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FREQUENCY - Sisters Of Freo | Monthly Women's Circle, Fremantle

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About Sisters Of Freo

Sisters Of Freo is here to offer a safe and gentle space for all women to fully express themselves, to hold and be held, to see and be seen, to listen and be heard.

These Women’s Circles will be held every month in a beautiful, sacred space in Fremantle.

" Self-care is not enough - We need community to thrive "



Sisters Of Freo is back on June 11th for an exploration and immersion into Sound

About Sound

Sound has always been an integral part of our lives, evoking emotions, enhancing experiences, and even influencing our well-being.
But beyond its apparent auditory beauty, Sound carries a profound scientific aspect that delves into the fascinating world of frequencies and vibrations.

Frequency is a fundamental characteristic of sound, referring to the number of vibrations or cycles a sound wave completes per second. Understanding the relationship between frequency and pitch helps us appreciate the diverse range of sounds we encounter in our daily lives.
Beyond their aesthetic qualities, frequencies have been explored for their potential therapeutic effects. Sound therapy and healing modalities harness specific frequencies to influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. For example, Binaural beats, which involve presenting different frequencies to each ear, can induce brainwave entrainment, promoting relaxation, improving focus, creativity and decreasing anxiety.

Unleash the power of your own voice

Together, we will explore the throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha. Situated in the region of the neck, Vishuddha holds a unique position as the center of self-expression, governs our ability to express our truth, communicate effectively, and listen attentively.

Our wonderful guest facilitator - Ally Solomou - will guide us through the healing power of Sound using her etheral voice and a large variety of musical instruments. 
An hour long, delicious trip to another world !

Our evening will also involve:

☽◯☾ An opening introduction and sharing circle : a new theme is explored every month.
Every woman can feel safe to share or simply be here to listen.

☽◯☾ A gentle guided breathwork/meditation

☽◯☾ A different exercise each time to help us deepen our connection with ourselves and others, through compassion, acceptance and lots of love !

☽◯☾ Oracle cards reading

☽◯☾ Time for spontaneous conversations, creating friendships while snacking on some fresh fruits and sipping a herbal tea


*Please bring along a blanket/towel for extra comfort, a notebook and a pen.

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The HeArt Studio, Fremantle - only a min walk away from the train station
The space is located just above the shop
(entrance through the shop - so please, arrive on time as the doors will be locked and no entry will be possible once the circle has started)


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