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WyldMagik ~ Rise of the Tribe

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Magik Inc

We are a movement-based practice committed to freeing & deepening our human spirit. To awaken our Magik in the mundane. To be unknowing, to be undecided, to wonder about who we are as human beings is Magik Inc.



WyldMagik is a division of Magik.Inc committed to freeing & deepening our human spirit, awakening Magik in the mundane. 

WyldMagik embraces our connection to animals, it is a calling to the animal kingdom, acknowledging animals as teachers guiding us into "The Remembering" of who we are.

The foundation of our human brain is built on our mammalian and reptilian brain and once we unlock the harmonious rhythms of these two we come into a deeper knowing of ourselves.

Through our animal nature we come into harmony with our human nature; learning to feel and acknowledge natures deep wisdom. 

WyldMagik is a door we open to the animal kingdom through Cacao, Movement & Sound.



WHAT - "WyldMagik"

WHEN - Saturday October 7th - 7.00pm - 10.00pm

WHERE - MindfulAF 3/333 Belgrave Gembrook Rd, Emerald.

COST - Reserved prior - $45 ~ On the door - $55.


7pm - Arrive, breath, settle. Please come on time as we will close the door at 6.30pm. 

7.15pm - Cacao ceremony. We come together as one, we sit with Cacao & deepen our experience.

7.45pm - Circle & stepping off point. Journalling, Integrative Movement through sound/voice/physical body movement.

8.45pm - Exploration of our bodies intelligence expressing beyond our linear mind through dance.

9.30pm - Closing circle.




If you haven’t experienced a gathering within the container of a Circle it might sound unusual.

WyldMajik circles create a space to meet as equals, to learn & unlearn the way we perceive the world and ourselves in it, it is a space to release our knowing & become unknowing...

Alongside our brethren and fellow travellers we awaken to the wyldness within the circle to feel a strong sense of belonging & connection beyond our human-centric relationships rooted in separation or the ideology of unity.

Within the world of WyldMagik we acknowledge when a circle is created with others & laid with clear intentions we create a powerful opportunity to change ourselves and the world around us.


“The water that runs through our heart, founded in the roots of our earth”.

Cacao is a bitter medicinal drink, known to be the “Medicine for our Heart '' Our gatherings at Magik Inc. no matter what form it takes is always connection, belonging & spirt. Cacao teaches us many things about who we are, is a doorway to remembering we are all an integral thread of a collective web, to strengthen & support the collective we must harness our individual creative expression. When Cacao is laid forth in a sharing circle, the medicine works with us to turn towards subtle levels of connection to our mind, body & essence relationship. Cacao when resting on clear intentions opens our body to digest, integrate, heal & transform what has come into our awareness through our exploration. The Ceremonial Cacao we work with at Magik Inc is organic & ethically farmed in Peru.


“In the beginning there was sound. Sound began the whole thing &  in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities”

Music is consumed in so many different interesting ways by humans, but what has become more common is personal stereos. EarPods or headphones cater for our ears. But what about the rest of our bodies? Why do we feel different when we go to a concert as opposed to when we listen with our earbuds at a bus stop. They say our body contains around 60% water. Our whole body is an instrument that absorbs & resonates the sounds sent out to us. Our whole body is the receiver, not just our ears. When we hear somebody crying or someone singing those emotions ride the sonic waves & our whole body receives them. Every other participant is therefore also a speaker resonating for you their energy and emotion. Every experience will be a unique journey. Magik Inc. Is committed to offering an experience with detailed selections & offerings to support us throughout the night to engage & hold us & bind us in a way that we travel through together. 


“When you dance with your heart your body will follow from a place unbroken within”.

Magik is not about the perfect move or trying to look a certain way in our body through dance but is a space where we explore & be curious about our body, how it moves or how it doesn't. When we move our physical body with a mind that is open, fluid & sensitive & a clear intention we have potential to see our energetic, emotional & metal patterns, what is working for us & what is not.



  • Wear whatever supports you to be the most expressive version of yourself in this space. We will be sitting for an amount of time in a circle & we will be in movement/dance. 
  • Personal journal & pen.
  • Water or tea to nourish yourself during ceremony & dance. 
  • Most of all bring a heart yearning to feel & a mind resting in curiosity.

Through Magik we celebrate our unique story & feel a common thread. We are all woven into an integral tapestry of life, our earth & each other, if we can step from this space we honor our humanity, our earth, our life.

Te-Awa Taputoro. Brings a wealth of experience and expertise in empowering women through her work. With a career spanning over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, Te-Awa is established & dedicated herself to supporting women's health & well-being. 

Te-Awa's vast knowledge extends to various disciplines, with a particular emphasis on yoga, somatic movement & certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, she possesses a unique skill set. Her passion for the sacred space we call "body" and its transformative power has been instrumental in guiding individuals towards improved health and inner balance. 

Te-Awa Taptuoro

Frederick-James Koch. A background in martial arts, dance & music performance. Freddie formally trained in Acting at the Actors Centre Australia & further at AFTRS (the Australian Film Television & Radio School) in Writing & Directing. Peace of Red embodies the ideology of being peaceful in our passion, the practice born out of love for movement & expression that helps us be comfortable with our motivations & our authentic nature. Animal Embodiment is a modality that he further developed after Actor training, seeing the potential to widen our sometimes self limiting human form of expression.

Frederick Koch

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