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Ignite- Connect-Expand-RISE ABOVE BARRIERS

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Event description

An invitation to all males and females to come together to connect/expand the light within and “Rise above Barriers.”

Both Tom and I will take you on a journey inwards where you are able to connect with the very core of your being. As we move through a somatic meditation where you are invited to gently move, sit or lay down in anyway your body feels the need to while immersed in sound frequencies  during a channeled sound journey.

There is an abundance amount of scientific evidence of  how high frequency sounds are able to move blocks and barriers on a cellular level. The drums, wah wah chimes, gong, chakra chimes, bar chimes, sound bowels and more will help alchimise these blocks along with channeled vocal sounds which is personalised for what the group needs to be able to move through stuck cycles, blocks and barriers.

This journey will help you connect with your breath as you journey  through a lense of your breath,  heart, chakras and meridians to bring more flow and connection. 

To process this further we invite you to participate in soul art. This journey allows the flow part of the brain activate as the executive “control” part of the brain relaxes. While immersed in more sounds using the chakra chimes, gong and sound bowels you are able to allow your body and soul express further through soul painting. 

As you paint and connect with your breath you will continue to move through blocks and barriers as your painting comes to life. The beauty about the art that comes from your very essence is that it has the ability to help you move through the layers within you that are blocks and barriers (as we are like a onion with many layers) everytime you lay eyes on it, whether you realise it or not. It also helps others who see it too. You don't have to be an artist you just allow hand to flow while the body and souls expression helps you create what you need to see to help you activate and expand.

Throughout this process a significant focus will be on the breath where we will use a variety of breathing techniques to strengthen connections between your respiratory system and nervous system, vagus nerve, muscular system, brain and all other systems. 


-Strengthening the connection with your bodies innate wisdom and relationship with self.

- Empowerment to become your own self healer

- Strengthens connections from the brain to organs and all systems including skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and the reproductive system. 

-Working on the vagus nerve and connections between the parts within our body that stores emotions and memories to the respiratory system to allow us to work through these through breathwork and allow the breath to help take the edge off any blocks worked on. 

- Strengthening relationships with others 

- Tapping into your body and souls expression

- Allowing more energy flow through the body especially through the main energy centres such as the meridians and chakras

- Helping the body and mind rest and repair

- Improving sense of wellbeing through emotional release 

- Enhanced clarity, knowledge and wisdom

- Increased emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation

- Improve deep sleep repair

- working through blocks impacting hormone imbalances especially oxytocin, thyroid serotonin and melatonin production, and flow 

-Improves immunity, vitamin and mineral absorption

- Improve clarity and intuition 

- helps strengthen auric and vibrational field

plus more

What to bring?

- Water bottle

-light snack will be provided . Welcome to bring your own (eat a light meal before and avoid caffeine or sugar at least 2 hours prior)

- yoga mats and cushions are provided- however you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat as the mats are thin. 

- wear comfortable clothing for movement 

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