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Building Stress Resilience with Breathwork & Ice

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Building Stress Resilience with Breathwork and Ice

Are you ready to level up in life?

Influence and change the way you feel and show up everyday? 

There is a rising wave and excitement around the use of breath and ice modalities. 

Have you ever wondered HOW these influence and impact how we feel everyday?

This signature workshop deep dives into the specific application of these modalities when it comes to:

+ building stress resilience
+ relieving stress, reducing anxiety and physically releasing tension
+ improving focus, drive and motivation
+ improving sleep and recovery
+ Improving physical and mental performance

Amrinder Breathflow

You will learn about how these modalities influence your physiology. The impact they have on nervous system states. When and where they can be utilized as actionable tools for improving mental health. 

You will walk away with an understanding of:

+ physiological stress responses
+ how these tools help you with nervous system and emotional regulation
+ how these tools rewire your brain and body for a sense of grounding day to day
+ how to shift from states where you survive to ones where you are primed to thrive

This is an immersive experience where you feel all the sensations these physical modalities have to offer.

chris facilitating

Become resilient

Quieten your racing mind

Become more present 

You will be guided by experienced instructors who will challenge, hold, guide and support you through an immersive breathflow and cold water immersion. 

We will help you to better understand the science and power of breath work and cold water therapy and how to apply it to your daily life.

You’ll come away with the tools, training, and knowledge to incorporate into your daily practice and help you regain control of your physiology, well-being and overall happiness.

- Why & When cold or heat exposure?

- What are the best practices and protocols?

- What counts as too little and is there such a thing as too much?

- How do I bring these practices into my daily routines?

- What temperature or time ranges are ideal?

- How do I make and measure progression in a safe way

Come and join us for a day of transformation, connection and knowledge.

Your Instructors :

Amrinder K. Gill : Vagus_activetherapy

In addition to being a Breathwork Instructor, Amrinder is also an experienced and qualified Physiotherapist. She uses her specialist knowledge of the human body to educate others on the science, physiology + neurobiology of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. Amrinder is passionate about empowering individuals with the understanding of how they uniquely respond to stress and build functionality through physical practices.

Master Instructor Chris: Aligh

Chris Sulfa is a creative and idealist, passionate about community, personal and spiritual development. An advocate for mental health, personal expression and self empowerment he co-facilitates a monthly men's support group where he guides breathwork to help men regulate the nervous system and release stored emotions


- A workshop, guided discussions, meditations, breathflow and ice baths.

But ultimately, this is an opportunity to discover how to work with your body, expand your human potential and challenge your current belief systems and conditioning.

group photo

Are there any risks associated with breathwork and cold immersions? 

DISCLAIMER: Breathwork offers many potential benefits, but certain conditions may create risks for some individuals. It is essential to read all questions in Breathless Waiver above carefully before deciding if Breathwork is right for you, and let your health practitioner know about any concerns before participating. There are some contraindications including but not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medication, cardiovascular disease, aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, asthma (if you have an inhaler, bring it to the session), epilepsy, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia diagnosis or previous psychiatric hospitalisation within the last ten years; other medical or physical conditions that impair the ability to engage in intense physical/emotional release.

A positive answer does not necessarily exclude you from participating but may require medical clearance first. So, reviewing all questions in the waiver carefully and indicating any relevant personal situations before engaging in Breathwork activities is essential.


Yes, you can attend a breathwork session if you are under 18 years old, but only with the supervision of an adult. This ensures that the breathwork session is conducted in a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

In addition to safety considerations, breathwork sessions are likely to be more appropriate for those aged 18 and above. This is because adolescents may not have the emotional maturity or life experience needed to understand or benefit from such a technique.


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