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Women's Kundalini Energy Activation, Breathwork & Sound Healing

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Join Hannah & Alba as they guide you through this incredible journey of Kundalini Energy Activation, Breathwork & Sound Healing

Give yourself some love through this event because that is what you can expect, as we help you open your heart space, relax your mind, melt away any stress you may be feeling.

We will be taking you on a beautiful journey from the moment you enter the space, through this event you can expect to feel a deep relaxation, Connection into your beautiful human form and heart space, tranquality, the energies working as well as rejuvenated and renewed for the week ahead clearing any bloackages you may be currently feeling.

  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Intention Setting
  • Breath sequence
  • Kundalini Activation & Medicine Drum with Healing
  • Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a great and effective way to bring your mind and body into complete balance with increased awareness, when the body is relaxed we are tapping into the parasympathetic nervous stystem, promoting overall wellness on a cellular level for an over all reset of your sytem.

We welcome you with an open heart, a smile and gratitude

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all

The session also consists of a direct transmission of Kundalini energy to balance your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body followed by sound healing through the transmission of the crystal bowls


What is Kundalini energy activation?

The activation of the Kundalini energy consists of a direct energy transmission through a qualified facilitator, balancing the body through channeling and activating the vital energy that resides in each one of us. The activated person reconnects with their essence, raising energy and awakening consciousness. When the person's vital energy is activated, their energetic body is aligned, influenced by the pure energy of life.

What is a Kundalini energy activation session like?

A Kundalini energy activation session is a process of conscious surrender, unlike other techniques that require will (such as kundalini yoga), allowing the vital energy with which we are all born and that over the years goes off, turn it back on. It is a natural and safe process, which is carried out lying on a mat with eyes closed and listening to music, where the facilitator stimulates the awakening of the kundalini energy and where each person receives what they are prepared to receive. In addition, it must be taken into account that the activation of the energy not only occurs at the time of the session, but also in the following days, where the energy continues to work. That is why it is considered “a process”.

“The more you surrender to the process, the more you open up your full potential, the more you empower yourself, free yourself from blocks and reconnect with your true self”

What is the activation of Kundalini energy for? What are its benefits?

Let's think that the Kundalini energy must pass through energy channels that must be clean so that all that stagnant energy can flow. So before activation, all those blocks and charges that prevent us from moving forward are released. Each person has their own times for it, therefore each person will start from a different point. What is clear are the benefits of activating this vital energy:

  • Mental, emotional and energetic release that produces physical vitality
  • Reduces fatigue and improves rest
  • Greater mental clarity and connection with our intuition and our truth
  • Sense of calm in the face of adversity of situations
  • Detoxification of the body due to lack of appetite due to alcohol or drug use elevation of consciousness
  • Increased perception of energy
  • Improved charisma and creativity
  • Feeling of being part of "a whole"

"The activation of the Kundalini energy is a process and, as such, it requires a path to follow and personal growth."


In case you are diagnosed with epilepsy, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders or severe cardiovascular and/or respiratory problems, you can NOT perform Kundalini energy activation sessions.



I work in the Coaching & Healing space locally here on the Gold Coast running monthly events of hypnosis and sound healing,And coaching 1:1 with different tools such as NLP/ECT, meditation, Energy work and Hypnosis. I began my journey into self developement while working in the Hair and Beauty industry, Having gone through my own self image and body dysmorphia struggles. I realised that it all starts with awareness of self and that took me on a wonderful and powerful journey of reflection and introspection, Now guiding other women to their awakening through coaching and events through Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


I landed in Australia from a small island in the middle of the Atlantic (Gran Canaria, Spain). I started my path of development and personal growth at the age of 21. In this last year, my life fell apart due to anxiety, which consumed me, so I started a deeper personal work and discovered two tools that changed my life: Kundalini energy activation and Breathwork. These tools helped me heal from within and lead a life more aligned with myself. I trained with the first Breathwork school in Spanish (The Breath Act) and with the Kundalini Awakening Path school of Ksisters. Now I just want to share with the world what these tools have offered me and I bring them from Europe hoping they are here to stay.

Here begins your transformation process!

Please ensure you ring Hannah prior to booking if you

Bring yourself, your intention and a water bottle.

Phone : 0430-602-229

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all


From our heart to yours

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