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Finding the Peace of Presence Among Horses

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Event description

This unique experience offers an escape from the chaos of everyday life into a tranquil sanctuary where quiet reflection is encouraged. Through journaling prompts, a guided forest bathing walk, and relaxation techniques in the presence of horses, participants can explore their senses in this sacred environment. With grounding meditations at its core, this experience provides an opportunity for women to connect with themselves while surrounded by the beauty and sacredness of all of Mother Nature.

Walk in quiet awareness with your guide through the forest and meadows of High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center in beautiful Old Lyme. Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku in Japanese culture, is a practice that involves immersing oneself in the healing atmosphere of the forest. It allows us to slow down, quiet our minds, and fully engage with our surroundings. By doing so, we can experience a sense of peace and tranquility often elusive in our daily lives. Notice for yourself what happens when we disconnect, pause, and reconnect to our senses and more of our natural surroundings.

Now, in a state of calm and grounding, we enter the ring and introduce the practice of equine-guided meditation. This gentle practice, which employs soft, tactile breathing and mindfulness practices, takes place among the tranquil horses of High Hopes, under the guidance of Kim Severance, a specialist in equine-assisted mental health and learning (ESMHL). This practice centers on engaging with horses—whether through direct interaction, observation, or simply being in their proximity.

Spending time in the presence of horses can be a transformative experience. These majestic creatures possess a beautiful, balanced vibration that has the power to impact our well-being in profound ways. By immersing ourselves in their energy, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and discover the true essence of inner stillness.

When we are surrounded by a herd of horses, we enter into a sacred space that allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and intuition. In this container of sacred space, we are free from distractions and can fully focus on our own personal growth and self-discovery. The horses themselves serve as guides on this journey. Their gentle presence transports us to a place of pure potentiality within ourselves. They teach us about embodied presence, reminding us to live in the present moment and embrace the power of now.

Kindly remember to bring your journals for a tranquil period dedicated to reflecting on your experiences.

To close our experience, we will gather for a tea ceremony, thank the horses, offer gratitude to the land and all beings, relax with a final meditation, and share any thoughts or feelings in a safe space.

What You Can Expect

  • You can expect quiet, reflective time, journaling, a guided forest bathing walk, and equine-guided meditation in the presence of horses, exploring and sharing the wonders of this sacred time and space with a small, intimate group of eight women.
  • Reflective time with the therapeutic horses of High Hopes as companions on your journey toward self-discovery. As you spend time alongside these majestic creatures, their presence alone evokes a sense of calmness and serenity.
  • The journey begins with a grounding meditation to center yourself in the present moment. You will learn appropriate behavior around horses to ensure both their safety and yours. Participant safety and the well-being of the horses are our top priorities. All interactions are guided by experienced facilitators, ensuring a safe, respectful, and enriching experience for both you and the horses.
  • There will be time for journaling near the horses, and we will end our time together with a tea gathering and sharing circle.
  • This offering will be held outdoors at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center, a private horse-centered healing center in Old Lyme.
  • IMPORTANT: The Center will be closed and all buildings locked. As a result, restroom facilities are not accessible.
  • Several days before the class, you will be emailed detailed instructions on getting to the property and what you need to bring/wear.
  • All participants are required to sign liability waivers for both Friends of the Forest and High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center.
  • This offering is limited to only eight women.
  • Yoga mats and a limited number of collapsible camping stools will be available if you do not have your own.
  • $50 investment. This offering is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Your Equine Facilitator from High Hopes

Kim Severance, CTRS, ESHHL, CTRI, MMES

From a young age, Kim has harbored a profound love for animals, with horses holding a special place in her heart. Her journey into the equestrian world began at the tender age of five, quickly evolving from casual riding to competitive events both on the flat and over jumps. These early experiences not only honed her skills but also deepened her empathy and appreciation for horses as sentient beings.

Holding a Master of Science in Recreation and Leisure, Kim has dedicated her career to therapeutic recreation, becoming a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) in 2006. Her approach is unique, integrating animals ranging from dogs and dolphins to horses into her therapy sessions, continually inspired by the significant insights and transformations her clients achieve through these interspecies interactions.

In 2019, Kim shifted her focus to primarily working with horses, earning her certification as a therapeutic riding instructor (CTRI) through PATH, followed by her qualification as an equine specialist in mental health and learning (ESMHL). Driven by a desire to reciprocate the healing horses provide, Kim has also delved into equine bodywork. As a certified Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES), she finds joy in fostering trust and connection, enhancing the well-being of her equine companions.

Kim's philosophy centers on encouraging individuals to live in the moment, remain inquisitive, and trust their instincts—lessons she believes are best taught by our equine partners. Her passion and dedication not only highlight the therapeutic power of animals but also underscore the profound bond between humans and horses.

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