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    SUNSHINE COAST - Living Our Human Potential Live Workshop - The Becoming 'Super Human' Series with Natali Brown

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    Sunshine Coast - Living Our Human Potential Live Workshop with Natali Brown

    The Becoming 'Super Human' Series

    Sunday, 14 July

    Coolum Civic Centre, 2-4 Park St, Coolum Beach, Queensland

    Starts at 10am

    Finishes at 4pm

    New Earth Cafe will be warming our bellies and hearts with a nourishing lunch.

    Come spend a whole day with me and experience how amazing you are as a human being!

    During this 1 day workshop I’m going to be taking you through various heart opening and interactive practices, share the beautiful frequency that is Sentaura and a new somatic self regulating and self healing practice called Emo-Neuro Touch Therapy to help you go from overwhelm to ease! 

    It’s a workshop because even though I’ll be teaching you mind blowing new practices and tools, you’ll get to experience them in your body, mind and spirit on the day.

    Supercharge your healing abilities
    Regenerate your cells with Breath of Light
    Release emotional blocks
    Upgrade your DnA
    Activate your highest energetic blueprint
    Recalibrate your nervous system
    Unlock your dormant codes
    Tap in and tune into your super powers

    - I will be doing a live transmission where I will bring through messages from my Spirit Team sharing what humanity needs to know right now.

    We are living in extraordinary times - I know you can feel the shift that has happened, and it's time to embrace all that is possible for us as human beings. We have come here to lay the foundations for our New Earth and birth a whole new way of BE-ING Human. That spark of innovation, that desire to be the change and shape the future, it is what sets you apart as a trailblazer. You see beyond the horizon, envisioning possibilities that others can only dream of. Your journey isn't just about success; it's about transforming lives, creating a better world for all. If this sounds like you, come join me for a day filled with laughter, learning, love, connection and limitless potential. That's what awaits you at this workshop where we will explore our human potential. Together, we'll dive into uncharted territories, challenge the norm, activate our greatest potential, ignite our creativity like never before. It's not just about paving a path to the future; it's about creating a world where our dreams can become reality. Together, as soulful leaders and innovators, we have the power to shape a future that exceeds even our wildest imaginations.

    Some of you are aware of your enhanced abilities awakening. Many of you are experiencing this birthing process, which comes with its own set of challenges and pains. Shedding and upgrading can be uncomfortable but we are called to stand strong and rise in our strength and power while embracing our vulnerabilities. We have the capacity to hold more light and integrate more of our soul essence.

    Old ways of being are crumbling and timelines are merging and converging - this will continue to do so as we begin to access and embody more light frequencies, our new human potential, and our genetic DNA structure is upgraded to make way for a new human template or blueprint I call "GoldPrint," where crystalline meets human and human meets pure angelic energies.

    Each of us is being called to dive deep within our resistances and old beliefs, to transcend and move beyond our greatest challenges so we can realize our truth during these times and stand in greater service, making a more significant impact and being the change we all want to see and experience.

    We will see human beings achieve incredible things, with new innovations, creations, and life-changing modalities and technologies at the forefront of being a New Human.

    Before this can happen, we have to clear out all that keeps us stuck in our old template—programming, old energies, and belief systems must go so we can unleash our untapped power within while we uplevel to access our greater abilities and wisdom being activated within our new "GoldPrint" template.

    It is time to open ourselves to new experiences and our human potential that can transform our lives for good.

    I am thrilled to bring us all together and share this with you.

    Your presence and energy is not just invited—you are essential to create a powerful ripple of change in our world.

    Come connect with the most beautiful version of yourself and walk away feeling fully activated and empowered!

    This will be an amazing day you don't want to miss!

    Our schedule is nothing short of AMAZE-BALLS!

    Here is a sneak peek:

    I will be sharing with you the beautiful, loving energy of Sentaura, incredible ways of activating your super human template, uplevelling your connection to source, how to use sacred geometry technology, transforming your nervous system responses and understanding emotional intelligence, removing ancestral blocks and patterns and sharing wisdom transmitted from my Spirit Team during a multi-dimensional channeling experience.


    Intro & Welcome, Wisdom Talk: Our Human Potential and What It Means to be Super Human by Natali Brown. 

    Breath of Light Experience: Explore your unique "GoldPrint", activate your DNA and clear out energetic debris and ancestral patterns across all time, space, dimensions and reality. 


    Take control of your emotional wellbeing - EMO-NTT Experience: Explore the next generation modality and power of Emo-Neuro Touch Therapy (EMO-NTT), a new way of regulating your nervous system using somatic touch therapy, energy work, neuro science, emotional intelligence, meridian medicine to move from overwhelm to calm in 6 seconds.

    Multi-dimensional Channeling experience with Natali & Spirit: This is a very unique and special experience where I connect with my Spirit Team during a Q&A session and bring through messages and wisdom from the Divine that is important for us as humans to understand and know.

    Closing Circle: Sound Bath and Grounding Experience

    Become present to all that is available to you!

    Early Bird Tickets available until 14 June.
    Adults only event.

    Much love, Natali x


    What people say about Natali:

    "Working with Natali was unexpectedly amazing and life changing" - Kaz Brummer

    "Natali’s incredible wisdom and guidance enabled me to reach and heal aspects of myself that I’ve either not been able to see clearly myself, or have been unable to heal on my own, even with repeated efforts" - Steve Bell

    "Natali's work is always done with the highest intention" - Kimberley Jade

    "I always feel really safe in the spaces that Natali holds, she has a way of making people feel comfortable and it is always really transformational to attend one of her trainings, teachings or workshops." Georgie Curnow

    "The shifts that I have been through in my life and business whilst working with Natali has been phenomenal" - Kimberley

    "I highly recommend Natali - she is an incredible women here to bring through incredible messages for humanity" - Erica Lossie

    "Natali is a powerful healer, my body literally felt lighter and my mind clearer. It was amazing to hear her incredible insights from the session too" - Laura Kaliope

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