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Women's Kundalini Activation

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Learn how to use your shakti life force energy to remove emotional, energetic blockages and break through fears.

A playshop for women to learn how to harness and cultivate life force shakti energy to heal their bodies , mind and spirit. 🐍

x- If you are going through changes in your life,

x- if you are willing and ready to transform fears .

x- If you are ready to open up your body and expand your chakras for greater healing and ecstasy this playshop is for you!

🌹 The KUNDALINI activation is a powerful ancient practice that can be used to transform triggers, stagnation and limited thinking.

🌹 Are you ready to be initiated into your feminine power, magnetism and shakti strength ?

🌹 This playshop will help you to realise that the journey of healing does not have to be so painful and that you have all the tools inside of you to break through the fears.

Fear of the unknown, fear of betrayal, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough.

🔥 Within your womb lies the secrets of the universe. Your innate medicine awakens when you can open and surrender to God. Are you ready to play?


🌹 Cacao Ceremony

🔥 Kundalini Activation

🐍 Feminine Awakening Practices

❤ A safe space to share your soul's expression.

🌕 Integrative Sound Bath at the end

What is Kundalini?

The Kundalini is simply pure Lifeforce Energy and Intelligence. It moves as an energetic stream of divine consciousness that can consist of multiple facets of energy and can vary in character and form.

In the Kundalini Awakening Method the three main streams of energy that will be experienced and worked with are :

  1. God Force Intelligence – Other words for this include Cosmic Father, Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit , God.

Often feeling more masculine in nature, God Force Intelligence shows up as Christ Consciousness and connects a person to the cosmic realms of infinite potential. This stream of energy often feels heavenly, expansive, psychedelic and omnipotent. His stream of consciousness comes from the Universal Realms that exist beyond time and space and beyond this planet.

The intention of God Force Intelligence is to bring a person closer to the realms of Heaven by opening their energy centers by clearing out fears, restrictions in the body, trauma, pain and resistances to being fully present and surrendered to a higher power. 

  1. Shakti Lifeforce – Other words for this include Mother Earth , Serpentine , Pachamama , The Goddess, The Divine Feminine, The Priestess.

Often feeling more feminine in nature , Shakti lifeforce shows up as the act of bodily , spiritual ,and mental and emotional submission into the realms of Surrender and Bliss. She is a stream of consciousness that comes from the Earth and flows up the spine, activating each chakra point as she moves up towards the crown.

As she flows up the energy centres, God Force Intelligence will meet her and as they get come into a divine union within the person’s body and field

  1. Sacred Eros – 

Our sacred eros is a powerful healing force. Eros is a stream of consciousness that amplifies a person’s Kundalini Awakening.

Eros energy and spiritual energy can be one in the same, if we allow it to be.

When directed with pure intention and used for purposes other than procreation and satisfying primal desires. This stream of energy is used in Kundalini Yoga to clear, purify and expand the chakras , allowing them to get closer to the divine ,boosts immunity and vitality.

Full Kundalini Q&A


“ A few weeks ago I attended Susan’s Kundalini Activation and WOW, I’m not sure words can do justice to the divine sacred work that she is delivering to the world.

Being in a similar line of work, I have very high standards with which practitioners I work with and events I attend. Susan has so much integrity in her work and she really does walk her talk.The experience was very healing and has had a major impact on my day to day life. Since then I have been able to connect deeper with and honour my own self more and my self worth is so much better.

After having such a profound experience with the kundalini I see myself more as a divine being which means I have let go of people pleasing tendencies and my relationships are healthier. Thank you so much dear sister for walking this path with so much authenticity and devotion to your mission. It’s a honour to know you.” - Rubia Lacerda


I recently had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Susan‘s incredible kundalini activation workshops. She has a gift of creating such a safe, nurturing & sacred space where she is able to bring pure magic & unconditional love to every soul in the room. I absolutely loved the combination of the singing bowls with her angelic voice! The magic & energetic sacredness she created in the room was all encompassing, her energy is that of a divine feminine angel. She was able to help access and re-open a sacred part of myself that had been laying dormant for years, she was able to bring my inner priestess home again. She truly gave me the biggest permission slip to reactivate my wild woman, to be witnessed and fully seen in the entirety of my fullest expression. The kundalini activations I experienced that night and for a few subsequent days after has really enabled me to invite more joy, pleasure, fun and creativity back into my life again. I cannot thank you enough & I am so excited to attend your upcoming retreat in May to experience even more magic & deep healing ✨🌹 - Keah Mathews


Can not recommend this divine Goddess enough. From the moment you enter Susan's sacred space you feel so safe & loved. All your inhibitions are freed & you are one in sacred union of Pachamama & Christ Consciousness. This was such an expression & experience that will never forgotten.

The sacred togetherness of sisterhood or brotherhood or whatever it may be that Susan is facilitating will bring such a beautiful bonding experience no matter who you are. If you're wanting to activate the Shakti within your, divine body, uncoil your stagnated energy & feel the most alive within yourself that you have ever felt, then you need the magic of this gorgeous Priestess. - Kristy Harsley


Early Bird: $65 (until 30th August)

General Admission: $75


Yoga Mat, Water, light blanket, Journal, Wear Comfy Clothes and lingerie underneath (optional)

Susan Vu is a Transformational Coach & Transpersonal Therapist who specialises in helping people transform core trauma from their childhood to live fulfilling lives with healthy relationships. She is a waymaker for the Divine Feminine Awakening as she helps people reconnect to their soul's power and gifts through psychic activations, intuition development and somatic therapy. By bringing the shadow to light, subconscious/unconscious to the conscious it is her passion to bring out people’s truest expressions and authentic way of being.

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy, Diploma in Counselling, Reiki Teacher Certificate, Certificate in Energetic Psychology and Specialised Kinesiology.


We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners of the land of the Indigenous people, the traditional custodians of this land, and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the land and sea for generations.

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