women supporting women 
  • Reparenting, grounding and breathing exercises 
  • Enter and embody the present moment and live more fully

What is Inner Child Work?

There’s always something deeper that exists within us, our reality is made up of our experiences which means that there is a lot under the surface or unconscious that exists. Inner child work is starting to access the stories, concepts, beliefs, thoughts, feeling and ideas that have been formed by our inner child, understanding what has been adaptive for survival, different ways of coping and meeting basic human needs in particular ways. 

When we were little, we started to make sense of the world. We found out that what we are sitting on now is called a chair, our caregivers, mums or dads, are our parents, and they are meant to care for us. We then learn things about ourselves, are we important? Valuable? Loveable? How we find the answer to these lessons is from the direct or indirect messages we receive throughout our experiences. Interpreting these lessons and being with them at times needs us to adapt, a very normal response or defence mechanism to some of the challenging experiences that occurred. Our beliefs or messages work as the lens through which you experience and interpret the world today. Researcher Bruce Lipton explores this concept called the ‘Biology of Belief’ that from our childhood experiences, we made unconscious perceptions and interpretations that shape how we feel, think and react to the world. 

When we show up for the part of ourselves that interpreted lessons and did their best based on what we had at the time, now we can choose how to address the potential skewed or wounded parts within us. When we start to nurture the part of ourselves that has been unconscious, abandoned or forgotten then we can start to use this part of us as a source to thrive, experience joy, creativity and flow. 


Oksana Pueschel

Oksana is a Licensed Professional Counsellor, Transpersonal Arts Therapist and Certified as a NeurOptimal Brain Trainer. Oksana has vast experience in facilitating positive changes for people struggling with overwhelming feelings, substance abuse, behavioural and mood disorders, anxiety, love and sex addictions, codependency and childhood trauma. Oksana supports individuals to create more harmony and connection in relationships, both from within themselves and with others. Oksana’s current practice focuses on supporting adults and adolescents to navigate the current situation as well as what lies beneath this; thoughts of worthlessness, lack of direction and meaning in life, domestic challenges, trauma, life transitioning circumstances, codependency and corresponding changes in identity and relationships. 

Oksana’s style of therapy is informal, compassionate, and responsive to each person’s unique needs to identify their strengths and options to develop strategies to achieve their goals. She will guide those willing to explore themselves and build a greater understanding of the different aspects of your experience, from the emotional, mental, and physical to the family, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. Using a variety of evidence-based techniques, she will help individuals reconnect to existing strengths and cultivate additional resources that support progress toward the changes they wish to make. Depending on specific needs, she draws from a number of therapeutic modalities, all incorporating a respectful, strengths-based, person-centred approach to connect with your feelings and needs. 


  •  2 hr healing container for women to start to heal their inner child
  • You will begin to understand your parts and how to show up for your inner child
  • Skills tools and strategies 
  • Be supported and witnessed by other women 
  • An opportunity to have deep, connected and meaningful connections along your process


  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • Wear comfy and cozy clothes


  • Bookings must be made at least 24h prior to the event
  • Online bookings only - no bank transfer or cash at the door
  • No refunds on purchased tickets
  • You are allowed to transfer your ticket to another person if you are unable to attend

For any further details and enquiries, please get in touch with us via or DM via our Instagram @findreasontherapy

We look forward to connecting with you,

Love & Connection, 

Oksana and Jackson 

Find Reason Therapy 

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