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Breathwork Class Albury Oct 5th

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Breathe. Let Go. Heal.... 

Improve your health and well being, conscious connected breathing is an incredible experience come and try and be transformed

This is a weekly class at The Beehive. I have been practicing breathwork for 3 years and offering workshop for over a year. Over this time I have morphed the conscious connected breath with a gentle rhythmic style so the nervous system does not overloaded. This a deep and powerful practice. I deeply believe in creating a safe space where you will be supported through this healing experience. I will not push through your nervous system, as I will gently move you in and out of the nervous system safely, to explore and release the energy.

This transformational breathwork experience aims to create a state of balance in your life. Conscious Connected Breathing allows us to by-pass the mind and let the body and breath do the work. You will be guided by Anna to breath with a continuous rhythmic inhale and exhale with no beginning or end. This process of conscious breathing may bring up unresolved or suppressed emotions as it will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. By gently breathing through these emotions we can then let them go, creating deep rest and relaxation. Breathwork can be used to support your health, emotional self and physical body.

Breathwork assists with 

- PTSD and trauma,

-Increased energy,

-Better sleep,

-Decrease in anxiety,

-Release stagnate/blocked energy,

-Calms the mind,

-Improves focus,

-Improves creativity,


-Dispel limiting beliefs

-Detox, better breathing.

In this workshop you will be welcomed into the space, an intention set and then guided through an hour long rhythmic breath lying down. Music will be played from a playlist and during the session you can receive Reiki.

Limited to 10 people

How much: $50 for each session. If you want to pay cash just message me (The booking fee for Humanitix is used to fund education projects around the world for disadvantaged children). 

What to bring: yoga mat, blankets, small pillow and water bottle. 

What to Wear: comfortable clothing

Where is it: The Beehive

Preparation: Please do not eat a big meal before attending, eat a light meal an hour prior.

Contradictions: Please read:

Due to the nature of this type of breathwork, it can result in intense physical and emotional releases and physiological changes in the body. It is a powerful practice therefor it is important If you should have any of the following, please consult with your physician and check with Anna to make sure this workshop is safe for you. If you are concerned, a one on one consult maybe more appropriate especially if you have anxiety, depression or PTSD. Anna is then able to be with you the whole time.

--heavy asthma (if mild please bring an inhaler), pregnancy, severe PTSD or trauma, severe heart disease, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, previous stroke,epilepsy and history of seizures, severe diabetes, prior diagnosis of bipolar, schizophrenia or mental health condition,
glaucoma, detached retina, recent surgery or intoxication.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to the terms and conditions 

Anna xx

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