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Yoga Nidra and Chakras & Tattwas

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Title photo is on a rooftop in India from Radhe's 'Memories of Rajasthan' album.

Equally memorable will be this yoga nidra workshop with visualization of chakra and tattwa symbols, to be held in the beautiful YWCA hall, Whangarei. Also available on Zoom.


Laksmi from Moonlight Healing in Hokitika is flying up to co-facilitate this workshop. 

Collage of Laksmi and Radhe at Guru Poorrnima in Hokitika

We will also run this workshop at Moonlight Healing, 90 Hall St, Hokitika the following week on Saturday July 1.

“Once you reach a certain stage in spiritual life, it becomes possible to change your dreams while they are taking place, and actually create your own dream. But to do this, you must be able to maintain the dual consciousness of the dreamer and the dream, so that while you are dreaming, you know that you are dreaming.”
― Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a state of conscious sleep, in between being awake and dreaming. The brain waves are slowed down to the point that you are still aware and yet are also very relaxed, in a state of pratyahara, or sense withdrawal. Anyone can practise this amazing technique, usually done lying down on the back (in shavasana, or 'corpse' pose) but can be done in other positions too - even seated comfortably - provided that the body can remain still, with the eyes gently closed, throughout.

Once in the state of sense withdrawal in yoga nidra, this is an ideal time to visualise the symbols for chakras and tattwas, with the physical body totally relaxed and no distractions from the senses as it is then that the mind is relaxed, aware and focussed.

Chakras, the psychic energy vortexes relating to the nerve plexuses in the spinal column, are ever present and ever popular to explore.

The Tattwas, or symbols for the elements that make up our existence, tie in perfectly with this exploration.

Deepen your connection with and knowing of these symbols in the process of the yoga nidra practice.

This as a perfectly safe and beautiful guided experience - no real effort is required from the practitioner ... even when you slip into sleep for moments - or start to think of other things - the voice of the instructor will bring you back to the practice. Note that your unconscious mind has been following along the whole time even if the conscious mind misses a little here and there.

20 minutes of ths practice gives you equivalent rest to 1+ hour of sleep and 1 hour of yoga nidra equates to approximately 4 hours of restful sleep.

"How do we become more aware of the chakras?
Awareness of the chakras depends on one's spiritual evolution. When the consciousness has been purified by spiritual efforts, awareness of the chakras is greatly enhanced."
Swami Satyananda.


1. Akasha— ether; responsible for void and space.
2. Vayu— air; responsible for perpetual motion.
3. Agni— fire; responsible for heat.

4. Apas— water; responsible for fluidity.

5. Prithvi— earth; responsible for cohesion, weight."

Swami Satyasangananda. Tattwa Shuddhi. Bihar School of Yoga. 2016.

No previous experience necessary. This workshop will be a blast for beginners to advanced.

Investment: $60 in advance (purchase through Humanitix if you want to be in to win either a 10 + 1 yoga class concession card or 2 future half-day workshops for free, or directly through Shraddha Yoga and Meditation internet banking.(Only $55 if also attending the morning workshop).

If space allows, you can still come for $70 cash on the day but pre-payment is recommended to secure a space.

As Shraddha Yoga and Meditation is a registered charity, buying through Humanitix does not result in the standard additional fees. You may also make a donation, which is tax deductible,
for amounts over $20 NZ.

Laksmi on Hokitika beach

Laksmi, from Moonlight Healing, demonstrating Bhujangasana on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island at Hokitika beach. A highly experienced yoga teacher, healer, and home-based producer of amazing hydrosols and other remedies using herbs from her garden, we will be fortunate to have Laksmi there to share her energy and wealth of expertise.

Laksmi and Anandaradha Radhe have been friends and colleagues in their yoga journeys for well over 20 year. They revel in the opportunity to work together within the sphere of the yogic energy whenever they can!

Radhe is a Whangarei based instructor, a registered Level 4 teacher with Yoga NZ. Here is her bio from there:

I teach regular weekly yoga classes in the Whangarei district, also running workshops and retreats. Each year, I also travel to Hokitika several times to offer yoga workshops there, based at Moonlight Healing. I expect to be broadening the number of regions of NZ that I offer teachings in over the next few years. A 200-hour teacher training course is now planned to be commenced in the near future. The scope of what I offer covers a range of yoga techniques, from cleansing practices through to the more esoteric, including asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation practices largely based on the teachings of Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati. I welcome enquiries and invitations to teach. As I made some free (homemade) videos on various practices for my students to use during lockdown, you are most welcome to access these on

Radhe at Te Wharekura o Huiarau, Ruatahuna

027 392 8220

A waterfall near Hokitika
After a flower ceremony at Moonlight Healing, Hokitika

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