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Working Group | Advanced Lubrication Practices

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This working group will focus on 'Advanced Lubrication Practices'
Advanced lubrication practice involves the application of the latest techniques and technologies to ensure optimal machinery performance, reduce downtime, and extend equipment life.

These practices go beyond traditional lubrication methods and involve a more holistic approach to maintenance.

Some of the advanced lubrication practices include:

  • Condition monitoring: Regularly monitoring the condition of lubricants, equipment, and the surrounding environment to detect potential issues before they become serious problems.
  • Lubrication selection: Choosing the right lubricant for each application based on factors such as operating temperature, load, and environment.
  • Lubrication application: Applying the lubricant correctly to ensure even distribution and prevent over- or under-lubrication.
  • Contamination control: Implementing measures to prevent contaminants such as dirt, water, and debris from entering the lubrication system.
  • Lubricant storage and handling: Properly storing and handling lubricants to prevent degradation and contamination.
  • Lubrication system design: Designing lubrication systems that are efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain.
  • Are we sustainable?

By implementing these advanced lubrication practices, companies can achieve significant benefits such as increased equipment reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and improved productivity.

Through our workshop we may discuss:

  • How are we selecting our Oils and Lubricants? Are we considering the Total Cost?
  • What new technologies are out there for automated lubrication?
  • How well are we managing our lubrication systems?

We will have a couple of presenters on the day and ample time to discuss the topic in detail with your peers across multiple industries.

We will also have a tour of the host facility.

About the host: 


Refresco is a global independent beverage solutions provider for retailers and Global, National, and Emerging (GNE) brands in Europe, North America, and Australia.

They combine production of retailer brands and contract manufacturing for branded beverage companies on an effective multiuser production platform that benefits from scale advantages and additional services. Their production platform covers over 70 manufacturing sites in Europe, Australia, the US, Canada, and Mexico providing customers with close proximity and reliable service across geographies. Their global supply chain expertise and local innovation capabilities offer an almost unlimited variety of soft drinks, fruit juices, and other beverages, manufactured to individual customer specifications and requirements.

In 2022, Refresco took several steps forward in our Buy & Build strategy, including the addition of a third geographical platform for growth by entering the Australian market through the acquisition of Tru-Blu beverages. Their ability to significantly increase volume and drive profitable growth in challenging market circumstances underscores the resilience of the Refresco business model.

About the guest presenters:

Presenter 1:    

   Managing Director, Grantham Ventures Australia 
   LinkedIn Profile 

Our specialist presenter for this topic will be Mr. Andre Jooste, Managing Director of Grantham Ventures (Australia) t/a Grantham Industrial Lubricants

Andre has 35 years’ experience in the Petroleum, Mining, and Manufacturing industries specializing in Lubrication and Industrial Ultrasound applications. He has an ISO Level 11 ultrasound certification and is a certified trainer.  

Having worked in some of the biggest production lines, truck fleets, and Petroleum facilities in the southern hemisphere, Andre has first-hand experience with how disruptive and expensive unplanned shutdowns can be. (companies including SABMiller, BHP, Total Oil, Shell, etc.)

His organization assists in preventing unexpected failures by managing the quality and cleanliness of lubrication and using the Industrial Ultrasound technology to ensure the correct amount of grease is added to bearings and early notification of potential bearing faults.

Andre knows things do not always go as planned, but early detection and avoidance of plant problems is possible.

Presenter 2:    

   Technical Specialist, Lubrication Exper
   LinkedIn Profile 

Rafe Britton is the Lubrication Expert. He is known within the industry for his YouTube channel and podcast, and works with mid-size industrials to improve their equipment uptime while reducing the cost of their lubrication program. A mechanical engineer, Rafe has 13 years of experience on both sides of the industry; both as an operator, and lubricant supplier.

Lubrication Expert is purposefully brand independent and sells no lubricant, filter, sensor or hardware. Rafe has helped dozens of industrial clients upskill their workforce, reduce waste, improve reliability, and take great strides toward their corporate sustainability goals. He serves on the Australian Lubricant Association technical committee to push the lubrication industry forward.

Industry doesn’t understand lubrication, and few people are left to teach them. This results in the incorrect use of lubricants, contamination & machine failure, leaving reliability engineers frustrated with the state of their lubrication program. The ultimate consequence is more machine interventions, more waste, and more equipment downtime.

08:15:  Arrival and registration
08:30:  Topic Introduction - IPA
09:00:  Roundtable discussion – What are your lubrication challenges?
09:20:  Group feedback
09:45:  Morning tea
10:15:  Presentation Grantham Lubricants – Andre Jooste - Incorporating Ultrasound technology into automated lubrication.
10:50:  Q&A and Group discussion
11:15:  Presentation Lubrication Expert – Rafe Britton – Taking control of your lubrication systems.
11:50:  Q&A and Group discussion
12.15:  Lunch
13:00:  Site Tour
14:00:  Event close
Who should attend?
This event is ideal for Maintenance Managers, Reliability engineers, all roles with asset management responsibility, and Procurement professionals.
As a member of IPA, you can register up to 2 people, subject to availability, to attend this event. 
This event is for IPA members only, there will be no public access to this event. 

When do I need to register by?
Registrations close 7 days prior to the event date. 
Registrations are based on a "first come, first served" basis. 
There are no allocated seats with membership.

Who can I contact for further information? 

Samantha Jeffrey | National Engagement & Event Manager 
   0438 058 823  

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