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'ZEN' 9D Breathwork Journey - for Stress & Anxiety

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The ZEN Breathwork is a 9D Down Regulation Journey for Stress & Anxiety

 This experience is perfectly tailored for those struggling with stress and anxiety. It's an optimal first-time journey for individuals with contraindications or for those looking to integrate after a more intensive somatic journey. This offers a gentle escape from anxiety, introducing tranquility and balance. By partaking, participants can ease into the realm of breathwork, fostering a restful connection with their inner calm...

      9D Breathwork is taking the world by storm! The most effective transformational practice on the planet! A powerful journey that will leave you wanting more....and no experience needed!

      9D breathwork is a combination of breathwork, hypnosis, a range of different vibrations, sounds & frequencies designed to access the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and any traumas & to help to rewire the brain. 

      Kristy your experienced breathwork facilitator will be holding a safe space for you to let go and feel free to be yourself, her intension is to help you heal and free yourself from suffering. 

      This masterfully crafted sound and breathwork experience facilitates life changing experiences, 9D stands for 9 Dimensions!

      9D Multi-Dimensional Sound Experience

      Binuaral Brain Entertainment

      Solfeggio Frequencies

      Isochronic Brainwave Therapy

      432Hz Harmonic Tuning

      Somatic Breathwork

      Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy

      Guided Coaching

      Bioacoustic Sound effects

      Combining these incredibly powerful sounds with the power of your breath enable's one to rewire and reset the mind, body, heart and soul... Healing, transforming and empowering....

      Would you like to heal trauma swiftly (without having to talk about it) Reconnect to your passion, joy and what makes your heart sing?

      Set yourself free from the shackles of the mind and years of conditioning and programming.....

      Clear out any heavy energies and belief systems holding you back....

      If your suffering in silence and wake up feeling helpless and stuck, take the first step in changing your life!

      If you suffer from anxiety or depression, take the first step to heal!!!

      These journeys cultivate a deep sense of connection and inner peace, claim back your power and inner fire!

      Journey Summary: Strap in and prepare for the Stress Relief Sojourn, a targeted breathwork experience meticulously crafted to guide you towards serene tranquility. This journey navigates you through the rough waters of anxiety, liberating you from the tight grip of day-to-day tensions. Incorporating deep belly breathing, coherent breathing, box breathing, and the 4:2:6 method, it blends a harmonious rhythm of relaxation techniques. And for a hint of invigoration, the infinity breathing technique provides a subtle activation, allowing you to gently explore the sensation of energizing your system. Centered around the themes of calm, centeredness, clarity, and serenity, this expedition fosters a profound personal retreat. You'll shed the weight of accumulated stress, making way for mental clarity, peaceful repose, and rejuvenated balance. This soothing voyage serves as a foundation for continued mental wellness and resilience, bolstering the revelation of your calmest self. Embrace the embrace of quietude, enhancing your life with a renewed sense of peace and boundless tranquility.


      1. Relief from Overwhelm: Experience a profound calmness as you distance yourself from the pressures of daily life, alleviating the stressors that have kept you on edge.
      2. Release of Mental Tensions: Dissolve both mental and physical anxieties, ushering in a wave of relief and restful ease.
      3. Cultivation of Calm, Clarity, and Serenity: Develop a peaceful and clear relationship with yourself and your surroundings, utilizing moments of tranquility as stepping stones towards a serene existence.
      4. Stability and Mental Poise: Nurture an inner composure and mental steadiness, preparing you to navigate life's challenges with clarity and balance.
      5. Tranquility and Restored Balance: Immerse yourself in a deep sense of peace and well-being, establishing equilibrium in both mind and spirit.
      6. Revitalised Sense of Peace: Welcome a renewed sense of inner calm and relaxation, setting the stage for a life filled with ease and harmonious existence.


      Your safety is of the utmost importance, always get clearance from your Doc if you have any medical conditions. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discus this further:)


      Cardiovascular problems, abnormally high blood pressure, aneurysms, epilepsy and seizures in the past, anyone taking heavy medication, severe psychiatric symptoms especially psychosis or paranoia, bipolar, osteoporosis, recent surgery, glaucoma or is currently pregnant.

      People with asthma should bring their own inhaler and consult with their physician and breathing session instructor before participating.

      Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis or any person with a mental illness who is not in treatment or lacks adequate support.

      Please note, this list is not exhaustive and we generally advise that if you have a question about a condition you may have that is not listed here, you consult a physician before participating in these breathing sessions.


      I warrant and represent that I am in good health physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, and I understand and warrant that if I am not in good health I will not be allowed to perform the activities and sessions. Accordingly, the declaration and certification that I am in good health in all the above-mentioned respects constitutes a material agreement to allow me to participate in the breathing sessions.

      I know and acknowledge that the person facilitating is not a doctor or psychiatrist, or a specialist in health care, and that the activities offered are not intended to treat and diagnose specific medical conditions, whether physical, psychological or emotional.

      I voluntarily participate in these activities knowing the risks and consequences and agree to assume all consequences, known or not.

      I release trainer..................................from all responsibilities, costs and damages that may arise from participating in the above-mentioned activity.

      I agree to accept financial responsibility for costs related to treatment.

      By purchasing your ticket, you acknowledge that you have read the above warning and agree to proceed with full responsibility, and understand that you have waived certain rights by agreeing to this release of liability freely and voluntarily without any external influence.


      • Make sure you have a nice quiet room, ideally free from any distractions that could potentially pull your attention from the session; kids, dogs, family, etc.
      • You will need a nice comfortable place to lay down, either a bed, yoga mat, sofa or on a soft surface. Comfortability is key.
      • Try to avoid eating any heavy meals a minimum of 4 hours before the session. You'll go much deeper into the session if your body is not using valuable energy to process foods.
      • If you're planning to be alone, the best sound experience will be with a set of headphones. If you're practicing with a group then you'll want decent quality external sound OR a bluetooth speaker.
      • An eye mask is a great addition (if you have one).
      • Plan on not needing to jump into any major tasks, responsibilities or meetings for at least one hour after the journey is complete. You'll need a bit of time to integrate.

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