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KAP - Kundalini Activation Process - Open Class - Rose Bay, Sydney - Term 4

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Kundalini Activation Process - OPEN Group KAP Session held by certified facilitator Amy Atkin. 

The entire universe, including you, is made up of energy. KAP works with the divine energy to clear energy blocks in your personal energy body (including inherited ones) and move you towards ultimate balance and self-realisation.

A powerful and exciting tool of awakening, Amy will activate your life force energy to clear stress and gently and safely re-wire your brain and your nervous system towards optimum health and happiness. And this is just the beginning!

KAP is a path of surrender so quite different to any other Kundalini practices you may have experienced.


What can I expect in a session?

You will be lying down on a yoga mat, music will be played and I will touch or point at different chakra/meridian points on and around your body.

Please keep your eyes closed throughout the session, relax your muscles and surrender to the process without expectations. Whatever arises, let it be expressed and released.


What can occur in a session?

Every session of KAP will be different and will be exactly what is needed to be experienced for you in that moment. Some types of experiences that might occur include:

Energetic: laying still but feel energy running through your body

Emotional: anger, sadness, joy, fear, laughter, ecstasy...…do not suppress this but feel it and it will be released. You might want to scream, laugh or cry, all emotional release is welcome.

Kinaesthetic: body movements, stretches, yoga poses, shaking, mudras. Allow your body to move without letting the mind interfere

Visual: activation of your third eye, seeing lights or images, astral journeys, sacred geometry, visions, insights, messages

Bliss: unity, wholeness, connection to source, the divine, God, nonduality….

Everyone is more or less sensitive to this energy. It is just a matter of time. The more KAP you do, the deeper it goes. Each session is unique.


What can occur after a session?

A sense of peace, freedom, joy and clarity

A lightness of being

Healing on many levels – physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological, sexual, spiritual

Healthy changes in lifestyle

Greater access to your own innate creativity, intuition and genius

A deeper connection to and awareness of all living things

Living in the present moment, in flow

The non-dual state, and so much more!


Personal shares

“It feels like doing KAP each week is a vital and sacred gift that helps me cut through all the noise and re-remember who I really am which is just eternal, invincible love. It’s my favourite thing.”

“I've only just realised that I've lived my entire life not feeling safe in my body. Now I do. Still trying to process the significance of this."

“I never imagined that it was possible to feel such exquisite bliss....such aliveness.... As you say no words come close. So grateful”

“What a beautiful nurturing session for me thank you. It felt like I was letting go of a shopping list of emotions that have been stuck inside me for so many tears...all of deep gratitude. I feel light and peaceful.”

“I’ve had a health condition for 5 years and have tried everything, and I mean everything! After 5 months of shaking and moving through regular KAP sessions I am now completely pain free. It’s extraordinary. So grateful to you and this unbelievable process.”

"I've been looking for something for so long but didn't know what that something was. It was KAP. I've released so much stress and negativity from my being. I had no idea how much was stuck in me. To wake up now and feel joyful rather than anxious or angry is the ultimate gift. I just wish everyone could experience it."

"It's been over a year since I first tried KAP with you Amy and I'm a different person. The journey has been transformative.... allowing me to stay present and calm in my everyday. The ideas that are flowing in my work are also amazing! I just feel so alive...and more playful than I perhaps was as a child. As you say, it's never too late to reparent yourself. I can't thank you enough."


I look forward to sharing this sacred experience with you very soon.

Amy xx


PS - Purchasing a ticket to this event automatically includes your agreement to the liability waiver as outlined below.

I understand that KAP may involve physical movements. As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious, disabling or fatal, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. I assume full responsibility for any and all damages, which may incur through participation. KAP is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. KAP is not recommended and is not safe for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis. By attending I affirm my good health, physical and mental condition to participate in such a program. In addition, I will make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before class. If I am pregnant, become pregnant or I am post-natal or post-surgical, my signature (attendance) verifies that I have my physician's approval to participate. I also affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice KAP and participation is at my own risk. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive the KAP instructor and KAP from any claims that I have now or may have hereafter in connection with my practice of KAP. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement. I am signing (assumed with purchase) this agreement voluntarily and recognize that this serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

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